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Box 16: Oklahoma State Legislature (1959) - Dams: Eufaula (1960)

F 1: Oklahoma State Legislature (1959).

a. Booklet. Constitution of the State of Oklahoma. (1957).

b. Resolutions. Oklahoma House and Senate.

F 2: Oklahoma State Legislature (1959).

a. Bulletin. Associated Industries of Oklahoma. "Oklahoma State Legislative Bulletin. Re: Senate and House Activities of l959).

b. Newspaper clipping (reprint). "The Editor and the Commission Hassle." Tulsa Tribune. (January l7- February 3, l959).

F 3: Oklahoma State Society (1959).

a. Correspondence. Re: various business of Oklahoma State Society.

b. Lists. Re: Names and Addresses of members of the Oklahoma State Society.

F 4: Oklahoma State Soil Conservation Board (1959).

a. Correspondence. Re: watershed projects.

b. Report. Re: small watershed project of Oklahoma, under Public Law 566.

F 5: Oklahoma Tax Commission (1959).

a. Photograph. Re: State Insurance Commissioner and Staff.

b. Report. Oklahoma Business New Company. "Oklahoma Insurance Reporter." (January l7, l959).

c. Map. Oklahoma Tax commission. Re: percent of increase of decrease of sales tax collections by counties for the month of October, l959.

d. Report. Oklahoma Tax commission. Re: Sales taxes collected by Oklahoma counties for September l959 sales.

F 6: Oratorical Contest (1959).

a. Correspondence. Re: Carl Albert Oratorical Contest.

b. Newspaper clippings. "Wilburton Student is Top Orator," and "Sideswipes." (April 3, l959).

c. Speech. Jim Beard. "Disarmament." (March 27, l959).

d. Speech. Jim McKay. "Original Oratory."

e. Speech. Rafael Chagin. "The Decisions America Make in World Affairs."

F 7: Patronage (1959).


F 8: Personal, A-H (1959).

a. Correspondence. Re: various topic. Correspondents include Joseph A. Brandt, Norman J. Futor, Leonard Gardner, Brook Hays.

b. Newspaper clipping. "Joseph A. Brandt Improving After Ulcer Operation." Daily Oklahoman. Re: Joseph A. Brandt, former University of Oklahoma president. (March 3, l959).

c. Brochure. Re: Automobile Insurance Rates.

F 9: Personal, I-R (1959).

a. Correspondence. Re: Various topics. Correspondents include George Nigh, Eleanor Roosevelt, and Julian Rothbaum.

b. List. Re: members of the McAlester Lions Club.

F 10: Personal, S-Z (1959).

a. Correspondence. Re: various topics. Correspondents include George Howard Wilson and Leo Winters.

b. Memorandum. Re: Rhodes Scholarship Trust.

c. Cartoon. The Daily Oklahoman. Re: Party Whip. (n.d.).

d. Newspaper clipping. "School to be Named for Grant Foreman." Muskogee Daily Phoenix. Re: Grant Foreman. (April 21, l959).

e. Newspaper clipping. "Old Woodville Is Loaded With Picturesque History" and "Office Plush but Solons Broke." Durant Daily Democrat. Re: Women of Territorial Oklahoma and Congressional spending. (n.d.).

f. Newspaper page. "Excerpts From Diary Relate Territorial Days in County." The Madill Record. Re: women in Territorial Oklahoma. (April 23, l959).

F 11: Personal: Army Reserves (CCOG) (1959).

a. Notices. Re: meetings of the Congressional Command and Operation Group.

b. Speech by Maxwell D. Taylor. "Improving Our Capabilities for Limited War." (December 8, l958).

c. Memorandum. Re: Limited War.

F 12: Personal: District (1959).

a. Correspondence. Re: various topics. Correspondents include J. Howard Edmondson and J.G. Puterbaugh.

b. Newspaper clipping. "New Oil Public Affairs Post Created." The Oil and Gas Journal. Re: Joe T. Dickerson.(September l4, l959).

c. Article. "Checkers, Anyone?" Re: Checkers champion, Robert Hayes. (n.s;n.d.).

F 13: Personal: European Trip (1959).

Correspondence. Re: Committee on Agriculture tour of Europe.

F 14: Personal: Political (1959).

Correspondence. Re: various topics.

F 15: Phone Calls (1959).

a. Correspondence. Re: Army discharge case.

b. Memos. Re: various telephone calls.

F 16: Power Marketing Policies (1959).

a. Correspondence.

b. Resolution. Advisory Committee on Power for the Southwest. (September 24, l959).

F 17: Presidential Candidates (1959).

Correspondence. Re: Opinions on the possibilities of a Catholic President.

F 18: Press Releases: Democrats (1959).

a. Correspondence. Re: press releases.

b. Press Release. Hubert H. Humphrey. "Victory's Challenge." (December l3, l958).

c. Press Release. Lyndon B. Johnson. Re: the future of the Democratic party. (January 7, l959).

F 19: Press Releases and Statements (1959).

a. Press Releases. Carl Albert. Re: farm program, waterways of Europe, and various dinners.

b. Statement. Carl Albert. Re: Agricultural research.

c. Press Release. Carl Albert. Re: proposed Coal Research and Development Commission. (October 22, l959).

F 20: Priddy, M. W. (1959).

Correspondence. Re: daily occurrences in McAlester, Oklahoma.

F 21: Publicity (1959).

a. Correspondence. Re: various topics.

b. Statements. Carl Albert. Re: Education.

c. Statement. National Education Association. Re: Federal support for education proposals.

d. Bulletin. Governor's committee on Employment of the Physically Handicapped. Re: 1960 National Essay Contest.

e. Flyer. Governor's Committee on Employment of the Physically Handicapped.

f. Newspaper clipping. "Carl Albert's Schedule Shows Him Busy While at Home As Well as When He Serves as Congress' Democratic Whip." McAlester News-Capital. (October 15, l959).

g. Newspaper clipping. McAlester News-Capital. Re: Albert with Boy Scout. (February l6, l959).

h. News clipping (copy). Mr. and Mrs. Albert meet Sophie Tucker at the anniversary of statehood of Israel.

F 22: Puterbaugh, J.G. (1959).

a. Correspondence. Re: steel strike and commencement speech.

b. Editorial (reprint). "Public's Stake in Steel." New York Times. (May l4, l959).

c. Speech. J.G. Puterbaugh. Re: life after college. (June 4, l959).

d. Announcement. J.G. Puterbaugh. Re: Auction. (October 7, l959).

F 23: Radio and TV Scripts (1959).

a. Correspondence. Re: appearance on the Voice of America broadcasts, labor reform, legislation, and foreign affairs.

b. List. Re: questions for Voice of America radio recording.

c. Newspaper clipping. "The Billion for Defense." New York Times. (December 30, l958).

d. Newspaper clipping. "U.S. Reappraises its Foreign Aid." New York Times. (December 7, l959).

e. Newspaper clipping. "Hill Defense Critics Hint Budget Fight." Washington Post. (January 6, l959).

F 24: Rayburn, Sam (1959).

a. Correspondence. Re: Sam Rayburn Day in Sherman, Texas.

b. Statement. Carl Albert. Sam Rayburn Day in Sherman, Texas.

c. Newspaper clipping. "Sam Rayburn Gets `Hometown' Salute Today." (December 30, 1959).

d. Newspaper clipping. "Peace Hopes slip? Rayburn Fears So." Daily Oklahoman. (December 30, l959).

e. Newspaper clippings. Sherman Democrat and Daily Oklahoman. (1960).

f. Statement. Congressional Record. (Carl Albert). Re: Sam Rayburn Day.

F 25: Rothbaum, Julian (1959).

a. Correspondence. Re: various topics.

b. Newspaper clipping. "Davis Is Elated as Bill Passes." Re: self-financing bill for the Tennessee Valley Authority. Commercial Appeal. (May 8, l959).

c. Newspaper clipping. "GOP Losses, Demo Rulers Kill Coalition." Tulsa Tribune. Re: loss of Republican power in House of Representatives. (May 25, l959).

F 26: Reserve Officers Legislative Committee (1959).

a. Correspondence. Re: Carl Albert membership in the Reserve Officers Legislative Committee.

b. Memorandum. Office of the Secretary of the Army. Re: Resumption in January l959 of Weekly Training Assemblies.

c. Schedule. Re: Instruction for U.S. Army Congressional Command and Operations Group.

d. Record. Re: Individual Performance of Inactive Duty Training.(August 15, l959).

F 27: Sandburg on Lincoln (1959).

a. Correspondence. Re: translation of Carl Sandburg's oration on Abraham Lincoln.

b. Speech. Carl Sandburg. Re: Abraham Lincoln. (February l2, l959).

c. Excerpt. (House of Representatives). Congressional Record. Re: Carl Sandburg's speech on Abraham Lincoln. (February l2, l959).

F 28: Schedules (1959).

a. Schedules. Re: Carl Albert's schedule.

b. Press release. Re: Albert's schedule of visits to the Third District. (Oct.1, 8, and Dec.10, 1959).

c. Calendar. October - December, 1959.

F 29: Sergeant at Arms (1959).

a. Correspondence. Re: parking spaces.

b. List. House Building commission. Re: rules for Operation of New Garage.

F 30: Steel Strike (1959).

Correspondence. Re: opinion of Steel Strike.

F 31: Surplus Property (1959).

Correspondence. Request for surplus equipment.

F 32: Symington, Stuart (1959).

a. Correspondence.

b. Article. "Stuart Symington - The Man of the Year." (December 28, l958).

F 33: Telephone Chart (1959).

a. Correspondence.

b. Chart. Thomas J. Lank. (Clerk of Minority Room). Re: telephone numbers and addresses of members of the House of Representatives.

F 34: Third District (1959).

a. Correspondence. Re: Congratulations.

b. List. Re: Names and addresses of members of the House.

c. List. Re: Newspapers in their District.

d. List. Re: Towns in Third Districts.

F 35: Unidentified Flying Objects (1959).

a. Correspondence. Re: information request on unidentified flying objects.

b. Newsletter. National Investigations Committee on Aerial Phenomena. Re: published statements on Unidentified Flying Objects.

c. Newspaper clipping. "Mysterious Flying Object Sighted By Airline Pilots Over Pacific." Arizona Daily Star. (July ll, l959).

d. Newsletter. National Investigations Committee on Aerial Phenomena. "The U.F.O. Investigator." (June, l959).

e. Form. National Investigations Committee On Aerial Phenomena. Re: questions regarding the sighting of U.F.O.'s.

f. Bulletin. National Investigation Committees on Aerial Phenomena. Re: newspaper clipping of U.F.O.`s. (February l3, l959).

F 36: University of Oklahoma (1959).

Correspondence. Re: University of Oklahoma Research Park as the Site for The National Institute for Atmospheric Research.

F 37: University of Oklahoma: Alumni Development Fund (1959).

a. Correspondence. Re: contributions to the University of Oklahoma.

b. List. Re: people to be asked for contributions.

c. Bulletins. Oklahoma University-Alumni Development Fund. Re: contributions.

d. Bulletin. Oklahoma University-Alumni Development Fund. Re: Duties of a Class Representative.

e. Booklet. Oklahoma University-Alumni Development Fund. "All-Star Performance."

f. Bulletin. University of Oklahoma. "l958 Honor Roll of contributors."

F 38: Votes on Legislative Issues - 86th Congress. (1959).

a. Correspondence. Re: information about 86th Congress. Correspondents include Alexander Pirnie.

b. Notes. Re: Votes on Legislative Issues 86th Congress.

F 39: Voting Record: Carl Albert (1959).

F 40: Whip Office (1959).

Memorandum. Re: duties of the Secretary in the Whip Office.

F 41: Young Democrats (1959).

a. Correspondence. Re: various business of Young Democrats.

b. Resolution. National Committee of the Young Democratic Clubs of America. Re: Home Rule for the District of Columbia. (April, l959).

c. Newsletter. Young Democratic Clubs. Re: various topics of the Young Democrats. (n.d.).

d. Fact Sheets. Young Democratic Clubs of America. Re: Republican Record on Inflation Budget -- Balancing and Economic Growth.

e. Booklet. Young Democratic Clubs of America. "10th Biennial Convention of the Young Democratic Clubs of America."

F 42: Albert, Carl: Remarks in Congressional Record (1960).

a. Correspondence. Re: Congressional Record.

b. Statement. Congressional Record. "You're Doing Fine!" Re: Oklahoma's contribution to the Nation's space achievements. (August 23, l960).

c. Statement. Congressional Record. "The Thing That counts." Re: Oklahoma district winner Kenneth Wolfe's winning speech. (January 13, 1960).

d. Statement. Congressional Record. Honorable J. Floyd Breeding. "Foreign Exports in Trouble." Re: U.S. agricultural exports to Western Europe. (February 4, l960).

e. Statement. Congressional Record. "The President's Farm Message." Re: wheat bill. (February 9, l960).

f. Statement. Congressional Record. "In God We Trust." Re: Presentation of a plague saying "In God We Trust" by the people of Durant, Oklahoma. (February l0, l960).

g. Statement. Congressional Record. "Durum Wheat Production in Tule Lake Area, California." Re: two year extension of bill (S.623). (February l5, l960).

h. Statement. Congressional Record. "Your Fight in Congress: An Address by Honorable Carl Albert." Re: 25th year of Rural Electrification of America. (March l, l960).

i. Statement. Congressional Record. Re: House Resolution465.(March 3, l960).

j. Statement. Congressional Record. Re: Farm Income. (March 7, l960).

k. Statement. Congressional Record. Re: Honorable J. Kirwan receiving an honorary degree form Oklahoma City University. (March 28, l960).

l. Statement. Congressional Record. Re: the death of Russell V. Mack. (March 28, l960).

m. Statement. Congressional Record. "Mission and Responsibilities of the U.S. Army Command and General Staff College." Re: education at U.S. Army command and General Staff College. (March 29, l960).

n. Statement. Congressional Record. Re: the ratings of Air Force officers. (March 30, l960).

o. Statement. Congressional Record. "Silver Anniversary of Rural Electrification." (May ll, l960).

p. Statement. Congressional Record. Re: flood control project. (June l, l960).

q. Newspaper clipping. Hugo Southeast Oklahoman. "He Deserves Compliments." Re: appreciation of Sam Rayburn. (December 31, 1959).

r. Statement. Re: Sam Rayburn Day in Sherman, Texas.

s. Newspaper clipping. Re: Sam Rayburn.

F 43: Albert, Carl, M.C.: Statements (1960).

a. Correspondence. Re: Congress and its function.

b. Statement. Re: H.R.l226l Farm Surplus Reduction Act of l960.

c. Statement. Re: appropriations request for the water development and flood control in the Red River Basin. (April 25, l960).

d. Statement. Re: public use facilities on Lake Texoma. (April 25, l960).

F 44: Appreciation, A-H (1960).

Correspondence. Correspondents include David A. Burr.

F 45: Appreciation, I-R (1960).

Correspondence. Correspondents include Julian J. Rothbaum.

F 46: Appreciation, S-Z (1960).

a. Correspondence.

b. Clipping. "Keep This Team Working." Altus Times-Democrat. Re: Oklahoma delegation and seniority.

F 47: Architect of the Capitol (1960).

Correspondence. Re: new car washing service for Member of House of Representatives and photographs.

F 48: Ardmore Language School (1960).

a. Correspondence.

b. Form. United States Department of Justice/Immigration and Naturalization Service. Re: Petition to classify Status of Alien for Issuance of Immigrant Visa.

c. Newspaper clipping. "Speaking to Friend." New York Times. (March ll, l960).

F 49: Arkansas Basin Development Association (1960).

a. Correspondence. Re: speech on water resource program and Senator Robert S. Kerr.

b. Newsletter. The Arkansas Basin Development Association, Inc. Re: various business of the Arkansas Basin Development Association. (February 27, l960).

c. Schedule. Re: Arkansas Basin Development Association.

d. Booklet. New York State Waterways, Inc. "New York Waterways." (January-February, l960).

F 50: Arkansas-White-Red Basins Inter-Agency Committee (1960).

Agenda. Re: Twenty-eighth Meeting Arkansas White-Red Basins Inter-Agency Committee. (March 22-24, l960).

F 51: Boy Scouts of America (1960).

a. Correspondence. Re: various business of the Boy Scouts.

b. Newspaper clipping. "Ardmore Scout Due To Receive Award. (February 7, l960).

c. Card. Re: membership to the Choctaw Area Council.

d. Newspaper clipping. "Gary Given Silver Beaver Scout Award." Daily Ardmoreite. (April 21, l960).

e. Newspaper clipping. "Albert To Head New Plans For Scouting Work." Poteau News. (October 6, l960).

f. Newspaper clipping. "`Together' Dinner is Scheduled By Boy Scout Council." McAlester News-Capital.

g. Newspaper clipping. "The Scoutmaster." McAlester News-Capital. (February l0, l960).

h. Photograph. Re: Carl Albert at Boy Scout Dinner. (See Photo archives).

F 52: Colleagues: 86th Congress (1960).

a. Correspondence. Re: various topics. Colleagues include: William H. Avery, Chester W. Bowles, J. Floyd Breeding, Charlie Brown, Emanuel Celler, Charles E. Chamberlain, Jeffery Cohelan, Carl T. Durham, Gerald T. Flynn, Aime F. Forand, Martha W. Griffiths, Julia Butler Hansen, Denver D. Hargis, Vance Hartke, F. Edward Herbert, Ken Hechler, , Daniel K. Inouye, D. Thomas Iorio, Harold T. Johnson, Lester Johnson, John F. Kennedy, Robert S. Kerr, John W. McCormack, John J. McFall, D. R. Matthews, Mike Monroney, Toby Morris, James G. O'Hara, Sam Rayburn, Hicks Epton, Ralph J. Rivers, George E. Shipley, Wint Smith, Strom Thurmond, Clark W. Thompson, William M. Tuck, Lowell Turner, Basil L. Whitener, John Bell Williams, Bob Wilson and Lyndon B. Johnson).

b. Photograph. The Daily Ardmoreite. Re: plaque saying "In God We Trust"presented to the Washington, D.C. Post Office. (February l8, l960).

c. Photograph. Long Island Sunday Press. Re: picture of Mr. Albert and Sophie Tucker. (August 28, l960).

d. Biography. Re: A. Everette MacIntyre.

e. Newspaper clipping. "S. H. Thompson U.S. Ex-Official." (April 14, l960).

f. Flyer. McAlester News-Capital. Re: free cup of coffee.

g. List. Ralph R. Roberts, Clerk of the House of Representatives. Re: names and residences of the members of the House of Representatives. (February 3, l960).

h. Newspaper clipping. "Morris Bursts Into Song With Little Coaxing." Daily Oklahoman. (March 7, l960).

i. Newspaper clipping. "Jarman Wants Candidates To Give Oil Views." Daily Oklahoman. (March 13, l960).

j. Newspaper clipping. "Ohio's Kirwan Honored Here." Daily Oklahoman. (March 26, l960).

k. Newspaper clipping. "Sooner Democrats Asked to Assist in Other States." Daily Oklahoman. (n.d.).

l. Newspaper clipping. "Representative Tom Steed Kalamazoo Hero." Daily Oklahoman. (April 25, l960).

m. Newspaper clipping. "For Better Questionnaires." Tulsa Tribune. (March l0, l960).

n. Newspaper clipping. "Kerr Denies Anti - Edmondson Plot." Tulsa World. (March ll, l960).

o. Newspaper clipping. "Ike Gets Big Charge Out of Belcher's Demo Jibe." Tulsa World. (April 8, l960).

p. Newspaper clipping. "Congressman Will Re-Offer Aid Measure." (April l4, l960).

q. Newspaper clipping. "`Impartial Mike' Has One Candidate to Go." Tulsa Tribune. Re: Political activities of the Oklahoma Congressional delegation. (March 30, l960).

r. Newspaper clipping. Tulsa World. Re: birth of Ed Edmondson's son, Brian. (n.d.).

F 53: Congressional Record (1960).

List. Re: names and addresses of those Mr. Albert requested to be sent the Congressional Record.

F 54: Congressional Vote Statistics (1960).

a. Booklet. Benjamin J. Roberts (Clerk of the House of Representatives). "Statistics of the Presidential and Congressional Election of November 8, l960).

b. Book. Republic Congressional Committee. 1960 Congressional Vote Statistics.

F 55: Cooperative Marketing of Farm Produce (1960).

Speech. Re: cooperative marketing of grain.

F 56: Cowboy Hall of Fame (1960).

Newspaper clipping. "Marshal Is Voted Into Cowboy Hall." Daily Oklahoman. (February 2, l960).

F 57: Crackpot File (1960).

Correspondence. Re: request for driver's license and opinions on government affairs.

F 58: Democrat Midwest Conference (1960).

a. Correspondence.

b. Flyer. (September 16-18, l960).

c. Lists. Democratic National Congressional Committee. Re: party nominees for various states.

F 59: Dams: Arkansas River Basin (1960).

a. Correspondence. Correspondents include Dennis Chavez.

b. Resolution. Committee on Public Works of the United States Senate. (April l3, l960).

c. Newspaper clippings. (Clippings from Daily Oklahoman, McAlester News-Capital, Tulsa Tribune, and The Tulsa World.

d. Newsletter. The Arkansas Basin Development Association, Inc. (January 23, March l7, and April 27, l960).

e. Map. U.S. Army Engineer District, Little Rock. Re: Arkansas River and Tributaries.

f. Flyer. Arkansas Basin Development Association, Inc. Re: Officers, Directors, Committees and Resolutions of the Arkansas Basin Development Association, Inc.

g. Excerpt (reprint). "Oklahoma's Doing Fine for Motoring Tourists." Congressional Record. (May 17, l960). By Robert S. Kerr.

h. Excerpt (reprint). "Oklahoma's Future Waterborne." Congressional Record. (July 2, l959). By Robert S. Kerr.

F 60: Dams: Arkansas-White-Red Basins Inter-Agency Committee (1960).

a. Correspondence. Re: Recreation Study group of Arkansas-White-Red Basins Inter-Agency Committee.

b. Minutes. Re: meeting of Recreation Study Group of the Arkansas-White-Red Basins Inter-Agency Committee. (March 23-24, April 25, May 4, l960).

c. Agenda. Re: Arkansas-White-Basins Inter-Agency Committee. (July 12-14, l960).

F 61: Dams: Blue River (1960).

a. Press Release. Carl Albert and Tom Steed. Re: the approval of the Upper Blue River small watershed project.

b. Newspaper clipping. "River Planning Aid Approved." Daily Oklahoman. (April 28, l960).

c. Newspaper clipping. "Flood Control Meeting At Tishomingo." Durant Daily Democrat. (March 22, l960).

d. Newspaper clipping. "Blue Flood Control Meeting at Milburn. (May 24, l960).

e. Newspaper clipping. "Flood Control Money Available, Albert Says." Durant Daily Democrat.(May 31, l960).

f. Newspaper clipping. "Public Flood Control Meeting Saturday to Feature Free Barbecue, Albert as Speaker. Tishomingo Johnston County Capital-Democrat. (May 26, l960).

g. Newspaper clipping. "Albert Promises Federal Aid for Blue Flood Work."Tishomingo Johnston County Capital-Democrat. (June 2, l960).

F 62: Dams: Boswell Reservoir (1960).

a. Correspondence.

b. Maps. Re: Watershed Protection and Flood Prevention Progress.

F 63: Dams: Broken Bow Reservoir (1960).

a. Correspondence.

b. List. Re: names and addresses of those invited to the Broken Bow Water Resources Meeting. (December 30, l959).

c. Resolution. Oklahoma Water Resources Board. (January l2, l960).

d. Memorandum. Re: Flood Control Act. (November 24, l960).

e. Manuals. Corps of Engineers; U.S. Army. Re: Water Resources Policies and Authorities. (March 5, l959).

f. Statement. Dr. Lloyd E. Church. (January l2, l960).

g. Resolution. Oklahoma Water Resources Board. Re: Flood Control Act of l958. (January l2, l960).

h. Newspaper clipping. "House Passes $500,000 Construction Funds For Broken Bow Reservoir." Broken Bow News. (September 1, l960).

i. Newspaper clipping. "Senate Group Approves cash for State Dams." Daily Oklahoman. (June 30, l960).

j. Newspaper clipping. "$500,000 Each is Asked For Broken Bow, Millwood Reservoirs." The Hugo Daily. (April 26, l960).

k. Newspaper clipping. "Delegation To Seed Funds For Broken Box Dam." Idabel Gazette. (March 23, l960).

l. Newspaper clipping. "Prospects Bright For Getting Broken Bow Dam funds." McCurtain Gazette. (April 6, l960).

m. Newspaper clipping. "County Dams Get Funds in Senate bill. McCurtain Gazette. (July l8, l959).

n. Newspaper clipping. "House Passes Funds For Dam." McCurtain Gazette. (August 31, l960).

o. Newspaper clipping."Group Asks Broken Bow Dam Funds." Tulsa World. (April 5, l960).

p. Excerpt. Re: Statistics on Broken Bow Reservoir. Public Works Appropriation, Part 1.

F 64: Dams: Denison-Red River (1960).

a. Correspondence.

b. Statement. The Lake Texoma Association Oklahoma and Texas. Re: request for a $500,000 Appropriation for Public Use Facilities on the Denison Dam and Reservoir on Red River. (April 4, l960).

c. Report. Analyst in Conservation and Natural Resources; Natural Resources Division. Re: Authorized Flood Control Act l946 with modifications in later acts. (April 8, l960).

d. Statistics. Re: Red River and Tributaries in Oklahoma. (September 29, l959).

e. Statement. State of Louisiana, Department of Public Work. Re: Flood control Red River Below Denison Dam. (April, l960).

f. List. Re: Red River Basin Witnesses appearing before the sub-committee on Appropriations for public works of the House of Representatives.

g. Statement. Denison, Texas Chamber of Commerce. Re: $150,000 appropriation for the control of natural mineral pollution of the Red River.

F 65: Dams: Eufaula (1960).

a. Correspondence. Re: various aspects of the Eufaula Reservoir. Correspondents include Wilbur D. Mills and James W. Trimble.

b. Flyer. U.S. Army Engineer District, Tulsa Corps of Engineers. Re: Arkansas River and Tributaries. (Map included).

c. Petition. Citizens of Crowder and Canadian, Pittsburg County, Oklahoma. (March l9, l960).

d. Newspaper clippings. Re: various business of Eufaula Dams. (Clippings from The Daily Oklahoman, Hartshorne Sun, McAlester Democrat, and McAlester News-Capital.

e. Report. Lake Eufaula Development association. Re: election of officers.

f. Telephone call. Re: various business of Eufaula Dams.

g. Report. Corps of Engineers. Re: construction on the Eufaula Reservoir. (September 8, l960).

h. Report. Re: statistics on Eufaula Reservoir.

i. Press Release. U.S. Army Engineer District, Tulsa, Corps of Engineers.(December 27, l959).

j. Draft. Re: President's Budget for the Corps of Engineers and The Bureau of Reclamation projects.

k. Map. Re: Eufaula Dam and reservoir.

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