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Box 15: Dams: Markham Ferry (1959) - Oklahoma State Highway Department (1959)

F 1: Dams: Markham Ferry (1959).

a. Correspondence.

b. Resolution. Board of City Commissioners of the City of Sallisaw. (July 7, l959).

c. Press Release. Oklahoma Power User Association. "Contract Award Called Risky by Power Use Group." (January 12, l959).

d. Newspaper clipping. "An Open Letter to Congressman Ed Edmondson." Grove Sun. (July 2, l959).

e. Newspaper. Miami Daily News. (June l5, l959).

f. Newspaper. Tulsa Tribune. (June l6, l956).

F 2: Dams: Millwood (1959).

a. Fact sheet. Re: Eagle Gorge Dam. (Map included).

b. Newspaper clipping. "Where We Stand On Our Upstream Dams."

F 3: Dams: Oologah (1959).

a. Correspondence. Re: various topic dealing with Oolagah dams.

b. Map. Re: Oologah Dam and Reservoir Verdigris River, Oklahoma.

F 4: Dams: Pine Creek Reservoir (1959).

a. Correspondence.

b. Newspaper clipping. "Where We Stand On Our Upstream Dams." McCurtain Gazette. (January l7, l959).

c. Newspaper clipping. "More Upstream Dam Funds to Be Requested." Idabel Gazette. (April ll, l959).

d. Newspaper clipping. "l,500 Hear of Plans for County Dams." (October 1, l959).

F 5: Dams: Salt Fork Dam (1959).

a. Correspondence.

b. Newspaper clipping. "3 Counties Push Salt fork Dam" and "Three Counties Send Representatives To Salt Fork Dam Meeting Wednesday. (March 5, l959).

F 6: Dams: Simon-Bayou Creek (1959).

a. Correspondence.

b. Newspaper clipping. "Bayou Watershed Directors Named." Daily Ardmoreite. (April 30, l959).

F 7: Dams: Upper Clear Boggy Creek Watershed (1959).

a. Agenda. Subcommittee on Watershed Development. (August 20, l959).

b. Notice. Re: meeting of Subcommittee on Watershed development. (August l7, l959).

c. Report. Soil Conservation Service. Re: Subcommittee on Watershed Development. (August 20, l959).

F 8: Democratic Convention (1959).

a. Correspondence. Re: Seating plan of Los Angeles Memorial Sports Arena. (Seating chart included).

b. Editorial. Oklahoma Television Corporation KWTV. Re: Senator Mike Monroney running for president. (October 8, l959).

F 9: Democratic State Central Committee (1959).

a. Correspondence. Re: various business of Democratic Central Committee of Oklahoma.

b. Bulletin. State Democratic Central Committee. "Oklahoma Democratic News." (April l6, l959).

F 10: Democratic National Committee (1959).

a. Correspondence. Re: various business of Democratic National Committee.

b. Press Release. Democratic Advisory Council. Re: President's l960 Budget. (Statement included).

c. Report. Democratic National Committee. "Dispelling the Fog."

d. List. Re: names and addresses of New York State Democratic Congressional Delegation. (January l959).

e. Pamphlet. The Advisory Council of the Democratic National Committee. "The Military Forces We Need and How to Get Them."

f. Newspaper clipping. "Debate on Defense" by Walter Lippman. Re: Democratic Advisory Council's pamphlet on Defense. (n.s;n.d.).

F 11: Democratic Party (1959).

Newspaper clippings. McAlester News Capital. (November l959).

F 12: Deputy Whips (1959).

F 13: District Office (1959).

a. Correspondence. Re: various business of District Office.

b. Notes. Re: calls, schedules, and materials needed.

F 14: Eastern A and M College (1959).

F 15: Edmondson, Cong. Ed (1959).

Schedule. Re: Second District Reports of Ed Edmondson.

F 16: European Trip (1959).

a. Correspondence.

b. Press Release. "Agriculture Committee Members to Discuss Trade Expansion with European Countries."

c. Report. "Spain as a Market and Competitor for U.S. Agriculture." (October l6, l956).

d. Pamphlet. U.S. Department of Agriculture Foreign Agriculture Foreign Agriculture Service. "Spain-Changes in Agricultural Production and Trade."

e. Postcard. Re: Heidelberg, Germany.

f. Invitations. Re: overseas events.

g. Press Release. Waterways of Europe. (December l0, l959).

F 17: European Trip (1959).

a. Schedule.

b. Notes. Re: Israel Agricultural Situation.

c. Data. Re: Economic Assistance to Israel. (June l7, l959).

d. List. Re: U.S. Economic Programs in Spain.

e. Newspaper clippings. Newspapers include Davis News, Hartshorne Sun, McAlester Democrat, McAlester News-Capital.

f. Report. Re: France economic system.

F 18: Ewing, Cortez A. M. (1959).

Correspondence. Re: salaries of the assistants to the Congressmen.

F 19: Flag Commission (1959).

Correspondence. Re: design for new flag.

F 20: Foreign Affairs (1959).

a. Newspaper clipping. "Oil Imports Spell Ruin' - Edmondson." (November 9, l959).

b. Newspaper clipping. "Governor Calls For Cut in U. S. Oil Importation." McAlester News Capital. (November 9, l959).

F 21: Fort Sill (1959).

a. Correspondence. Re: the proposed Fort Sill Expansion.

b. Newspaper clipping. "Defense Impact." Lawton Constitution - Morning Press. (January 25, l959).

c. Newspaper clipping. Kiowa County Star-Review.

d. Newspaper clipping. Re: the proposed Fort Sill expansion.

e. Press release. Re: to proposed Fort Sill expansion. (September l3, l959).

f. Newspaper clippings (reprint). "Newest Well Extends Field and Finds New Oil Horizon" and "New Pay Formation Revise Oil Field Estimate Upward." Kiowa County Star-Review. (April, l958).

F 22: Gallaudet College (1959).

Booklet. Re: Gallaudet College.

F 23: Gallery Chemical Co. (1959).

a. Newspaper clipping. "Air Fuel Cutback Scored in House." New York Times. (August 27, l959).

b. Newspaper clipping. "Prober Say Pentagon Air Fuel Hunt Flushed $200 Million Down Drain."

c. Press Release. (August l2, l959).

F 24: George Washington Library (1959).

Memorandum. Re: mailed material.

F 25: Home Work Racket (1959).

a. Correspondence.

b. Article. "How to Beat The `Homework' Racquet." American Legion Magazine. (June, l957).

c. Application. Re: advertisements in Hobbies Magazine.

d. Newspaper clipping. "Extra Job at Home Can Prove Costly." Denver Post. (August l3, l959).

e. Advertisements (clippings).

F 26: Inflation (1959).

a. Correspondence. Re: various opinions on inflation.

b. Press Release. Chester Bowles, M.C. "Sustained Economic Growth: Key to A Dynamic America." (June 29, l959).

c. Newspaper clipping. "Wasteful Spending." (April 3, l959).

F 27: Jones Academy (1952-1959).

a. Correspondence. Re: various business of Jones Academy. (l952-l957).

b. Newspaper clipping. "Indian at Jones Academy To Attend Public Schools At Hartshorne Next Fall." McAlester News-Capital. (June 27, l952).

c. Rough draft. Re: proposed consolidation of the Wheelock School and the Jones Academy.

d. Report. Inter-tribal Council of the Five Civilized Tribes. (April 29, l955).

e. Report. Muskogee Area Office. "Structural Defects in Dormitory Building and Dining Hall and Kitchen Caused By the Age of the Building. (December l, l959).

f. Newspaper clipping. "New Dormitory to Be Built At Jones Academy." McAlester News Capital. (October l0, l959).

g. Newspaper clippings.

F 28: Kappa Alpha (1959).

Correspondence. Re: recommendation with regard to Kappa Alpha.

F 29: Kiamichi Electric Cooperative (1959).

Correspondence. Re: application for electric service.

F 30A: KWTV Editorials (1959).

Editorials. Oklahoma Television Corporation: KWTV Editorial. Re: various topics. (1959).

F 30B: Lake of the Arbuckles (1959).

Correspondence. Re: appropriations for Lake of the Arbuckles.

F 31: Lake Murray (1959).

Newspaper clipping. "Lake Murray Chapel Plan Is Approved." Daily Ardmoreite. (November l2, l959).

F 32: Lake Texoma (1959).

a. Correspondence. Re: convention at Lake Texoma Lodge.

b. Newspaper clipping. "Jerdie Clay Is Terrific Fore caster." Durant Daily Democrat. (January 22, l959).

c. Newspaper clipping. "Texoma Lodge Makes Big Hit With Oil People At Convention."

d. Booklet. Lake Texoma Association. "The Fun Spot of the Southwest Lake Texoma."

F 33: Library of Congress (1959).

a. Correspondence. Re: book check out.

b. List. The Library of Congress Personnel Division. Re: employment opportunities.

F 34: Lists (1959).

a. Correspondence.

b. Newspaper clipping (reprint). "Cigar Chomper 71 Battles For Retired Civil Employees." Evening Star. (July l5, l958).

c. List. Re: members of the Red River Valley Rural Electrical Association.

d. Booklet. Library Extension Division. "Annual Report and Directory of Libraries in Oklahoma."

e. Newspaper clippings. Re: various lists.

f. List. Re: retired civil employees. (Employees from Atoka, Bryan, Carter, Johnson, Latimer, Leflore, McCurtain, Pittsburg, Pushmataha counties).

g. Newspaper clipping. Re: list of city teachers. McAlester News Capital. (August l2, l959).

F 35: Majority Whip Office (1959).

Correspondence. Re: l961 Budget Estimates and duties for the Office of the Majority Whip . (1959).

F 36: Masonry (1959).

F 37: McAlester Chamber of Commerce (1959).

a. Correspondence. Re: membership plaque and membership card.

b. Report. McAlester Chamber of Commerce. Re: program of work l959.

F 38: Metric System (1959).

a. Correspondence.

b. Report. William E. Bullock. "The Metric System and the Summit Conference. "

F 39: Miscellaneous, A-G (1959).

a. Correspondence. Re: various topics. Correspondents include Chester Bowles and Edith Green.

b. Newspaper clipping. "New Minister is announced For Church of Christ."

c. Newspaper clipping. "Retired Engineer Found Dead Here." (May 7, l959).

d. Directory. Re: membership of The Food Group of Washington, D.C.

e. Article (reprint). "Cheating the Cities." Architectural Forum. (September, l959).

f. Article (reprint). "Protecting the Public Purse." Journal of Accountancy.

g. Memorandum. Polish American Congress, Inc. Re: facts pertaining to the present Situation in Poland.

h. Newspaper clipping. "Fairview Baptists Get New Pastor On Sunday."

i. Cartoon. "Grin and Bear It." Re: Presidency.

j. Newspaper clipping. "Calvary Baptist to Dedicate New Building Here Sunday."

k. Article. "The Methodist Challenge." Re: Nation. (January l959).

l. Flyer. Science Service. Re: functions of Science Service.

m. Booklet. Science Clubs of America. "Honors Group in the 18th Annual Science Talent Search for the Westinghouse Science Scholarship and Awards.

n. Newspaper clipping. "Apprentice Group Marks National Electrical Week." (February 4, l959).

o. Newspaper clipping. "Garages plan to School Master Auto Mechanic."

p. Newspaper clipping. "Assistant Priest is Named for St. Mary's Church." McAlester News-Capital.

q. Flyer. Oregon Centennial Commission. "Oregon Centennial Exposition and International Trade Fair 1959."

F 40: Miscellaneous, H-R (1959).

a. Correspondence. Re: various topics. Correspondents include Helen Keller.

b. Press release. E.V. Harrison. "Law and Shysters."

c. Press release. E.V. Harrison. "Arbitration."

d. Newspaper clipping. Re: New Minister of St. James Episcopal Church of Antlers.

e. Report. American Finance Conference, Inc. "Economic Dictatorship in Automobile Financing."

f. Newspaper clipping. "9 Faculty Members Added At SSC. Durant Daily Democrat. (July 24, l959).

g. Article. "How Progressive in Our Tax System." Readings in Current Economics.

h. Newspaper clipping. "4 New Ministers Assuming Duties in City Churches." Talihina American.

i. Newspaper clipping. "Pastor Named at Marietta." Daily Admoreite.

j. Magazine. "Store Clerk Becomes Chairman of the Board." Re: Syl Goldman. The Oklahoman Publisher.

k. Newspaper clipping. "Charles Pope is New Methodist Minister."

l. Newspaper clipping. "Calvary Church Welcomes New Pastor Sunday." Sulphur Times - Democrat. (August l3, l959).

m. Flyer. Goodyear. Re: Nationwide Soil Conservation.

n. Program. Re: Histadrut Humanitarian Award. Winners of 1959 were David Dubinsky and Jacob S. Potofsky.

F 41: Miscellaneous, S-Z (1959).

a. Correspondence. Re: various topics. Correspondents include Victor Wickersham.

b. Newspaper clipping. "Rev. Lonnie Smith New Pastor Here." Madill Record. (July 23, l959).

c. Newspaper clipping. "Mrs. Stewart Is Being Treated in Mercy Hospital." Antlers American.

d. Reprint. Re: advertisements about the Public Service Company of Oklahoma. Newsweek. (March 23 and 30, l959).

e. Newspaper clipping. "L. C. Turner Is New Pastor For Central Baptist."

f. Resolution. Department of Oklahoma of the Reserve Officers Association of the United States. (June 20, l959).

g. Resolution. Indiana Council of Churches.

h. Newspaper clipping. "Music Minister at First Baptist." McCurtain Gazette.

i. Newspaper clipping. "Stigler Teacher Joins Staff At Eastern A and M. McAlester News Capital. (July l7, l959).

j. Newspaper clipping. "Albert To Be Busy During Last Two Weeks of `Vacation.'" (December 5, l959).

k. Resolution. Ernest Albright. Re: investigation into "The Honky Tonk and Beer Racket In Oklahoma." (April 7, l959).

l. Report. Raymond E. Manning (Library of Congress Senior Specialist in Taxation and Fiscal Policy). "Cost of U.S. Wars." (October l956).

m. Newspaper clipping. "An Emphatic `Amen'" by John M. Virden. Washington Post. Re: proposed memorial to James Madison. (July 8, l959).

n. Newsletter. Independent Editorial Services, LTD. (October 14, l959).

F 42: Moore, Preston (National Legion Commander) (1959).

a. Correspondence. Re: Oklahoma State Society Dinner.

b. Speech. Preston J. Moore. Re: veterans. (March 3, l959).

c. Introductions. National Public Relations Division, The American Legion. Re: suggested introduction of Preston J. Moore.

d. Biography. National Public Relations Division. Re: Preston J. Moore.

e. Excerpt. Congressional Record-Appendix. (March 9, l959).

f. Press Release. Congressman Carl Albert's office. Re: Veterans' Reunion. (March 12, l959).

F 43: National Defense Education Act (1959).

Correspondence. Re: National Science Institute.

F 44: National Democratic Committee (1959).

a. Correspondence. Re: various business. Correspondents include Paul M. Butler, John W. McCormack, Clem Miller, Joseph M. Montoya, John E. Moss, Barrett O'Hara, Scott W. Lucas, Frank Chelf, Otto Passman, and Robert C. Byrd.

b. Report. The Democratic National Committee. "The Truman Diamond Jubilee." (May 8, 1959).

c. Press Release. Publicity Division. democratic National Committee. (March l8, l959).

d. Memorandum. Kenneth M. Birkhead, Democratic National Committee. (June l6, l959).

e. Script. "Celebrity Parade." (July 5, l959).

f. Flyer. Democratic National Committee Women of the States and Territories. Re: The Democratic Woman of the Year.

g. Newspaper clipping. "Where There's Life..." (July l5, l959). Washington Post.

h. Newspaper clipping (reprint). "Kentuckians In House Rap Butter; Chelf Call for Him to Resign." The Louisville Times. (July 7, l959).

i. Resolution. Democratic members of the United States House of Representatives from Oklahoma. (July l4, l959).

j. Newspaper clipping. "Sooners Stand With Leaders Against Butler. Daily Oklahoman. (July l5, l959).

k. Press release. Scott W. Lucas. (Former United States Senator for Illinois). (July 20, l959).

l. Press release. Publicity Division Democratic National Committee. (April 6, l959).

m. Press release. Publicity Division-Democratic National Committee. (May 6, l959).

n. Press release. Carl Albert. (March 26, l959).

o. Magazine. Democratic Digest. (July l959).

p. Magazine. Democratic Digest. (June l959).

F 45: National Farmers Union (1959).

Correspondence. Re: various business National Farmers Union.

F 46: National Polio Foundation (1959).

a. Correspondence. Re: 1960 Polio Poster Girl.

b. Newspaper clipping. "`I'll Be A Ballerina,' Polio Victim Say."

c. Newspaper clipping. "Polio Shot For Only $1 Saturday."

F 47: National Science Foundation (1959).

Book. National Science Foundation 9th Annual Report, 1959.

F 48: Nepotism (1959).

a. Correspondence.

b. Report. Toby Morris. "Your Congressman Toby Morris Reports." (March l959).

c. Newspaper clipping. "Taking Care of The Kinfolks." Daily Oklahoman. (April l2, l959).

d. Newspaper clipping. "Consanguinity." Tulsa Daily World.

F 49: Newspapers (1959).

a. Correspondence. Re: sale of the Healdton and Wilson Newspapers.

b. Newspaper. Healdton Herald. (April 23, l959).

F 50: Office Memos and Business (1959).

a. Correspondence. Re: various topic.

b. Memos. Re: various topics including Internal Revenue Code of 1951.

c. Clipping. Re: McAlester City Directory, 1959.

d. Schedule. Re: Albert's fall schedule, 1959.

e. Press release. Carl Albert. Re: transfer of Ardmore Air Force Base to City of Ardmore, Ok. (n.d.).

f. Press Release. Carl Albert. Re: Carl Albert's schedule of his tour of the Third District. (October 9, 1959).

F 51: Office Memos and Business (1959).

a. Correspondence. Re: various topics.

b. Memos. Re: various topics.

c. Bibliography. Library of Congress. Re: the Christian Foundations of American Democracy.

F 52: Office Memos and Business (1959).

F 53: Oil (1959).

a. Correspondence. Re: The Petroleum Situation.

b. Excerpt from "The Petroleum Situation." Chase Manhattan Bank. (July l959).

F 54: Oklahoma Congressional Delegation (1959).

Correspondence. Re: Ed Edmondson resigns as head of delegation.

F 55: Oklahoma Corporation Commission (1959).

a. Correspondence. Re: Oklahoma Automatic Telephone Company.

b. Telephone Conversation. Re: Oklahoma Automatic Telephone Company.

c. Newspaper. "The Vote of the People." Durant Daily Democrat. (March 2, l959).

F 56: Oklahoma Delegation (1959).

F 57: Oklahoma Department of Commerce and Industry (1959).

a. Correspondence. Re: freight rates. (Correspondents include John Jarman).

b. Newsletter. Department of Commerce and Industry. "Oklahoma Economic Development News." (June, l959).

c. Newspaper clipping. "Capitol Forces Work to Save Sooner Plants." The Daily Oklahoman. (October 30, l959).

d. Newspaper clipping. "State Chemical Plant Must Bid for Fuel Work." The Daily Oklahoman. (October 29, l959).

e. Newspaper clipping. "Important Oil, Gas Discoveries Seen For Area." McAlester News-Capital. (November 5, l959).

f. Newspaper clipping. "Gas Is Struck Near Haywood." McAlester News-Capital. (November 5, l959).

F 58: Oklahoma Development Council (1959).

a. Newspaper clipping. "State's Fine Place to Invest Money, Eastern Financiers Report." The Daily Oklahoman. (November l4, l959).

b. Newspaper clipping. "City Is Picked As Site For New Industry." McAlester News-Capital. (October 1, l959).

c. Newspaper clipping. "McAlester Utilities Parley Set." Oklahoma City Times. (October l5, l959).

F 59: Oklahoma: Employment Security Commission (1959).

a. Bulletins. Oklahoma State Employment Security Commission. Re: employment opportunities. (June, July, and September, l959).

b. Flyer. Oklahoma Governor's Committee on Employment of the Handicapped. Re: Essay Contest.

c. Booklets. Oklahoma Employment Security Commission. (February, June, and July, l959).

F 60: Oklahoma: General (1959).

a. Correspondence. Re: various topics. Correspondents include George Nigh.

b. Map. Re: Oklahoma State Highway.

c. Booklet. "Oklahoma!"

F 61: Oklahoma Military Department (1959).

Correspondence. Re: the future of the 137th Air Defense Wing under the realignment project.

F 62: Oklahoma: Office of Governor (l959).

Correspondence. Re: various business of the Office of Governor. Correspondents include J. Howard Edmondson.

F 63: Oklahoma Repeal Question (Prohibition) (1959).

a. Correspondence. Re: opinions on the Oklahoma Repeal Question.

b. Report. Reverend David F. Krick. "Arrested Bootleggers."

F 64: Oklahoma State Board for Vocational Education (1959).

Bulletin. Oklahoma State Board for Vocational Rehabilitation. "The Sign Post." (October, 1959).

F 65: Oklahoma State Highway Commission (1959).

a. Correspondence. Re: Bridge project on Highway 76.

b. Memorandum. Ed Edmondson.

c. Newspaper clipping. Re: various highway project. (Clippings for Antlers America, Daily Ardmoriete, Daily Oklahoman, McAlester Democrat, and McAlester News-Capital).

d. Telephone Call. Roy Dodd. Re: Application for Highway 69 as interstate.

F 66: Oklahoma State Highway Department (1959).

a. Report. Re: relocation of Highway - Oolagah Key stone, and Eufaula Reservoir.

b. Flyers. American Association of State Highway officials. Re: topic. (July 1, l940 and August l4, l957).

c. Article. "The Story of the U.S. Numbered Highway System."

d. Report. U.S. Route Numbering Committee. Re: proposed highway projects. (June 26, l958).

e. Newspaper clippings. Re: Proposed highway projects. (Newspapers include Daily Ardmoreite, Daily Oklahoman, Durant Daily, McAlester Democrat, and McAlester News-Capital.

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