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Box 11: Dams: McCurtain County (1957) - Nuclear Testing (1957)

F 1: Dams: McCurtain County (1957).

a. Correspondence.

b. Newspaper clipping. "All Six Sooners Say `No' to Ikes's Foreign Aid Bill." Daily Oklahoman. (n.d.).

c. Press Release. Carl Albert. Re: topic. (June, 1937).

d. Newspaper clippings. Re: topic. Clippings from Ada Evening News, Daily Ardmoreite, Davis News, Sulfur Times-Democrat, Sulfur Times - Democrat, Tulsa World, McCurtain Gazette, Daily Oklahoman, Talihina American, and Durant Daily Democrat.

F 2: Dams: Millwood (1957).

a. Correspondence.

b. Memos. Re: appropriations for the Arbuckle Project.

c. Newspaper clippings. Clippings from the Daily Oklahoman, McCurtain County Gazette, Sayre Daily, Headlight Journal, and the Tulsa World.

F 3: Dams: Oologah (1957).

a. Correspondence.

b. List. Re: pay scale of construction workers.

c. Report. Re: Contractor's Report of Construction Heavy and Highway Rates. (July 7, l957).

d. Resolution. Oklahoma Senate. (May 29, 1957.)

e. Resolution. Oklahoma House of Representatives. (May 27, 1957).

F 4: Dams: Optima Reservoir (1957).

a. Correspondence. Correspondents include Raymond Gary.

b. Resolution. Oklahoma Legislature. (February 6, 1957).

F 5: Dams: Rock Creek (1957).

Newspaper clippings.

F 6: Dams: Wister (1957).

Newspaper clippings.

F 7: Dams and Water Projects: General (1957).

a. Correspondence. Re: various projects.

b. Speech by Brigadier General L. E. Seeman. (April 22, 1957).

c. Booklet. Water Development Foundation of Oklahoma, Inc. "Project Harnessing Oklahoma's Water."

d. Newspaper clipping. "Will Prosperity Praise Dams?" Daily Oklahoman. (June 10, 1957).

e. Newspaper clipping: "Flood Control Case Now Goes to Jury." Daily Oklahoman. (n.d.).

f. Report. Re: Oklahoma's Semi-Centennial Celebration of Statehood.

g. Map. Re: Talequah.

h. Map. Re: Powers New River Idea.

i. Speech. "Modern Scientific Water Control," by Elmer Peterson.

j. Cartoon. Re: dam situation.

k. Press release. Re: dam projects. (June 1957).

l. Report. "Comments on the Book, Big Dam Foolishness, by Elmer Peterson.

m. Newspaper clipping. "Dam Recreation Benefits Urged." Wewoka Times. (Oct. 31, 1956).

n. Newspaper clipping. "Dams Get Vote of $19 Million." Oklahoma Times. (August 9, 1957).

o. Report. "Fiscal Year 1958 Appropriations Land-Wood-Water-Oklahoma Projects."

p. Newspaper. "Big Dam vs. Little Dams," Tulsa Tribune. (May 20-June 1, 1957).

F 8: Dams and Water Projects. General (1957).

Newspaper clippings.

F 9A: DAV-VFW (1957).

a. Correspondence. Re: Durant, Oklahoma's DAV-VFW.

b. Newspaper clipping. "Area Veterans Get $113,200 in Benefits During Quarter." Durant Daily Democrat. (n.d.).

c. Newspaper clipping. "Agreement is reached For Emergency Relief Transfer." (January 15, 1957).

d. Newspaper clipping. "Everybody Has Good Time At Auxiliary MOD Coffee." (January 25, 1957).

e. Newspaper clipping. "Chatterbox." Re: topic.(n.s;n.d.).

f. Newspaper clipping. "Service Office Obtains $132,000 for Veterans." (July 24, 1957). (n.s.).

g. Newspaper clipping. "Quarterly DAV Financial Report Emphasizes Unit's Services." (n.s.;n.d.).

h. Newspaper clipping. "Career Girl 1957." Re: topic. (n.s.;n.d.)

F 9B: Deaths (1957).

Folder includes newspaper clippings with obituaries of various individuals.

F 10: Democratic Congress Club (Breakfast Club) (1957).

Minutes. Re: Minutes of the 84th- 85th Democratic Congress Club. (March 12 and May 15-16, 1957).

F 11: Democratic National Committee (1957).

a. Correspondence. Re: various business of Democratic National Committee.

b. Flyers. Democratic National Committee. Re: Teen Democratic Clubs.

c. Flyer. Office of Women's Activities, Democratic National Committee. Re. policies of women's groups.

d. Resolution. Democratic Midwest Conference. (October 17-18, 1957).

e. Analysis. Research Division Democratic National Committee." Analysis of President Eisenhower's Budget for Fiscal Year 1958." (January 22, 1957).

f. Analysis. Research Division Democratic National Committee. "Analysis of the 1956 Election." (February 12, l957).

F 12: Democratic Party (1957).

a. Correspondence. Re: opinions of Democratic Party. Correspondents include Elmer J. Holland.

b. Newspaper. "What Mayor Doesn't Like About South." Pittsburg Press. (February 3, l957).

F 13: Democratic State Central Committee (1957).

a. Correspondence. Re: Democratic Party Night.

b. List. Re: names and addresses of Democratic State Central Committee.

F 14: Eastern Oklahoma A and M College (1957).

a. Correspondence. Re: government land purchased by Eastern Oklahoma A and M College.

b. Laws. Re: Title 43- Public Lands: Interior.

F 15: Economy (1957).

a. Correspondence. Re: opinions on topic.

b. Article (copy). "Straight Talk," Farm and Ranch. (July 1957).

F 16: Education (1957).

a. Correspondence. Re: opinions on Oklahoma education.

b. Flyer. "Oklahoma's Greatest Resource - Will There Be Teachers for Them."

c. Article. Daily Oklahoman. Re: topic. (February 24, l954).

F 17: Ewing, Cortez (1957).

Speech by Cortez A. M. Ewing. "The University and Institutional Integrity." (March 22, l957).

F 18: Flood Disaster: Oklahoma (1957).

a. Correspondence. Re: disaster and small business loans.

b. Resolutions. Farmers, Dairymen, and Ranchers of Rogers County. (July 9. 1957).

c. Statistics. Re: peanut, cotton, and wheat allotment in the Oklahoma counties.

d. Summary. Re: disaster aid. (June l5, l957).

e. Memorandum. Re: Crop Condition in Southeast Oklahoma. (May 3l, l957).

f. Press Release: Re: disaster aid.

g. Reports. Re: disaster aid.

h. List. Re: those contacted due to floods and excessive rains.

F 19: Flood Disaster: Oklahoma (1957).

a. Correspondence. Re: disaster aid. Correspondents include Toby Morris.

b. Memorandum. Pittsburg County USDA Disaster Committee. (May 24, l957).

c. Newspaper clipping. "Congress Group Hear Charges From Farmers." Daily Oklahoman. (June 2, l957).

d. Report: Muskogee County Disaster Committee. (June l0, l957).

e. Memorandum. Re: crop conditions in Southeast Oklahoma. (May 3l, l957).

f. Press release. Re: disaster aid. (May 28, l957).

g. Press release. Re: disaster aid. (June l957.).

h. Statistics. Re: damage estimates of Oklahoma, Arkansas, and Louisiana.

i. Resolution. Oklahoma Congress. Re: topic. (May 23, l957).

j. Newspaper clipping. "Johnson Asks For Complete Flood Survey." Dallas News. (n.d.).

k. Statement. "Necessity For Flood Control." Congressional Record-House. (June 3, l957).

l. Outline. Re: various farmer problems.

m. Report. Re: disaster aid. (June l4, l957).

F 20: Football (1957).

a. Correspondence. Re: football schedule.

b. Schedules. Central Airlines. Re: football schedules.

F 21: Foreign Policy (1957).

a. Correspondence. Re: opinions on Foreign Policy.

b. Article (reprint). "How Not to Handle Foreign Aid." Reader's Digest (February 1957).

F 22: Gardner, Leonard (1957).

a. Correspondence. Re: various topics.

b. Newsletter. Japan Tourist Association. "Japan Travel News." (February and August 1957).

F 23: Government Contracts (1957).

Correspondence. Re: storage contracts.

F 24: Health Economics (1957).

a. Correspondence.

b. Magazines. Journal of the Oklahoma State Medical Association. (September 1957).

F 25A: Highway 66 Association (1957).

a. Correspondence. Re: highway markers.

b. Resolution. National U. S. Highway Association. (October 31, 1957).

F 25B: Highways and Roads, 1957.

Folder includes newspaper clippings.

F 26: Hoxey Cancer Treatment (1957).

a. Correspondence. Re: protesting the Hoxey Cancer Treatment.

b. Petition. Re: investigation of Food and Drug Administration.

c. Flyer. "Are We Poisoning Ourselves?" Re: drugs.

d. Flyer. "Sunday-Law Defiance of the United States Constitution."

e. Report. Department of Health, Education, and Welfare. "Facts about the Hoxey Treatment for Internal Cancer.

f. Article. "Germany is Risen Again!" Plain Truth. (February, 1957).

F 27: Hoxey Cancer Treatment (1957).

Petitions. Re: investigation by Food and Drug Administration.

F 28: Humphrey, George M. (1957).

a. Correspondence. Re: tribute to George M. Humphrey.

b. Booklet. Ohio Chamber of Commerce. "Ohio's Own Appraisal of the Services of George M. Humphrey." (October 16, 1957).

F 29: Hungarian Refugees (1957).

a. Memorandum. Tracy S. Voorhees. Re: Hungarian refugees. (February 6, 1957).

b. Statistics: Immigration and Naturalization Service. Re: recent Hungarian refugees and Parolees admitted by Major Occupation Group, Marital Status, Sex, and Age. (January 29, 1957).

F 30: Inauguration (1957).

a. Correspondence. Re: topic Correspondents include Styles Bridges.

b. Memorandum. Re: Inaugural Ceremonies. (January 21, l957).

c. Application. Re: tickets to Inauguration.

d. Invitation. Re: Inaugural Ball. (January 21, 1957).

e. Invitation. Re: Inaugural Concert. (January 20, l957).

f. Flyer.

F 31: Indian Affairs (1957).

a. Correspondence. Re: various topics.

b. Resolution. Choctaw Council of Atoka Council (August 3, l957).

c. Resolution. Osage Tribal Council. (February 6, l957).

d. Newspaper clipping. "New Chief Appointed For Creek Indian Tribe." (n.s;n.d.).

e. Newspaper clipping. "New Site, Mission Set at Little Axe; Campaign Against Peyote Continues." The Norman Transcript. (n.d.)

f. Act. Re: Indian claims. (May 25, 1918).

g. Newspaper clipping. "Chief Parker's Descendant Joins Army." Dallas Morning News. (November, 1957).

h. Newspaper clipping. "Agency Reports Gains by Indians."

i. Newspaper clipping. "Integration Problems Greatest in New York." Dallas Morning News. (November 4, l957).

j. Resolution. Executive Committee of the Wichita, Caddo, and Delaware tribes. (February 12, l957).

k. Press Release. Bureau of Indian Affairs. Re: loan regulations. (February 21, 1957).

l. Newsletter. Oklahoma Indian Democratic Club, Inc. (June 20, 1957).

m. Act. 84th Congress. Public Law 767.

n. Magazine. Industrial Development. (June, 1957).

F 32: Inflation (1957).

a. Correspondence.

b. Memorandum. Inflation Fighters. "How Much has been Stolen From You?"

c. Article. "Can You Stop Inflation? If Not, What Can You Do To Stop It?" Human Events. (March 2, 1957). (n.d.)

d. Proposal. U.A.W. "A Positive and Practical Proposal to Stop Inflation."

e. Article (copy). "Has Inflation Become a Way of Life?" Reader's Digest.

F 33: International Bank for Reconstruction and Development (1957).

a. Correspondence. Re: loan.

b. Booklet. International Bank for Reconstruction and Development. "Loans At Work."

F 34: Labor (1957).

a. Correspondence. Re: investigation of labor unions.

b. Statement. AFL-CIO Executive Council. Re: cooperation with all appropriate public agencies investigation racketeering. (January 28, 1957).

c. Newspaper clipping. "ICC Aide Would Bar Truck Lines That Refuse to Carry 'Hot Cargo.'" Wall Street Journal. (April 10, 1957).

F 35: Lake Nowata (1957).

Correspondence. Re: the naming Lake Nowata.

F 36A-C: Lake Texoma (1957).

a. Topics include Denison Dam, erosion on the Red River, and grazing districts. Correspondents include the Army Corps of Engineers.

b. Booklet. "Once In a Hundred Years." Denison Herald. (June 1957).

c. Newspaper Clipping. "Army Engineers Due Bridge Fuss." Daily Oklahoman. (October 2, 1957).

d. Newspaper clipping. "Ramblin' Around." Latimer County Tribune. (June 20, 1957).

e. Newspaper clipping. "House Okays $1 Million Willis Bridge Next Year." Madill Record. (June 20, 1957).

f. Newspaper clipping. "Willis Bridge Deal Is Signed." Daily Oklahoman. (November 27, 1957).

g. Newspaper clipping. "750 Die Today In Iran Earthquakes." Denison Herald. (July 3, l957).

F 37: Lone Star Ordinance Plant (1957).

a. Correspondence. Re: curtailment of work at Lone Star Ordinance Plant.

b. Statistics. Re: nonagricultural employment and unemployment in the major labor market-areas.

F 38: Mailing Lists (1957).

List. Re: mailing list compiled form petition of National Guard. (January 3l, l957).

F 39: March of Dimes Basketball Game (1957).

a. Correspondence.

b. Newspaper clipping. "Congressmen to Play Basketball for `Dime.'" Enid Daily Eagle. (January 16, l957).

c. Press Release. Public Relation Department of National Foundations for Infantile Paralysis. (January l6, l957).

d. List. Re: participants in basketball game.

e. Fact Sheet. (January l6, l957).

F 40: Masons (1957).


F 41: McAlester Chamber of Commerce (1957).

a. Correspondence. Re: various business in McAlester.

b. List. Re: companies having missile power plants or engine contracts.

c. Report. Harvey R. Sherman. Re: some considerations in viewing the surplus labor situations in the McAlester, Oklahoma Area.

F 42: Midwest Research Institute (1957).

a. Correspondence. Re: new high energy fuel plant Muskogee, Oklahoma.

b. Report. Midwest Research Institute. "Annual Report of the President to the Trustees." (May l4, l956).

F 43: Miscellaneous (1957).

a. Correspondence. Re: various topics. Correspondents include John J. O'Connor.

b. Flyer. Oklahoma United Committee. "See What You can Lose by County Option of Beef."

c. Flyer. A Bell System Science Series Television Program. "The Strange Case of the Cosmic Rays." (October 25, l957).

d. Flyer. Re: donations to the University of Oklahoma.

e. Newspaper clipping. "Dr. Ivy continues His Search For Effective Cancer Care."

f. Newspaper. "Racket in Health Policies Nipped."

g. Newspaper clipping. "Laymen Take Over Pulpits In Many Churches Tomorrow." Commercial Appeal. (October l9, l957).

h. Newspaper clipping. "From the Petersons..." Durant Daily Democrat. (July 7, l957).

i. Press Release. Re: legal control of liquor sales in Oklahoma. (October 15, l957).

j. Cartoon. Re: Public Service Company.

k. Newspaper clipping. Re: New York Stock Exchange. New York Herald Tribune. (March 3l, l957).

l. Newspaper clipping. Daily Oklahoman. (August 23, l957).

m. Editorials by David Lawrence. U.S. News and World Report. Re: Segregation (1957).

F 44: Miscellaneous: District (1957).

List. Re: names and addresses of County Agents of the Third District.

F 45: National Association of Food Chains (1957).

a. Correspondence. Re: "Good Citizens of l957."

b. Lists. Re: Names of National Association of Food Chains 1957 Good Citizenship Winners - Oklahoma.

F 46: National Association of Soil Conservation Districts (1957).

a. Correspondence.

b. Booklet. "Soil Stewardship Week." The National Association of Soil Conservation Districts. (May 26- June 2, l957).

F 47: National Cowboy Hall of Fame (1957).

a. Correspondence. Correspondents include Richard Nixon.

b. Resolution. Congress Re: recognition of the National Cowboy Hall of Fame and Museum as a National Memorial.

c. Resolution. Senate. Re: recognition of the National Cowboy Hall of Fame and Museum as a National Memorial. (May l6, l957).

d. Article. Congressional Record - Senate. "Establishment of National Cowboy Hall of Fame and Museum as a National Shrine. (March 2, l957).

e. Resolution. Board of Trustees of the National Cowboy Hall of Fame and Museum (January 5, l957).

f. Press Release. Re: recognition of the National Cowboy Hall of Fame and Museum as a memorial.

g. Flyer. Re: The National Cowboy Hall of Fame and Museum.

F 48: National Farmers Union (1957).

Speech. James F. Patton, president of National Farmers Union. (February 23, l957).

F 49: National Federation of Federal Employees (1957).

a. Correspondence.

b. Article (copy). "Our Objectives... Our Responsibilities" and "NFEE National convention Adopts a Program of Progress." The Federal Employee.

F 50: National Guard (1957).

a. Correspondence. Re: various business of National Guard.

b. Newspaper clipping. "National Guard Chief Sounds Alarm Over Military Plane."

c. Newspaper clipping. "Sideswipes."

d. Resolutions. 45th Infantry Division Association. (September l4, l957).

e. Petition. Re: National Guard Substitute Program. (January 31, l957).

F 51: National Guard Association of the U. S. (1957).

a. Correspondence. Re: proposed changes in the Reserve program in the National Guard.

b. Press Release. National Guard Association of the United States. "Guard Association Head Criticized Proposed Changes in Reserve Program. (January l0, 1957).

c. Newspaper clipping (copy). "Guard 'Did Very Well' on l956 Test of Divisions, Report Says." Army Times Agr. (January 12, l957).

F 52: National Independent Automobile Dealers Association (1957).

a. Correspondence. Re: resolutions.

b. Resolutions. National Independent Automobile Dealers Association. (October 21-23, l957).

F 53: National Lumber Manufacturers Association (1957).

a. Correspondence.

b. Report. "Statement of Policies of the National Lumber Manufacturers Association (May 15, l957).

F 54: National Reclamation Association (1957).

Correspondence. Re: resolution. Resolutions included.

F 55A: National Science Foundation (1957).

Report. National Science Foundation. Re: National Science Foundation Announces Awards of 929 Fellowships in Science for 1957-1958.

F 55B: Naval Ammunition Depot (1957).

Folder includes newspaper clippings related to the McAlester Naval Ammunition Depot in McAlester, Oklahoma.

F 56: Newspaper Directory and List (1957).

a. List. Re: Newspapers in the Third District. (June 26, l957).

b. Directory. Oklahoma Press Service, Inc. "1957 Oklahoma Newspaper Directory."

F 57: Nuclear Testing (1957).


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