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Box 12: Office of Doorkeeper (1957) - Awards 1958

F 1: Office of Doorkeeper (1957).

a. Correspondence. Re: Visitor's Passes for the House of Representatives. 

b. Report.  Re:  Duties of the Doorkeeper.

F 2: Office:  Miscellaneous (1957).

a. Correspondence.  Re:  various topics.

b. Memos.  Re:  various topics.

c. News Release.  Re:  Albert's appointment of Joe W. Anderson as Administrative Assistant (Sept. 23, 1957).

F 3: Oil (1957).

a. Correspondence.  Re:  oil shortages.

b. Newspapers.  Tulsa Daily World. Re:  petroleum experiment station, Bureau of Mines, Bartlesville, Oklahoma.  (March 3, 10, 1957).  

F 4: Oklahoma Agricultural Experiment Station (1957).

a. Correspondence. 

b. Report.  Oklahoma A and M College.  "Report of the Oklahoma Agricultural Experiment Station."  (July l, 1954 to June 30, 1956).

F 5: Oklahoma ASC State Committee (1957).

Correspondence.  Re:  letter of appreciation.

F 6: Oklahoma Development Council (1957).

a. Correspondence.  Re:  Carl Albert's membership in the Oklahoma Development Council.

b. Newsletter.  Oklahoma Development Council.  (November 1956).

c. Newsletter.  Oklahoma Development Council.  (January 1957).

d. Report.  "Fantus Report on Oklahoma's Industrial Potential."

e. Newspaper clipping (copy).  Shawnee News - Star. "More Toot for OK-LA-HOMA-OK.  (December l4, l956).

f. Newsletter.  Oklahoma Development Council.  (April, 1957).

g. Summary.  Oklahoma Development Council.  Re:  Oklahoma Development activities.  (March, l957).

h. Press release.  Oklahoma Development Council.  (April 11, l957).

i. Receipt.  Oklahoma Development Council.  Re:  Membership for Carl Albert.

F 7: Oklahoma Democratic Party (1957).

Correspondence.  Re:  Jackson-Jefferson Day dinner.  Correspondents include John F. Kennedy.

F 8: Oklahoma Employment Security Commission (1957).

a. Correspondence.  Re:  letters of appreciation.

b. Booklet.  "Employment Security Review."  Oklahoma Employment Security Commission. (January, September l957).

F 9: Oklahoma Farm Bureau (1957).

a. Correspondence.  Re:  various topics.

b. Booklet.  "1957 Policies of the American Farm Bureau Federation."  The American Farm Federation.

F 10: Oklahoma Forest Industries Commission (1957).

F 11: Oklahoma Game and Fish Department (1957). 

a. Correspondence.  Re:  Camp Gruber Military Reservation and a Honorary Ranger Card. 

b. Proposal.  Re:  management plan for Camp Gruber Area in Muskogee County.

F 12: Oklahoma:  General (1957).

a. Correspondence.  Re:  various topics.

b. Newspaper clipping.  "Board Hears Stories of Filth, Corruption At County Taverns."  Durant Daily Democrat. (February 11, l957).

c. Newspaper clipping.  "Perrin Concerned Over Beer Joints in Early Oklahoma."  Sherman Democrat. (February l0, l957).

d. Newspaper clipping.  "State Will Honor Its Namer Friday.  (November 13, l957).

e.  Newspaper clipping.  "Allen Wright memory Will be Honored."  McAlester Democrat. (November l3, l957).

f.  Remarks.  Re:  Remarks of Carl Albert.  (May l4, l957).

g. Flyer.  Re:  fertilizer.

h.  Newspaper clipping (copy).  "Fame of Norman Plant's Spreading. " Daily Oklahoman. (September l5, l957).

i.  Article (copy).  "A New Approach to Municipal Refuse Composting."  American City Magazine.

j.  Booklet.  The Naturalizer Company.  (May, l954).

k. Flyer.  Re:  Wilburn Cartwright for Governor.

F 13: Oklahoma:  General (1957).

F 14: Oklahoma General Contractors Association (1957).

a. Correspondence.  Re:  construction equipment and projects.

b.  Resolution.  Associated General contractors of Missouri.  (January 23, l957).

F 15: Oklahoma Government (1957).

a.  Bulletin.  Associated Industries of Oklahoma.  Re:  Senate activities.  (February 8 to May l7, l957).

b.  Resolution.  House and Senate.  Re:  statehood of Alaska and Hawaii.  (May 8, l957).

c.  Resolution.  House and Senate.  Re:  Canton Irrigation Project water distribution works.  (March 6, l957).

d.  Resolution.  House and Senate.  Re:  creation of International Atomic Health Service.  (May 8, l957).

e.  Resolution.  House and Senate.  Re:  retraction of statement of Charles E.  Wilson.  (January 30, l957).

f.  Resolution.  House and Senate.  Re: agriculture price support program.  (May 29, l957).

g.  Resolution.  House and Senate.  Re:  Social Security Act.  (February, l957).

h.  Resolution.  House and Senate.  Re:  Policy to limit imports glass, lead and zinc.  (April 25, l957).

F 16: Oklahoma Hall of Fame (1957).

a.  Correspondence.  Re:  Albert's Nomination for Oklahoma Hall of Fame.  Correspondents include Toby Morris and George Nigh.

b.  List.  Re:  Guests to be Seated at "Carl Albert Table."

c.  Booklet.  Re:  School of Religion - Butler University. 

d.  Bulletin.  Grand Avenue Methodist.  (November 13, l957).

e.  Bulletin.  "Mid-Continent Life Bulletin." (November l956).

F 17: Oklahoma Highway 69 (1957).

a.  Correspondence. Correspondents include Mike Monroney and Ed Edmondson.

b.  Resolution.  Chamber of Commerce of Muskogee.  (August 26, l957).  (August 26-7, l957).

c.  Resolution.  Lions Club of Vinita.  (October 9, l959). 

d.  Resolution.  Lions Club of Checotah.  (No date).

e.  Resolution.  Vinita Rotary Club.  (October 9, l957).

f.  Resolution.  U.S. Highway 69 Association.  (September 24, l954).

g.  Resolution.  City Council of Wagoner County.  (September l957).

h.  Resolution.  Chamber of Commerce of Vinita. 

i.  Newspaper clipping.  "Gary Tells Plans for U.S. 69."  Muskogee Sunday Phoenix and Times-Democrat. (September l957).

j.  Resolution.  City Council of Pryor Creek.  (September 3, l957).

k.  Resolution.  City Council of Pryor Creek.  (September 3, l957).

l.  Resolution.  Wagoner Chamber of Commerce.

m.  Newspaper clipping.  "The Chatterbox."

F 18: Oklahoma Highway 270 (1957).

a.  Correspondence.  Re:  topic.

b.  Resolution.  City Council of Haileyville, Oklahoma. (November 7, l957).

c.  Resolution.  City Council of Hartshorne.  (December 2, l957).

F 19: Oklahoma Highways (1957).

a.  Correspondence.  Re:  interstate highway system.

b. Resolution.  Board of Commissioner of Weatherford. (November 1, l957).

c.  Resolution.  Board of Commissioners of Elk City.  (October 7, l957).

d.  Resolution.  Chamber of Commerce of El Reno.  (October 21, l957).

e.  Resolution.  Chamber of Commerce of Clinton.  (October 9, l957).

f.  Resolution.  Oklahoma Restaurant Association. (November l3, l957).

g.  Newspaper clipping.  "Ah-Se-Quu A-Dah-Ne-Di." 

h.  Newspaper clipping.  "City Will Seek Improvements In Roads for East Oklahoma."  Muskogee Daily Phoenix. (August l957).

i.  Newspaper clipping.  "Another Fight for Our Lives."  Tulsa Tribune. (March 30, l957).

j.  Bulletin.  Re:  Will Rogers Turnpike.  (Map included).

k.  Booklet.  H.E.  Bailey. "A Turnpike-Expressway System for Oklahoma:  A Plan." 

l.  Newspaper clipping.  "Go It Gary!  Blast Away Bailey."  Tulsa Tribune. (September l6, October 3, 1957).

F 20: Oklahoma Hi-Y Youth and Government Program (1957).

a.  Correspondence.

b. Flyer.  Oklahoma Hi-Y Youth and Government.  "My Diary."

F 21: Oklahoma Indian Democratic Club, Inc. (1957).

a.  Correspondence.  Re:  treatment of the American Indian Delegation.

b.  Resolution.  Oklahoma Indian Democratic Club, Inc.  (February 1, l957.)

F 22: Oklahoma Semi-Centennial Commission (1957).

a.  Correspondence.  There are several letters from members of Congress thanking the Oklahoma delegation for a commemorative coin.

b.  List.  Re:  mailing list of Oklahoma State Society.

F 23: Oklahoma.  State Dept. of Health (1957).

Correspondence and memo. 

F 24: Oklahoma State Society of Washington D. C. (1957).

a. Correspondence. 

b. List.  Re:  members of Oklahoma State Society (includes addresses).

F 25: Oklahoma Tax Commission (1957).

Report.  Oklahoma Tax Commission (Research Division). Re:  1957 State Income Tax Returns.

F 26: Oklahoma Vocational Rehabilitation Division (1957).


F 27: Oratorical Contests (1957).

a.  Correspondence.  Re:  Carl Albert Oratorical Contest.

b.  Speech.  Donna V.  Jackson.  "Conservation of Our American Home."

c.  Speech.  Bill Magin.  "The Untapped Reservoir.

d.  Speech.  Eugene Wood.  "Appeal To Pride."

e.  Newspaper clipping.  "Carl Albert Oratorical Contest Set."  Mountaineer. (January 5, 1957).

f.  Newspaper clipping.  "Freshman Wins Annual Carl Albert Oratorical Contest.  Mountaineer. (March 19, l957).

g.  Newspaper clipping.  "Speech Students Ready for Contest."  Mountaineer.  (November 5, l957).

F 28: Parks (1957).

Newspaper clippings.  Clippings include:  Broken Bow News, Daily Ardmoreite, Daily Oklahoman, Denision Herald, LeFlore County Sun, McAlester News Capital, McCurtain Gazette, Poteau News, Spiro Times, Sulphur Times, Talihina News, and Tulsa Tribune.

F 29: Personal, A-E  (1957).

a. Correspondence.  Re:  various topics.  Correspondents include George Apcar and W. P. "Bill" Atkinson.

b. Newspaper clipping.  Re:  Telegram sent by Ed Edmondson to the President about the closing of zinc mines in Henryetta.  (n.s.;n.d.).

c. Newspaper clipping.  "Miss Power Writes Book on Students."  Re:  book which includes some of Albert's first exam papers.  (n.s.;n.d.).

d. Newspaper page.  "Many Rate Atkinson as `Man to Beat.'"  Midwest City Leader.  Re:  Governor's race. (July 18, 1957). 

e. List.  Re:  committees of the Section of Judicial administration, 1957-1958.

F 30: Personal, F-M (1957).

a. Correspondence.  Correspondents include Norman Futor, Clifford Hope, and Toby Morris.

b. Brochure.  Re:  Peter Joers as candidate for the Board of Directors of the Chamber of Commerce of the U.S.

F 31: Personal, N-T (1957).

a. Correspondence.  Re:  various topics including possibility of Albert running for governor. Correspondents include J. G. Puterbaugh, Robert L. Sikes, Rex Sparger, Julian J. Rothbaum.

b. Newspaper clipping.  "Battle in Britain."  Wall Street Journal.  Re:  England's Labor Party. (November 13, 1957).

c. Brochure.  Re:  St. Peter's Hall, Oxford.

d. Newsletter.  Bulletin of McAlester Scottish Rite Bodies "Indian Consistory News."  (March, 1957).

e. Brochure.  Re:  The Grand Avenue Methodist in McAlester, Oklahoma, (March 26, 1957).

f. Program.  Re:  South McAlester Chapter Rose Croix No. 2.

g. Program.  Re:  Public Investiture for DeMolay. (June 28, 1956).

F 32: Personal, U-Z (1957).

a. Correspondence. Correspondents include John M. Virden, Oliver S. Willham, George H. Wilson, and Dean Wooldridge.

b. Poster.  "Song Sheet 1957 Gridiron."

c. Memorandum.  Re:  Retirement from the Army.  Drawing by Benton Ferguson.  Re:  Carl Albert.

d. Certificate.  Re:  Award given to Albert from the National Foundation for Infantile Paralysis.

e. Program.  Re:  McAlester High School Twelfth Annual Commencement.  (May 14, 1957).

f. Program.  Oklahoma Memorial Association.  Re:  Albert's induction into the Oklahoma Hall of Fame. (November 16, 1957).

g. Program.  "The Working Man's Pride" by Dr. Roy Harris.  Excerpt from Article.  "Looking Back at some Sad Sacking" by John M. Virden."  Congressional Record -Appendix. Re:  Civil War and Robert E. Lee. (May l5, l957). 

F 33: Photographs (1957).

Correspondence.  Re:  Carl Albert's membership in the AMVETS Department of Oklahoma.

F 34: Politics (1957).

a. Correspondence.  Re:  opinions on politics.

b. Page.  Evening Star. "Party Leaders on Capitol Hill. (January 21, l957). 

F 35: Postal Employees (1957).

a.  Correspondence.  Re:  wage earning of Postal Employees.

b.  Report.  U.S. News and World Report.  "Inflation Race - Who's Ahead, Who's Behind."  (August 3, l956).

F 36: Postal Rates (1957).


F 37: Presidential Disability (1957).

a.  Editorial (reprint).

b.  Article (reprint).  John Virden.  Re:  bean soup.

c.  Article.  Army Times. "Presidential Disability."  (April 13, l957).

F 38: Public Lands (1957).

a.  Correspondence.  Re:  question of federal sovereignty over public lands.

b.  Maps.  Re:  distribution by state of lands owned and held by Federal Government.

F 39: Publications (1957).

a.  Correspondence.

b.  Brochure.  Excel Body Corporation.  Re:  Buses.

c.  Brochure.  Rutgers, The State University. Re:  Graduate Program in Practical Politics.

d. Flyer.  Southern States Industrial Council.  "The Middle of the Road."

e.  Bulletin.  "Camel Tracks."  (September 1, l957).

f.  Bulletin.  Oklahoma City Chamber of Commerce.  "Oklahoma."  (March 7, l957).

g.  Report.  "Near East Report."  (June 3, l957).

h.  Magazine.  Sports Illustrated.  (December 24, l956).

i.  Booklet.  American Municipal Association.  "The National Municipal Policy."  (November 28, 1956).

j.  Booklet.  "Trickery, Treachery, Tyranny, and Treason in Washington."

k.  Booklet.  The Woman. (January 1957).

l. Pamphlet.  "Congress at Work," a handbook prepared by Scholastic Magazines, (1957). 

F 40: Publicity (1957).

a.  Correspondence.  Re:  various topics. Correspondents include Julian J. Rothbaum and Toby Morris.

b.  Newspaper.  "Little Dixie Reunion."  Denison Herald. Re:  photo of Albert at dinner with Raymond Gary, Robert S. Kerr, and Cowboy Pink Williams.  (November 10, l957). 

c.  Newspaper clipping.  "Albert Holds down Two Key positions in Sessions."  Tulsa Tribune. Re:  Albert as Acting Majority Leader.

d.  Newspaper page.  "Party Leaders on Capitol Hill."  Evening Star. Re:  Albert as party leader.  (January l2, l957). 

e.  Newspaper clipping.  "Seamprufe Is Host to C of C."  McAlester News - Capital. Re:  Albert's speaking engagement to honor Seamprufe.  Included is photo of Albert and Mary Frances.  (October 21, l957).

F 41: Puerto Rico (1957).

a.  Correspondence.  Re:  appreciation.

b.  Booklet.  "Message of Hon. Luis Munoz Marin Governor of the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico to the Third Legislative Assembly."  (January 17, l957).

F 42: Rothbaum, Julian (1957).

a.  Correspondence. 

b.  Newspaper clipping.  "State Counts 35 Rhodes Scholars." Tulsa Tribune. Re:  Carl Albert as Rhodes Scholar.  (July 30, l957).

F 43: Rural Electrical Cooperatives (1957).

a.  Bulletin.  "Northwestern REA News." (August 1957).

b.  Petition.  Re:  Grand River Dam Authority. For Declaratory Judgement Determining Validity of contracts with Public service company of Oklahoma.

c.  Newspaper clippings.  Re:  topic.  Oklahoma Automatic Telephone Company, Grand River Dam Authority, Raymond Gary.

F 44: Sam Rayburn Library (1957).

Newspaper clippings from local newspapers. 

F 45A: Scientific Education (1957).

Newspaper clippings.  Re:  Albert's opinion on the importance of education in science.

45B: Soil Conservation, 1957.

Newspaper clippings.

F 46: State Soil Conservation Board (1957).

Bulletin.  State Office News, State Soil Conservation Board.  (January 21, l957).

F 47: Steel Price Hike (1957).

a.  Correspondence.  Re:  an investigation of the increase in the price of steel.

b.  Newspaper.  Cleveland Press. "Steel Boost Faces Probe By Congress."  (June 28, l957).

F 48: Supreme Court (1957).

Correspondence.  Editorial.  U.S. News and World Report. "An editorial by Franklin D. Roosevelt."  (August l6, l957).

F 49A: Taxes (1957).

a.  Correspondence.  Re:  petition.

b.  Petition. Free Enterprise Federation.

F 49B: Telephone Statements, Long Distance, 1957.

Includes telephone bills for Albert's office.

F 50: Television (1957).


F 51: U. S. Capitol: Architect (1957).

a.  Correspondence.  Re:  various topics.

b.  Editorial.  Architectural Forum. "Capitol Solution."  (July l957).

F 52: University of Oklahoma (1957).

a. Bulletin.  University of Oklahoma.  "Biological Station of Lake Texoma, Willis, Oklahoma."  (March l5, l957).

b. Pamphlet.  Re:  University of Oklahoma Honor Roll Alumni Development Fund, 1956.

F 53A: Veteran's Affairs (1957).

Newspaper clippings.  Re:  Defense cuts, Veteran's Day, and Doctor's boycott of veterans hospital.

F 53B: Visitors, 1957.

Correspondents include James Arthur Robinson.

F 54: Vivisection (1957).

a.  Correspondence. 

b.  Newspaper clipping (reprint).  Times. Westminister, Maryland.  "Vivisection Dog Racket Told Here."  (January l7, l957).

F 55: Vocational Education (1957).

a.  Correspondence.  Re:  co-educational vocational high schools.

b. Resolutions.  Santa Clara County Education League. (January 9, l957).

c.  Resolution.  California Federation of Teachers.  (December l956).

F 56: Washington D. C. Interfaith Day (1957).


F 57: World Government (1957).

Correspondence.  Re:  Eisenhower-Macmillan Agreement.  Bulletin. For America. Re: For America's view on World Government.  (October 7, l957); North Atlantic Treaty Organization.

F 58: Young Democratic Club (1957).

Correspondence.  Re:  various business of Young Democratic Club.

F 59: Young Republican Club (1957).

Correspondence.  Re:  newly-proposed federal budget.

F 60: AFL-CIO (1958).

a. Correspondence.  Re:  application to Air Force Academy.

b.  Resolution.  AFL-CIO Executive Council.  Re:  labor legislation.  (November 6, l958).

c.  Resolution.  AFL-CIO Executive Council.  Re:  Legislation in the 86th Congress.  (November 7, l958).

d.  Resolution.  AFL-CIO Executive Council.  Re:  Civil Rights. (November 7, l958).

e.  Resolution.  AFL-CIO Executive council.  Re:  legislation in the 86th Congress.  (November 7, l958).

F 61: Agriculture (1958).

Correspondence. Re:  unemployment compensation bill and parity for raw materials.  Correspondents include Wilbur Mills.

F 62: Albert: Congressional Record (1958).

a.  Statement.  Congressional Record. Re:  agriculture. (January l6, l958).

b.  Statement.  Congressional Record. "National Farm-City Weeks."  (August, l958).

c.  Statement.  Congressional Record. "The Democrat Record:  H-Bombs, Missiles, and Unpreparedness." (August 19,1958).

d.  Statement.  Congressional Record. Honorable Thomas S.  Gordon."  (August, l958).

e.  Statement. Congressional Record. Re:  various business of the House of Representatives."  (August 23, l958).

F 63: American Foundation for the Blind (1958).

Correspondence.  Re:  employment appointment.

F 64: American National Red Cross (1958).

a.  Correspondence.  Re:  relief activities of Red Cross.

b.  Pamphlet.  Red Cross.  "Oklahoma Floods and Storm of May l957."

F 65: Anderson, Joe:  Personal (1958).

Correspondence.  Re:  various topics.

F 66: Appreciation, A-L (1958).

Correspondence. Re: various topics.

F 67: Appreciation, M-Z (1958).

Correspondence. Re: various topics.

F 68: Atomic Energy (1958).

a.  Correspondence.  Re:  production of electricity.

b.  Press Release.  Oklahoma Gas and Electric company.  Re:  atomic energy project.  (January l4, l958).

F 69: Awards (1958).

a.  Correspondence.  Re:  submission of Albert's name to Oklahoma City University's Board of Trustees for the Honorary Degree of Doctor of Law.

b.  Biographical sketch.  Re:  Albert:  1908-1958.

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