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Box 14: Oklahoma Economy and Industry (1958) - Dams: Lukfata Reservoir (1959)

F 1: Oklahoma Economy and Industry (1958).

a. Correspondence. Correspondents include Dwight D. Eisenhower.

b. Flyer. Re: Paul V. Beck as Republican Candidate for the U. S. Senate.

c. Bulletin. "The Industrial Relation Forum." (March-April, l947).

d. Cartoon. "America At the Cross-Roads."

e. Report. Broken Bow Chamber of Commerce. Re: assets of Broken Bow and Trade Territory.

f. Report. Department of Commerce. Re: Foreign Trade Impact Study-State of Oklahoma.

g. Newsletter. Selected News. (June l5, l958).

h. Newsletter. Department of Commerce And Industry. (April 1958).

F 2: Oklahoma Employment Security Commission (1958).

a. Correspondence. Re: employment applications.

b. Booklets. Oklahoma Employment Security Commission. "Oklahoma Employment Security Review." (February, November l958).

F 3: Oklahoma: General (1958).

a. Correspondence. Re: various topics.

b. Article. Bridgeport Sunday Post. (March 2, l958).

c. List. Re: votes in Williams-Nigh races. (1958).

F 4: Oklahoma Legislature (1958).

a. Correspondence. Re: the possibility of a higher office for J. Howard Edmondson.

b. Editorial. Oklahoma Television Corporation. Re: KWTV editorial.

F 5: Oklahoma Politics (1958).

a. Correspondence. Re: Governor and House of Representatives races. Correspondents include Wilburn Cartwright.

b. Newspaper clipping. "Sez Mise." (n.s.;n.d.).

c. Newspaper clippings (reprint). "Oklahoma Editors, See Snowballing Lead for Atkinson." (n.s.;n.d.).

d. Flyers.

F 6: Oklahoma Semi-Centennial Commission Report (1958).

Report. Oklahoma Semi-Centennial Commission. Re: Semi-Centennial Celebration. (April 30, l958).

F 7: Oklahoma State Society of Washington D. C. (1958).

a. Bulletin. Oklahoma State Society. Re: dance. (January 7, l958).

b. List. Re: names and addresses of persons invited to the Oklahoma Christmas Party.

F 8: Oklahoma State University (1958).

a. Correspondence. Re: Imperial Ethiopian College of Agriculture. Correspondents include Tom Steed.

b. Oklahoma State University Magazine. (April, l958).

F 9: Oklahoma Tax Commission (1958).

Statistics. Oklahoma Tax Commission. Re: collections of the Oklahoma Tax Commission.

F 10: Oklahoma Water Resources Board (1958).

a. Correspondence. Re: Adjudication of water rights in Washita River Basin.

b. Court case. Re: No. l8450 Civil-Case. (Map and petition included).

F 11: Oratorical Contests (1958).

a. Correspondence. Re: Carl Albert Oratorical Contest.

b. Speech. Iva Lou Little. "A Century of Hope."

c. Speech. Lee B. Faulkenberry. "The Threat."

F 12: Pakistan (1958).

Booklet. Pakistan: Strength for the Republic.

F 13: Patronage (1958).

Correspondence. Re: various types of patronage. Correspondents include Zeake W. Johnson, Jr..

F 14: Personal, A-J (1958).

a. Correspondence. Re: various topics. Correspondents include L. Mendel Rivers, Louis Dakil, Norman Futor, Benton Ferguson, Jed Johnson, and Angie Debo.

b. Newspaper clipping. "G.O.P. Lacks a Hatchet Man Equal to Truman's Stature." St. Louis Post-Dispatch. Re: use of television time by the Republican. (n.d.).

c. Newspaper clipping. "Eisenhower's Economists in Bitter Mood." St. Louis Post Dispatch. Re: Recession and the steel industry. (n.d.).

d. Newspaper page. "The Runaway U.S. Supreme Court." St. Louis Globe-Democrat. Re: Recent decision by Supreme Court. (February 9, l958).

e. Pamphlet. "Articles of Incorporation of the Kappa Alpha Educational Foundation of Oklahoma."

f. Newspaper clipping. "Suffix-Chopping." Washington Post. Re: Republican Party. (September 26, l958).

F 15: Personal, K-P (1958).

a. Correspondence. Re: various topics including Russian life. Correspondents include Herman George Kaiser and Wilmoore Kendall.

b. Biographical sketch. Re: Albert 1908-1958.

c. Newspaper clipping. "Angry Men Seized Ballots to Halt Voting." Johnston County Capital-Democrat. Re: C. A. McCall. (December l8, l958).

F 16: Personal, Q-Z (1958).

a. Correspondence. Re: various topics. Correspondents include John M. Virden and Leo Winters.

b. Newsletter. U.S. Air Force. "Management Summary Sheet." Re: manpower resources. (September l958).

c. Newspaper clipping. "Democrats Expect l,500 At Rally Here Wednesday." Sunday Tulsa World. Re: Democratic Dinner in Tulsa. (n.d.).

F 17: Photographs (1958).

F 18: Poteau Airport (1958).

Correspondence. Re: needed improvement of Poteau Airport. Correspondents include Mike Monroney.

F 19: Press Releases (1958).

Press Releases. Re: various topics.

F 20: Prisons (1958).

a. Correspondence. Re: the deterioration of prisons.

b. Article. Tom Murphy. "Devil's Island U.S.A. - Inside Our Brutal Prison."

F 21: Publications (1958).

a. Correspondence. Re: opinion of the U.S. District Court in the case of Noerr Motor Freight, Inc. vs. Eastern Railroad President's Conference.

b. Opinion. United States District Court for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania. Re: Noerr Motor Freight, Inc., vs. Eastern Railroad Presidents' Conference.

F 22: Publicity (1958).

a. Correspondence. Re: topic.

b. Newspaper clipping. "Capital Circus." New York Daily News.

c. Newspaper clipping. "County Demos Back Albert For President." Daily Ardmoreite.

d. Newspaper clipping. "The Editors Corner." Stars and Stripes.

e. Newspaper. "Between Two Fires Always" and "Third District Fares Well in U. S. Spending." Southwest Oklahoma. (October l6, l958).

f. Broadcast. CBS Television Network. "Capitol preview." (January 5, l958).

g. Newspaper clipping. "Carl Albert To Be Speaker At Rotary Meeting."

h. Biography. Re: Major General Thomas P. Gerrity.

i. Newspaper clipping. "Kerr Angus Are Tops At Fair." Re: plaque given by the Oklahoma Farm Bureau to Honor Albert. (n.s;n.d.).

j. Newspaper clipping. Re: photo of Albert and one of Mike Monroney. Durant Daily Democrat. (October l2, l958).

k. Newspaper clipping. "Fisherman's Corner" by Virgie White. Madill Record. Re: Ed Edmondson's salute to Albert. (October l6, l958).

l. Newspaper clipping. "Durant Golfers Score Well on Texoma Park Golf Course." Durant Daily Democrat. Re: Albert at a Democratic Rally. (October l9, l958).

m. Newspaper clipping. Re: Albert receiving Universal Scouter's pin from Boy Scouts. (n.s;n.d.).

F 23: Publicity: "Face The Nation" (1958).

a. Correspondence. Re: Mr. Albert's "Face The Nation" appearance.

b. Transcript of broadcast. CBS Television Network. "Face The Nation." (December l4, l958).

F 24: Radio Free Europe (1958).

Correspondence. Re: "Crusade for Freedom."

F 25: Recession (1958).

Correspondence. Re: opinions on recession.

F 26: Recommendations (1958).

a. Correspondence. Re: various topics.

b. Application. Re: Rhodes Scholarships.

c. Biography. Re: Dr. W. K. Hayne.

d. Editorial. "The U.S.A. Will Soon Have a National Recreation Program." Saturday Evening Post. (October 4, l958).

F 27: Rothbaum, Julian (1958).

a. Correspondence. Re: various topics.

b. Newspaper clipping. "Rothbaum Heads Arrangements County Democratic Rally." Tulsa paper. Re: Tulsa County Democratic Rally which names Albert as speaker (n.d.).

c. Newspaper clipping. "Democrats Expect l,500 at Rally Here Wednesday." Tulsa paper. Tulsa County Democratic Rally in which Albert serves as speaker. (n.d.).

F 28: Science Education (1958).

a. Correspondence. Re: various topics. Correspondents include Horace H. Bliss.

b. Report. Oklahoma Science Service. "One University's Approach to the School Science Problem."

c. Speech. Colonel H.L. Sanders. "How the Army Can Help The Science Teacher in Rocketry." (August l2, l958).

d. Speech. John O'M Bockris. "Order of Magnitude Calculations of Minimum Increased financial Requirements of Education and Scientific Research in the U.S. (January, l958).

e. Newspaper clipping. "Asks Tax Relief for Students' Parents."

f. Booklet. The Fenn College Press. "Comments On the Second Report to the President by the President's Committee on Education Beyond the High School.

g. Press Release. Dwight D. Eisenhower. Re: education. (January 27, l958).

F 29: Segregation (1958).

a. Correspondence. Re: opinions on prejudice.

b. Newspaper clipping. "Integration Fight in South Drawing in Jewish People." Daily Oklahoman. (June l5, l958).

F 30: Taxation (1958).

a. Correspondence. Correspondents include J. G. Puterbaugh.

b. Booklet. United States Steel Corporation. "Unwarranted Doubts."

c. Flyer. "You Can Send Carl Albert From A Cabin in the Cotton to Congress."

d. Bulletin. "What's Happening in Washington." (June 9, l958).

F 31: Telephone Calls and Memoranda (1958).

F 32: Vocational Education: Oklahoma Board of (1958).

a. Correspondence.

b. Bulletin. Oklahoma State Board for Vocational Rehabilitation. "The Sign Post." (June, l958).

F 33: Unemployment (1958).

a. Correspondence.

b. Article. "Set-Outs and Pick-Ups." Conductors' Magazine. (February, l958).

c. Newspaper clipping. McAlester News-Capital. "Railroad's Plight." (March l4, l958).

d. News Release. AFL-CIO. (March l4, l958).

e. Resolution. International Executive Board of the United Mine Workers of America. Re: unemployment compensation benefits. (March 2, l958).

F 34: Young Democrats (1958).

Correspondence. Re: National Convention for the Young Democrats. Correspondents include Stewart Udall.

F 35: Albert: Remarks in Record (1959).

a. Index. Congressional Record. Re: Index of Carl Albert's remarks. (February 1, l960 to February ll, l960).

b. Statement by Carl Albert. Congressional Record. Re: Sam Rayburn Day.

F 36: AFL-CIO (1959).

a. Correspondence. Re: T.V. program. "Washington Reports to the People." (Transcript from program included).

b. Bulletin. AFL-CIO News Service. "Halleck Albert Interviewed on AFL-CIO Program." (January 21, l959).

c. Newspaper. AFL-CIO News. (January 24, l959).

d. Magazine. The Electrical Workers' Journal. (September l959).

F 37: Anderson, Joe (1959).

Correspondence. Re: resignation of Joe Anderson.

F 38: Appointments (1959).

a. Correspondence.

b. Calendar. Re: Carl Albert's appointment calendar.

c. Memos.

F 39: Berlin Situation (1959).

a. Correspondence.

b. Booklet. Wilhelm Grewe. "A Peace Treaty With Germany?"

F 40: Choctaw Electric Cooperative (1959).

Correspondence. Re: REA approval of Choctaw Electric Cooperative loan. (March ll, l959).

F 41: Clerk of the House (1959).

a. Correspondence. Re: various business of the Clerk of the House.

b. Excerpt. Re: Individual Voting Record and subjects of Roll Calls of Eighty-Sixth Congress.

F 42: Colleagues (1959).

a. Correspondence. Re: various topics. Correspondents include: Dale Alford, Victor L. Anfuso, William H. Avery, Chester Bowles, J. Floyd Breeding, Jack Brooks, John A. Burns, Robert C. Byrd, Emanuel Celler, Paul Dague, Robert A. Everett, Aime J. Forand, E.L. Forrester, Edward A. Garmatz, E. C. Gathings, Newell A. George, Ken Gray, Edith Green, Robert P. Griffin, Martha W. Griffiths, Harlen Hagen, Denver Hargis, Burr P. Harrison, F. Edward Hebert, Patrick J. Hillings, John Jarman, Byron L. Johnson, Harold T. Johnson, Paul C. Jones, Robert Jones, George A. Kasem, Robert S. Kerr, Phil M. Landrum, Clare Booth Luce, Billy Matthews, Abraham J. Multer, Walter M. Mumma, William T. Murphy, Jim Naughton, James G. O'Hara, Alvin E. O'Konski, James G. Polk, Charles O. Porter, Melvin Price, L. Mendel Rivers, Fred B. Rooney, D.S. Saund, John F. Shelley, Don L. Short, Bernie Sisk, Tom Steed, Adlai E. Stevenson, Stuart Symington, George H. Wilson, Leonard Wolf, John McCormack, and Clement J. Zablocki.

b. Cartoon. St. Louis Daily Livestock Reporter. Re: Farm program. (July 2, l959).

c. Flyers. Re: Dilly Beans.

d. Flyers. Re: Liberty Trees.

e. Report. Byron L. Johnson, M.C. Re: Report on Legislation Introduced in 86th Congress.

f. Press Release. Rep. Charles O. Porter. Re: U.S. Foreign policy with China. (November 25, l959).

g. Excerpt (reprint). Re: Senate Joint Resolution No. 22. (June ll, l959).

h. Report. Charles O. Porter. (July, l959).

i. Statement. E. C. Gathings and Allen J. Ellender. Re: 1960 Cotton Program. (Dec. 2, 1959).

j. Translation of article. "The Case of Clara Booth Luce" by Paul Alexis. La Liberte. (May 8, l959).

F 43: Columbus Day (1959).

a. Correspondence. Correspondents include Peter W. Rodino.

b. Excerpt. Congressional Record. Re: "Columbus Day: An Opportunity to Strengthen the Spiritual bonds of the Americas." (May 26, l959).

F 44: Committee Assignments (1959).

a. Correspondence. Correspondents include J. Floyd Breeding, Cornelius Gallagher, R. Kastenmeier, William Green, Wilbur Mills, Victor Anfuso, Thomas G. Morris.

b. Press release. Committee on Ways and Means. (January l6, l959).

F 45: Congressional Directory (1959).

F 46: Crackpot File (1959).

F 47A: Dams: Arkansas River Basin (1959).

a. Correspondence.

b. Summary. Re: Information on Arkansas and Red River Drainage Basins Water Quality Conservation Project. (March 24, l959).

c. Report. AD HOC Committee on Water Supply Act on l958. Re: Water Supply Act. (December 4, l958).

d. Resolution. Oklahoma State Senate. (June 2, l959).

e. Newsletter. The Arkansas Basin Development Association, Inc. (April, 20, l959).

f. Maps. Re: Millwood Reservoir and Arkansas. White-Red River Basins.

g. Minutes. Re: Minutes of Twenty-Fourth Meeting Arkansas-White-Red Basins Inter-Agency Committee. (July l5-l6, l959).

h. Resolution. Oklahoman Congress.. (April 20, l959).

i. Report. Arkansas Basin Development Association. "America's Riches Undeveloped Valley."

j. Newspaper clippings. Clippings from Daily Oklahoman, McAlester News Capital, Poteau News, and Tulsa Daily World.

k. Bulletin. Red River Valley Association. Re: New Omnibus Rivers and Harbors and Flood Control Bills. (June 3, l958).

l. Map. "Little River Arkansas and Oklahoma Projects Considered." (August, 1951).

m. Map. "Navigation and Water Supply Studies." (March, 1955).

n. Map. "Red River and Adjacent Watersheds." (April 10, 1957).

F 47B: Dams: Denison and Red River (1959).

a. Correspondence.

b. List. Re: mailing list for public hearing.

F 48: Dams: Enid Reservoir (1959).


F 49: Dams: Eufaula (1959).

a. Correspondence. Re: proposed relocation of U.S. Highway 69 in the Eufaula Dam project area.

b. Newspaper clipping. Clippings from: Daily Oklahoman, McAlester Democrat, McAlester News-Capital, and Tulsa World.

c. Map. Re: U.S. Highway 69 and M-K-T Railroad.

F 50: Dams: Fourche-Maline (1959).

a. Correspondence.

b. Article. Oklahoma Wildlife. "Multiple Use Aim Stressed." (July-August, l959).

c. Newspaper clipping. Clippings from Latimer County News Tribune, McAlester News Capital, and Wilburton News Tribune.

F 51: Dams: General (1959).

a. Correspondence. Correspondents include Quentin Burdick and Don Short.

b. Resolutions. National Rural Electric Cooperative Association. (September l7-18, l959).

c. Newspaper clippings. Re: Dam projects.

d. Resolutions. National Reclamation Association. (November l9-21, 1958).

e. Resolution. Oklahoma House and Senate. (March 9, l959).

f. Charts. Re: various dam projects and appropriations for these projects. (September 29, l959).

F 52: Dams: General (1959).

a. Book. Division of Water Resources: Oklahoma Planning and Resource Board. Chemical Character of Surface Waters of Oklahoma 1953-1954.

b. Book. Oklahoma Water Resources Board. Hydrologic and Physical Data For Sandstone Creek Watershed in Western Oklahoma 1951-1956.

F 53: Dams: Grand River (1959).


F 54: Dams: Kaw Dam (1959).

a. Correspondence.

b. Resolution. Board of Commissioners of Ponca City. (April l0, l959).

c. Booklet. Kaw Dam and Reservoir Development Association. "Data For Feasibility Report of U.S. Corps of Engineers." (April 24, l959).

F 55: Dams: Keystone Reservoir (1959).

a. Statistics.

b. Newspaper clipping. "And the Figures Are Still Phony." Oklahoma City Times. (November 4, l959).

F 56: Dams: Lake Texoma (1959).

a. Correspondence.

b. Newspaper clipping. "Texas Hurries Road to Link Willis Bridge." Daily Oklahoma. (November 22, l959).

c. Newspaper clippings. "Keeping in Step." Durant Daily Democrat. (November 9, l959).

F 57: Dams: Little River (1959).

a. Correspondence. Gillham Reservoir.

b. Resolution. Little River Valley Improvement Association. (April 13, l959).

c. Newspaper clipping. "Resolution Asks Funds For Upstream Reservoirs." Idabel Gazette. (April 30, l959).

F 58: Dams: Lukfata Reservoir (1959).


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