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Box 17: Dams: Eufaula (1960) - Miscellaneous, A-G (1960)

F 1: Dams: Eufaula (1960).

a. Correspondence. Re: various aspects of the Eufaula Dam.

b. Flyer. Re: book review of Gladston Emery's Court of the Damned. McAlester Democrat.

c. Map. Corps of Engineers. Re: Eufaula Reservoir, Canadian River and Tributaries in Oklahoma. (March 7, l960).

d. Minutes. Re: meeting between McAlester City Council and U. S. Army Corps of Engineers Meeting.

e. Newspaper clipping. "Engineers to Study Effect of Reservoir on City Water." McAlester News-Capital. (January l9, l960).

f. Report. U.S. Engineers, Tulsa. Re: survey and Investigation on the Raw Water Supply Line McAlester, Oklahoma. (Outline included).

g. Map. Corps of Engineers, U.S. Army, Tulsa. Re: Eufaula Dam and Reservoir. (January l0, l956).

h. Newspaper clipping. "Value of Dam Land Set At $126,124.83." Muskogee Daily Phoenix. (April 9, l960).

i. Newspaper clipping. "Association In Harmony On Navigation, Relocations." McAlester News-Capital. (March l2, l960).

j. Report. Corps of Engineers. U.S. Army. Re: review of Betterment Agreements, Eufaula and Keystone Reservoir. (April 26, 2960).

k. Press release. Carl Albert. Re: president's budget message with regard to the Eufaula Dam project.

l. Summary. Re: highway relocation problem.

m. Proposed amendment. Re: Federal-aid projects relating to highway.

n. Newspaper clippings. Re: various aspects of the Lake Eufaula Dam Project. (Clippings from Daily Oklahoma, McAlester Democrat, McAlester News-Capital, Tulsa Tribune, Tulsa World, and Wilson Post Democrat).

o. Map. Re: Eufaula Dam and Reservoir Area.

F 2: Dams: Fourche Maline (1960).

a. Correspondence.

b. Resolution. Committee on Public Works of the House of Representatives. Re: Watershed Protection and Flood Prevention. (August 25, l960).

c. Memo.

d. Memo. Re: telephone call about Fourche Maline Work Plan.

e. Newspaper clipping. "Another Study of Wilburton's Loss Promised." McAlester News-Capital. (June 28, l960).

f. Newspaper clipping. "Buying of Lake Site Approved By Wilburton." McAlester News-Capital. (July l4, l960).

g. Newspaper clipping. "Wilburton Man Re-Elected to Office." McAlester News-Capital. (July l3, l960).

h. Memo. Re: telephone call regarding various business.

i. Newspaper clipping. "Program For Fourche Maline Watershed Near Completion." Wilburton News-Tribune. (February ll, l960).

j. Newspaper clipping. "Planning Party Completes Survey on Fourche Maline." Wilburton News-Tribune. (March l0, l960).

F 3: Dams: General (1960).

a. Correspondence. Re: Keystone Dam and Reservoir and the Fourteenth Annual Midwestern States Flood Control and Water Resources Conference.

b. Notice. Corps of Engineers of U.S. Army Engineer District, Tulsa. Re: public hearing regarding the Keystone Dam and Reservoir. (August 8, l960).

c. Report. Corps of Engineers of U.S. Army Engineer District, Tulsa. Re: recreational development and reservoir management at Keystone Dam and Reservoir. (August l960). (Map included).

d. List. Corps of Engineers of U.S. Army Engineer District, Tulsa. Re: mailing list for notice of Public hearing concerning a plan for reservoir development and management at Keystone Dam and Reservoir. (September 7, l960).

e. Article. "Is Water Farming's Weakest Link?" Farm and Ranch. (April 1960).

f. Chart. Re: various dam projects and appropriations for the projects. (May 20, l960).

g. Memo. Re: Provisions of Public Works Appropriation Bill passed. (August l0, l960).

h. Newspaper clipping. Re: various dam projects. (Clippings from Antler [American]?, The Daily Oklahoman, McAlester News-Capital, McCurtain Gazette, Tulsa Tribune, Tulsa World, and Wilburton News Tribune.

i. Booklet. Re: Fourteenth Midwestern States Flood Control and Water Resource Conference. (June 25-26, l960).

j. Speech. Brigadier General William Whipple. "Study of Structural Means of Quality Improvement." (March 22-24, l960).

F 4: Dams: Hugo Reservoir (1960).

a. Correspondence. Correspondents include Robert Kerr.

b. Statement. Committee of Water resources of the Choctaw County Chamber of Commerce, Hugo, Oklahoma.

c. Press release. Re: President's budget for the Corps of Engineers and Bureau of Reclamation projects.

d. Resolution. Choctaw County Chamber of Commerce and Pushmataha County Chamber of Commerce. (March 9, l961).

e. Resolution. Choctaw County Chamber of Commerce and the Pushmataha County Chamber of Commerce. (March l959).

f. Form. Howard W. Penney. Re: Hugo Survey report. (November 23, l960).

g. Report. Corps of Engineers. Re: Status of Hugo Reservoir. (September 8, l960).

h. Newspaper clipping. "Water Meet Held Here Wednesday." Hugo Daily News. (October 1, l959).

i. Newspaper clipping. "Albert Paid Tribute At Hugo Conference." McAlester News-Capital. (October 1, l959).

j. Memo.

F 5-9: Dams: Kaw Reservoir (1960).

a. Correspondence. Re: opinions on the Kaw Reservoir project.

b. Appeal.

F 10: Dams: Norman (Little River) (1960).

a. Correspondence.

b. Newspaper clippings. (Daily Admoreite, Daily Oklahoman, and Tulsa Tribune.)

F 11: Dams: Oologah (1960).

Newspaper clipping. "Land Owners Blast Offers As Ridiculous." Daily Oklahoman. (May l7, l960).

F 12: Democratic Central Committee of Oklahoma (1960).

a. Correspondence. Re: various business of the Democratic Central Committee of Oklahoma.

b. Record. Re: l960 Election Score Sheet. The Healdton Herald.

c. List. Re: names and addresses of those attending a coffee for Kennedy.

d. Oath. Re: oath of office of the Democrat Central Committee.

e. Resolution. Re: Democratic Central Committee of Oklahoma. (March l9, l960).

f. Memo. Re: telephone conversation inviting John F. Kennedy to fund raising dinner.

g. Newspaper clippings. Re: various topics. (Clippings from Daily Oklahoman, Durant Democrat, The Hugo Daily News, McAlester News-Capital, Poteau News, and Tulsa Tribune.)

h. Advertisement. "Declaration of Independence." Hugo Daily News. (February l9, l960).

F 13: Democratic Convention (1960).

a. Lists. Re: Names and addresses of the Chairmen, Co-Chairmen, and Secretary-Treasurers of the Fourth, Fifth and Sixth Congressional Districts.

b. Newspaper clippings. (Clippings from Atoka County Times, Daily Ardmoreite, Durant Democrat, Johnston County Capital-Democrat, McAlester News-Capital, McCurtain Gazette, Poteau News, and Sulphur Times-Democrat.

c. Newspaper clipping. "McGill Wins Landslide..." Tulsa Daily World. (February 21, l960).

F 14: Democratic Digest (1960).

Magazines. Democratic Digest. (May, June, September, October, November, December, l960).

F 15: Democratic Midwest Conference (1960).


F 16A: Democratic National Committee (1960).

a. Correspondence. Re: various business of Democratic National Committee.

b. Flyer. Senior Citizens League of Oklahoma, Inc. Re: Federal Social Security Payments.

c. Newspaper clippings (reprints). Re: clippings from various newspapers regarding l960 presidential election.

d. List. Re: Congressional endorsers of the opposition the seating of Communist China in the United Nations. (June 7, l960).

e. Flyer. Re: The Committee of One Million. "Keep Red China Out of the U.N." (August, l956).

f. Newspaper clipping. "Rayburn and Johnson Call Shots for Demos." Daily Ardmoreite. (December l0, l959).

g. Newspaper clipping. "Georgia Gish Announces For National Democratic Committee Woman Post. Hobart Democrat-Chief. (March 22, l960).

h. Article. "What Laws Do We Most Need?" New York Times Magazine. (April 10, l960).

i. Newspaper clipping. "Nomination of Adlai Is Seen By Monroney." Tulsa Tribune. (April l0, l960).

j. Excerpt (reprint). Re: "Security With Solvency." Congressional Record. Joseph S. Clark. (January l3, l960).

k. Memo. Re: Corrections of the New York State Demo Democratic Congressional Sheet Of January, l959. (January l9, l960).

l. Report. Re: l9 Primary timetable. Democratic National Congressional Committee.

m. Memo. Re: Convention Seating and Housing for State Delegation. Paul M. Butler.

n. Statistics. Democratic National Committee state quotas.

o. Resolution. Re: call for the l960 Democratic National Convention. (January l5, l960). (Report included regarding distribution of convention votes).

p. Report. Democratic National Congressional Committee. Re: Marginal Districts l952-58.

q. Report. Democratic National Congressional Committee. Re: Party Nominees for Different States. (May l9, l960).

r. Memo. Democratic National Committee. Re: Eleanor Roosevelt's appearance in Oklahoma. (October 6, l960).

s. Magazine. Democratic Digest. (April and February, l960).

t. Brochures. The Democratic Committee. "Leadership for the Sixties: Democratic Campaign Kit."

u. Booklet. "The Democratic National Committee." "The l960 Democratic Fact Book."

F 16B: Democratic National Committee (1960).

a. Correspondence. Re: Democratic Congressional Campaign Fund, Democratic Congressional Dinner Committee. Correspondents include Walter Arnote and Julian J. Rothbaum.

b. Booklet. Re: Marginal Democratic Congressional Districts, 1952-1958.

F 17: Democratic National Congressional Committee (1960).

Correspondence. Re: Voting record of Congress. Included is booklet of voting record. Correspondents include Michael J. Kirwan.

F 18: District Office: Memos (1960).

Topics include opening the office and scheduling appointments.

F 19: Eastern Oklahoma A and M (1960).

a. Correspondence. Re: surplus equipment, photographs and information on long-range housing program.

b. Personal Courtesy Card. Eastern Oklahoma A and M. Re: admission and entertainment and athletic events (1960-61).

c. Newspaper clipping. "Housing Plan Is Started At Eastern A and M." McAlester News-Capital. (September 9, l960).

d. Newspaper clipping. "Long-Range Student Housing Gets Underway at A and M." (May 26, l960).

e. Press Release. Housing and Home Finance Agency-Community Facilities Administration. Re: loan to Eastern Oklahoma A and M for housing. (February 26, l960).

F 20: Electoral College (1960).

a. Correspondence. Re: abolition of the Electoral College.

b. Petition. Re: residents of the State of Oklahoma. Re: abolition of the Electoral College.

c. Booklet. Mollie Z. Margolin-Legislative Attorney. American Law Division. "The Library of Congress: Legislative Reference Service." (December 21, l960).

F 21: Fair Trade Legislation (1960).


F 22: Flag Commission (1960).

Correspondence. Re: request for flag.

F 23: Folding Room (1960).

a. Post cards. Office of the Superintendent Folding room. Re: book distributions.

b. Statement. Folding Room-House of Representatives. Re: account of book distribution. (August 22, l960).

c. Resolution. Submitted by Mr. Burleson of Texas. Re: a list of publications which are to be disposed of in accordance with House Concurrent Resolution No. 691. (August 18, l960).

F 24: Hall of Fame of Great Americans (1960).

a. Correspondence. Re: nomination of Jefferson Davis to the Hall of Fame for Great Americans.

b. Flyer. Re: The Hall of Fame For Great Americans.

c. Acknowledgment. Re: Carl Albert's endorsement of the nomination of Jefferson Davis into the Hall of Fame for Great Americans.

F 25: House Office Building (Third) (1960).

a. Memorandum. Architect of the Capital. (March 1, l960).

b. Statement. Re: additional House Office Building. (October, l959).

F 26: Industry in Oklahoma: Ardmore (1960).

a. Correspondence. Re: Big Chief Roofing Company.

b. Newspaper clippings. Re: Big Chief Roofing Company. Clippings from Daily Ardmoreite.

F 27: Inflation (1960).

a. Correspondence. Re: opinions on Inflation.

b. Article. "A Way Of Death." Life Lines. (February 5, l960).

c. Booklet. Oklahoma Public Expenditure Council. "You Can Help Stop This Inflation."

d. Newspaper clipping. "Steed Backs bill to Trim Debt of U. S." Daily Oklahoman. (April l3, l960).

e. Newspaper clipping. "Where Worry Isn't Enough." (January 29, l960).

F 28: Jones Academy (1960).

a. Correspondence. Re: Jones Academy dormitory project. Correspondents include Michael J. Kirwan.

b. Statement. Consulting Engineers Council. Re: private of Public Engineering. (April 8, l960).

c. Statistics. Re: Interior and related agencies appropriation (l961).

d. Newspaper clipping. "Yeats Is Elected To Presidency of Hartshorne of C. McAlester News-Capital. (January 6, l960).

e. Newspaper clipping. "Senate Approves $368,000 For Dormitory at Academy." Hartshorne Sun. (March 31, l960).

f. Newspaper clipping. "Funds for Jones Academy Are Asked by Albert." McAlester News-Capital. (February 5, l960).

g. Newspaper clipping. "Jones Academy Funds Approved In Senate Action." McAlester News-Capital. (March 26, l960).

h. Newspaper clipping. "Two Oklahoma Projects due Federal Aid." Tulsa World. (March l8, l960).

i. Statement. Re: Jones Academy Dormitory project. (February 4, l960).

j. Memos. Re: telephone calls.

F 29: Labor (1960).

a. Correspondence. Re: management allegation of "Featherbedding" by railroad workers, miscellaneous.

b. Fact sheet. Railway Labor Executives' Association. (January l960).

c. Article (reprint). "Featherbedding on the Railroads." America. (January 2, l960).

F 30: Lake of the Arbuckles (1960).

Correspondence. Re: feasibility report on the Lake of the Arbuckles.

F 31: Lake Texoma (1960).

a. Correspondence. Re: commercial concession operators at Lake Texoma. Correspondents include Robert S. Kerr, Page Belcher, and Toby Morris.

b. List. Re: names and addresses of individuals requesting privilege of purchasing land of Lake Texoma.

c. Newspaper clipping. "Resort boosters Facing Obstacle." Daily Oklahoman. (March 14, l960).

d. Public Law. Re: topic. (Public Law 88-494, 85th Congress, H.R. 4683). (July 2, l958).

e. Lease. Re: land at Lake Texoma. (June l0, l958).

f. Lease. Re: Lease of United States Property for commercial purposes in Denison Reservoir Area.

g. Policy. Corp. of Engineers. Re: leases.

h. Statistics. Willow Springs Resort, Inc. Re: financial aspects of Willow Springs Resort, Inc. (December 3l, l960).

i. Newspaper clippings. Re: various aspects of Lake Texoma. (Clippings from the Daily Ardmoreite, Daily Oklahoman, Denison Herald, Durant Democrat, McAlester News-Capital, Madill Record, and Tulsa World).

F 32: Lake Texoma (1960).

a. Correspondence. Re: commercial concessions operators at Lake Texoma. Correspondents include Sam Rayburn.

b. Regulations. "code of Federal Regulation." Re: leases for cottage sites under Title 33, Section 211. 77.

c. Public Law. Re: topic. (Public Law 999-84th Congress, Chapter 987-2d Session, H.R. ll702).

d. Maps. Re: Marshall County.

e. Bulletin. Madill Chamber of Commerce. "Lake Texoma Land Tourist Dollar.

f. Newsletter. Madill Chamber of Commerce. Re: topic. (September 28, l960).

g. Newspaper clipping. "Ike Park Marina Seen Immediately. (May 23, l960).

h. Newspaper clippings. Re: various aspects of Lake Texoma. Clippings from Durant Democrat, McAlester Democrat, and Tulsa Daily World.

i. Statement. Carl Albert. Re: development of the Red River area.

j. Statement. Carl Albert. Re: introduction of a bill which would evaluate recreational benefit resulting from construction of any flood control, navigation, or reclamation project an integral part of project planning.

k. Summary. Re: concessioner's position on lease rights. (April 8, l960).

F 33: Lake Texoma Association (1960).

a. Correspondence. Re: various aspects of the Lake Texoma Association. Correspondents include Raymond Gary.

b. Newspaper clippings. Re: various aspects of the Lake Texoma Association. (Clippings from Denison Press, Durant Democrat, and the Madill Record).

c. Speech. Colonel Howard Penney. Re: new Concession leasing policies. (October 14, l960).

d. Speech. Carl Albert. Re: Lake Texoma area as recreation center. (March l2, l960).

F 34: Lists (l960).

a. Correspondence. Re: Lists of Counties of Oklahoma and members of various organizations.

b. Newspaper clippings. "Department of Oklahoma Officers, 59-60. Oklahoma Combat Veteran. (April, l960).

c. Newspaper clipping. Daily Oklahoman. Re: List of Graduates of Oklahoma State University. (May 22, l960).

d. Newspaper clipping. Tulsa Daily World. Re: List of graduates of Northeastern State College. (May 22, l960).

e. Newspaper clipping. Daily Oklahoman. Re: list of Graduates of University of Oklahoma and Oklahoma State University. (August 7, l960).

F 35: Little, Reuel (1960).

Correspondence. Re: use of tree injection to kill trees.

F 36: Lobbying Act Report Forms (1960).

F 37: Masonry (1960).

a. Correspondence.

b. Newspaper clipping. "Local Knight Named Grand Commander." (April 28, l960).

F 38: McAlester: Chamber of Commerce (1960).

a. Correspondence. Re: additional air route to and from McAlester and membership card to the McAlester Chamber of Commerce.

b. Newspaper clipping. "Seamprufe Employs 560." McAlester Democrat. (February 4, l960).

F 39: Mershan Committee on Education in National Security (1960).

F 40: Miscellaneous, A-G (1960).

a. Correspondence. Re: various topics. Correspondents include Jack P. F. Gremillion.

b. Flyer. "Lew Cass Christian Missionary to Brazil, S. A."

c. Statement. Seabury Stanton. Re: Textile Inter-Agency Committee.

d. Statement. J.M. Cheatham. Re: Textile Inter-Agency Committee.

e. Article (reprint). "Kennedy for President?" Human Events. (June 2, l960).

f. Newsletter. "Driver Education News." (June, l960).

g. Resolution. Lutheran's Laymen's League. Re: Immorality, Violence and Bad Taste in Pictures, Programs and Publications. (July 9-13, l960).

h. Summary. Re: annual charges and Benefits allocated by Separable Costs-Remaining Benefits Method of Broken Bow Reservoir.

i. Booklet. Choctaw Electric Co-Operative. "The First Twenty Years."

j. Article (reprint). "On Call to a Nation." Journal of the Oklahoma State Medical Association. (August, l960).

k. Newsletter. U.S. Department of Health, Education, and Welfare; Public Health Service; Division of Indian Health. "Talking Leaves." (January and February, l960).

l. Court case. Re: U.S. v. Louisiana et al, No. l0566; Bush, et al v. Orleans Parish School Board, et al, No. 3630; Williams, et al v. Governor Jimmie H. Davis, et al, No. 10329.

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