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Box 19: Albert. Remarks in Congressional Record (1961) - Democratic State Central Committee (1961)

F 1: Albert: Remarks in Congressional Record (1961).

a. Correspondence. Re: various topics. Correspondents include Tom Steed.

b. Remarks. Congressional Record-Appendix. "I Wish I Were." Re: religious and philosophical poetry. (July l0, l961).

c. Newspaper clipping. "Local Girl Gets Letter From Carl Albert." Poteau Sun. (July 23, l961).

d. Remarks. "Book Were Their Tools of Trade." Congressional Record-Appendix. (July 20, 1961).

e. Remarks. "Platt National Park." Congressional Record-Appendix.

f. Remarks. "Lt. Gen. William Hall Receives ROA Hall of Fame Award." Congressional Record-Appendix. (August l, l96l).

g. Remarks. "Spahn Passes 300 Mark." Congressional Record-Appendix. (August 21, l961).

h. Remarks. "Not Just Holiday." Congressional Record- Appendix. (July l0, l96l).

i. Remarks. House Resolution 7246. Re: Wheat Program for l960 and l961.

j. Newspaper clipping. "Dedication services held at Scout Camp Tom Hale Sunday." McAlester Democrat. (July 6, l961).

k. Newspaper clipping. "Lt. Edward P. Shuller Is Killed In Plane Crash." McAlester News-Capital.

l. Remarks. "Voices." Re: the death of Lt. Edward P. Shuller. Congressional Record-Appendix. (July 17, l961).

m. Remarks. Re: speech by John F. Kennedy about arms race. (n.d.).

n. Newspaper clipping. "Foreign Aid." Washington Post. (July l0, 1961).

o. Remarks. Re: a veteran of the Spanish-American War. Congressional Record-House. (February 21, l961).

p. Remarks. "President Signs Agricultural Act of l961." Congressional Record-House. (August 8, l961).

q. Remarks. Congressional Record-House. Re: John W. McCormack.(June 8, l961).

r. Remarks. Re: address by the President of the United States to the United Nations. Congressional Record - House. (September 26, l961).

s. Remarks. "Thanks and Appreciation." Congressional Record-House. Re: Speaker of the House. (September 26, l961).

t. Remarks. Re: the death of Paul Brown. Congressional Record-House. (September 25, l961).

F 2: Albert: Remarks in Congressional Record (1961).

a. Correspondence. Re: various publications in the Congressional Record. Correspondents include Robert Kerr and Barratt O'Hara.

b. Remarks. "The Honorable Michael J. Kirwan." Congressional Record-House. (January 4, l961).

c. Remarks. Re: a happy birthday to John McCormack. Congressional Record-House. (January 6, l961).

d. Remarks. "Watershed Speech by Representative Tom Steed." Congressional Record-Appendix. (February 2, l961).

e. Remarks. "Politics in the Space Age by Eugene M. Zuckert." Congressional Record. (April l5, l96l).

f. Remarks. "Water Needs of the Nation From l980 to 2000. Congressional Record. (April 26, l961).

g. Remarks. "The Kingdom of Quiet." Congressional Record-Appendix. (May 29, l961).

h. Remarks. Congressional Record-House. Re: Sam Rayburn. (June l2, l96l).

i. Remarks. "National Water Resources." Congressional Record-Appendix. (June l3, l961).

j. Remarks. "The College Student as a Dean See's Him." Congressional Record-House. (June l5, l61).

k. Remarks. Re: Robinson-Patman Act. Congressional Record-House. (June l9, l961).

l. Remarks. "Foreign Aid: Persuasive Reason For Approval." Congressional Record-Appendix. (July l0, l961).

m. Remarks. "Reply to SBA Critic." Congressional Record-Appendix. (July l2, l961).

n. Remarks. Re: Eugene T. Kennally. Congressional Record. (July l9, l961).

o. Remarks. "Robert T. Davis, GSA Director of Legislation, Honored." Congressional Record-Appendix.

p. Remarks. Volume l07, No.125. Congressional Record- House. (July 26, l961).

q. Remarks. "The l961 Graduate of the Year." Congressional Record-Appendix. (August 2, l961).

r. Newspaper clipping. "Ace Lefthander Sets New Goals." (n.d.).

s. Article. "The Remarkable Rebirth of Our Rural Towns." Coronet Magazine. (October l959).

F 3: Appreciation, A-E (1961).

a. Correspondence. Correspondents include George L. Cross.

b. Pamphlet. Foundation for Economic Education, Inc."Introducing Horatio Bunce." Re: David Crockett and Horatio Bunce.

F 4: Appreciation, F-L (1961).

a. Correspondence. Correspondents include Carolyn Thomas Foreman and William H. Hale.

b. Newspaper. Kansas City Star (April 25, 1961).

F 5: Appreciation, M-R (1961).

a. Correspondence. Correspondents include George Nigh.

b. Summary. Apparel Industry committee on Imports. Re: Problems faced by the apparel-textile fiber industry.

c. Clipping: re photo of Sam Rayburn, Mike Mansfield, John McCormack, Carl Albert, and Hubert H. Humphrey at White House meeting. (n.s.;n.d.).

F 6: Appreciation, S-Z, 1961.

Correspondence. Correspondents include William H. Skeith, Oklahoma State AFL-CIO, American Legion-Department of Oklahoma, Earl Welch, G. Mennen Williams, and the Arkansas Basin Development Association.

F 7: Architect of the Capitol (1961).

Correspondence. Re: requests for American Flags.

F 8: Arkansas-White-Red Basins Inter-Agency Committee (1961).

a. Correspondence. Re: agenda..

b. Agenda. Re: Thirty-Third Meeting of the Arkansas- White-Red Basins Inter-Agency Committee. (January l7-l9, l961).

c. Minutes. Re: Thirty-third Meeting of the Arkansas- White-Red River Basins Inter-Agency Committee. (January l8-l9, l961).

d. Agenda. Re: Thirty-sixth Meeting. "Arkansas- White-Red Basins Inter-Agency Committee." (September l9-21, l961).

e. Report. AWRBIAC. Re: various topics. (March 29-30, l961).

f. Minutes. Re: the Thirty-fourth Meeting of the Arkansas-White-Red Basins Inter-Agency Committee. (March 29-30, l961).

F 9: Berlin: Department of State (1961).

a. Correspondence. Re: material on Berlin.

b. Index. Re: Berlin kit.

c. Booklet. Department of State. "The Soviet Note on Berlin: An Analysis. (l959).

d. Booklet. Department of State. "Berlin City Between Two Worlds." (October, l960).

e. Press Release. Department of State. (March 24, l960).

f. Address. Re: President Kennedy's Address to the Nation on His Talks in Europe. (June 6, l961).

g. Interview. Re: Hearst Interviewing Ulbricht. (June l3, l961).

h. Press Release. Re: Ulbricht holding a Berlin Press Conference. (June l3, l961).

i. Excerpt. Re: Krushchev's Report on his meeting with Kennedy. (June l5, l961).

j. Speech. Governing Mayor Willy Brandt. (June l7, l961).

k. Speech. Re: excerpts from Khrushchev's Warning on test Resumption. (June 21, l961).

l. Press Release. Re: Secretary Rusk's News Conference of June 22, l961.

m. Speech. Re: excerpt from Krushchev speech of June 24 in Alma, Ata.

n. Excerpt. Re: Press Conference No.l3 of the President of the United States. (June 28, l961).

F 10: Boy Scouts of America (1961).

Correspondence. Re: registration fee and dedication of a new Boy Scout camp.

F 11: Chambers of Commerce (1961).

a. Correspondence. Re: various business of Chamber of Commerce.

b. List. Re: Names and addresses to those invited to Oklahoma Community Development Clinic.

c. Agenda. Re: Oklahoma Community Development Clinic. (August 26, l961).

d. Sign. "McAlester Chamber of Commerce-Working l00 percent of The Time For Progress - l961."

e. Bulletin. Re: Oklahoma Congressional Dinner. (May 2, l961).

f. List. Re: mayor of Oklahoma towns. (June l961).

g. Invitation. Oklahoma Chamber of Commerce. Re: reception and dinner.

F 12: Civil Defense (1961).

a. Correspondence. Re: storage and shelter construction.

b. Booklet. Office of Civil and Defense Mobilization. "Home Protection Exercises." (December l960).

c. Booklet. Department of Defense."The Family Fallout."

d. Booklet. Office of Civil and Defense Mobilization. "Clay Masonry Family Fallout Shelters." (December l960).

e. Report. Committee On Government Operations. "New Civil Defense Program." (September 21, l961).

F 13: Colleagues, A-D (1961).

Correspondence. Re: various topics. Correspondents include E. Ross Adair, William H. Avery, Lindley Beckworth, Hale Boggs, Frank W. Boykin, J. Floyd Breeding, James A. Burke, Emanuel Celler, Charles E. Chamberlin, Frank Chelf, Emilo Q. Daddario, John Davis, Lewis Deschler, Bob Dole, William Jennings Bryan Dorn, Clyde Doyle, Leslie Arends, and John Brademas.

F 14: Colleagues, E-J (1961).

a. Correspondence. Re: various topics. Correspondents include John J. Flynt, Orville Freeman, Peter Garland, E. C. Gathings, Edith Green, G. Elliott Hagan, Harlan Hagen, James A. Haley, David M. Hall, Durward G. Hall, Julia Butler Hansen, Ralph R. Harding, Robert W. Hemphill, Frank N. Ikard, Daniel K. Inouye, Jacob K. Javits, Harold T.(Bizz) Johnson, Lester Johnson, Robert W. Kastenmeier, Lyndon B. Johnson, and Thomas Johnson.

b. Cartoon. Nashville Banner. (August 7, 1961).

c. Newspaper page. "Declaration of Independence." Holbrook Tribune News. (n.d.).

d. Booklet. "Carl Hayden Golden Anniversary Dinner." (November l7, l961).

F 15: No Longer Exists

F 16: Colleagues, K-Q (1961).

a. Correspondence. Re: various topics. Correspondents include George A. Kasem, Robert W. Kastenmeier, Eugene J. Keogh, Michael J. Kirwan, John Jarman, Tom Steed, Victor Wickersham David King, Horace R. Kornegay, Thaddeus M. Machrowicz, Catherine May, D. R. Matthews, John McCormack, John J. McFall, Jack Miller, A. S. Mike Monroney, William S. Moorhead, Thomas G. Morris, Toby Morris, John E. Moss, Abraham J. Multer, Tom Murray, Wright Patman, M. Blaine Peterson, Otis G. Pike and Roman C. Pucinski.

b. Pamphlet. Department of the Army. Re: Judge Advocate Legal Service. Concerns appointment of George Howard Wilson to the U.S. Court of Military Appeals.

c. Birth Announcement. Re: child born to David S. King. (September 5, l961).

d. Photograph. Re: Carl Albert at the funeral of Sam Rayburn. (November 18 1961). (See photo archives).

e. Newspaper clipping. "Toby Morris Gets Capitol Job Here." Daily Oklahoman. Re: Toby Morris's appointment to the state industrial court. (June 5, 1961).

F 17: Colleagues, R-Z (1961).

a. Correspondence. Re: various topics. Correspondents include Sam Rayburn, Wright Patman, Ben Reifel, George M. Rhodes, Paul G. Rogers, Walter Rogers, J. Edward Roush, William Fitts Ryan, Fernand J. St. Germain, D. S. Saund, Herman T. Schneebeli, Armistead I. Selden, Jr., Don L. Short, Hjalmar C. Nygaard, Harley O. Staggers, Edna Simpson, Robert G. Stephens, Stuart Symington, Olin Teague, Morris K. Udall, and Victor Wickersham

b. Statement. Carl Albert. Re: Silver anniversary of the Robinson-Patman Act. (Jun 19, 1961).

c. Clipping. Rayburn Calls Birch Society "Dangerous." Durant Daily Democrat. Re: John Birch Society and Sam Rayburn. (April 5, 1961).

d. Newspaper clipping. "Rayburn Doubles Record in Post." New York Times. Re: Sam Rayburn as Speaker of the House. (June 13, 1961).

e. Newspaper clipping. "Rayburn 'Fit' Despite Pain From Ailing Back." Washington Post. Re: Sam Rayburn. (August 30, 1961).

f. Newspaper clipping. "Life Span at l06 For Rayburn." (n.d.).

g. Newspaper clipping. "Washington Scene: Mr. Sam Is Raided." George Dixon. (n.d.).

h. Newspaper clipping. "House Hails Service of `Mr. Sam.'" New York Herald Tribune. (n.d.).

i. Certificate. Re: Carl Albert becoming an Honorary Citizen of South Dakota.

j. Newspaper clipping. "Roush Ruled Winner in Indiana Race." Re: Roush as winner of the congressional election in Indiana's Fifth District.

k. Newsletter. J. Edward Roush. Re: congressional election in Indiana's Fifth District. (December 3, 1960).

l. Newspaper clipping. "You Can Save America's Historical Treasurers." (n.d.).

m. Newspaper clipping. "A Freshman Congressman Stirs Washington." New York Herald Tribune. (March l7, l961).

n. Report. Otis G. Pike. "Pike's Washington Report." (n.d.).

o. Press Release. John Brademas. "Brademas Speaks at Oxford.

p. Press Release. L.C. Arends. Re: adjournment of Congress. (September l4, l961).

q. Newspaper clipping. "Texas Needs a Tall Man Again." Tulsa Tribune. (March 21, l961).

r. Memoranda. Re: various topics.

F 18: Communism (1961).

a. Correspondence. Re: opinions on Communism.

b. Article. "The Big Prison." U.S. News and World Report. (August 28, l96l).

c. Folder. Judy Granger. "Communism-Democracy's Adversary."

d. Article (excerpt). "The Communist Menace: Red Goals and Christian Ideals." Christianity Today. (October 10 and 24, November 7, l96l).

e. Booklet. J. Edgar Hoover. "One Nation's Response to Communism." (September 23, l961).

f. Booklet. J. Edgar Hoover. "The Communist Party Line." (September 23, l961).

g. Booklet. J. Edgar Hoover. "Communist Illusion and Democratic Reality." (December, l959).

h. Bulletin. Re: proclamation regarding President Kennedy being the "First Communist President of America."

i. Newspaper clipping. News-Call Bulletin. Re: City Hall Riots.

F 19: Congressional Record (1961).

a. Correspondence. Re: the delivery of the Congressional Record and the complication of the Congressional Directory.

b. Remarks (reprint). Carl Albert. Re: program of setting aside Federal Construction contracts for exclusive bidding by small business concerns. (July ll, l961).

F 20: Congressional Record: Remarks (1961).

a. Remarks. "Kennedy Expected to Back Farm Plan Nixon Spelled Out." Congressional Record-Senate. (February l6, l96l).

b. Remarks. Congressional Record-House. Re: the passing of William F. Norrell. (February l6, l96l).

c. Remarks. Congressional Record-House. (February 20, 196l).

d. Remarks. "Vice Admiral William F. Raborn, Jr.: The Father of the Polaris" by Clement J. Zablocki. Congressional Record- House. (March 21, l96l).

e. Summary. Congressional Record-Daily Digest. Re: Committee on the Judiciary. (May ll, l96l).

f. Remarks. Congressional Record-Appendix. (July l7, l96l).

g. Remarks. Congressional Record-Appendix. "Report of Senate Select Committee on National Water Resources" by Robert S. Kerr. (July l8, l961).

h. Remarks. Congressional Record-Appendix. (July 20, l961).

i. Remarks. Congressional Record - House. Re: Agriculture. (August 28, l96l).

F 21: Cuba (196l).

Correspondence. Re: opinions on the Cuban situation.

F 22: Dams: Arbuckle Project (196l).

a. Correspondence. Correspondents include Robert S. Kerr, A. S. Mike Monroney, and Wayne Aspinall.

b. Summary. Re: Waurika Reservoir. (Construction costs included).

c. Report. Department of the Interior. Re: Bill to authorize the construction of the Arbuckle Project, Oklahoma.

d. Report. Department of the Interior. (May 2, l961).

e. Brochure. Re: Platt National Park.

f. Summary. Re: Arbuckle Reservoir. (Construction costs included).

g. Newspaper clipping. "Arbuckle Lake Gets Interior Approval." Daily Ardmoreite. (June l, l961).

h. Press Release. Department of the Interior. (June 9, l961).

i. Newspaper clipping. "Governor to Seek Speedup Action on Arbuckle Lake." Davis News. (June 29, l961).

j. Memorandums. Re: various business.

F 23: Dams: Arkansas River Basin (196l).

a. Correspondence.

b. Newspaper clippings. Clippings from Daily Oklahoman, Harthshorne Sun, McAlester News-Capital, Tulsa Tribune, and Tulsa Daily World.

c. Newsletter. The Arkansas Basin Development Association, Inc. (February 25 and August l8, l96l).

d. Testimony. Glade R. Kirkpatrick for the Public Works Sub-Committees of the Senate and House of Representatives.

F 24: Dams: Boswell (1961).

a. Correspondence. Correspondents include Bob Trent.

b. Report. U.S. Army Engineer District.

c. Map. Re: Boswell Reservoir Watershed. (March, l957).

d. Resolution. The Atoka Lions Clubs. (July 21, l961).

e. Newspaper clipping. "We Want It!" Atoka Jefferson. (March 16, l961).

F 25: Dams: Broken Bow Reservoir (1961).

a. Correspondence. Correspondents include Ed Edmondson.

b. Notice. U.S. Army Engineer Division. Re: feasibility of providing facilities for production of Hydroelectric Power. (December 6, l961).

c. Report. Re: costs of Broken Bow Reservoir and the Power facilities proposed for installation. (October 7 l961).

d. Report. Re: Kiamichi River Basin. (September l8, l961).

e. Resolution. Board of Directors of the Mountain Lakes Water Districts. Re: Mountain - Lakes Water District. (n.d.).

f. Bulletin. Oklahoma Water Resources board. (December, l961).

g. Newspaper clippings. Clippings from Daily Oklahoman, McCurtain Gazette, and Idabel Gazette.

F 26: Dams: Eufaula Reservoir (1961).

a. Correspondence. Correspondents include Robert S. Kerr.

b. Newspaper clipping. "Navigation Basin Could Be Extended." Tulsa Daily World. (November l, l961).

c. Map. Corps of Engineers, U.S. Army, Tulsa District. Re: Eufaula Dam and Reservoir. (January l0, l961).

d. Resolution. Board of Trustees of the Town of Canadian. Re: the elimination of a bridge crossing Gaines Creek. (October l0, l960).

e. Map. Corps of Engineers, U.S. Army, Tulsa District. Re: relocation of U.S. Highway 69 a M-K-T Railroad. (March 31, l961).

f. Map. Corps of Engineers. U.S. Army, Tulsa District. Re: relocation of County Roads, Pittsburg County Roads.

g. Map. Re: portion of Crowder Point.

h. Petition. towns of Canadian, Indianola, and Crowder. (n.d.).

i. Map. Corps of Engineers. U.S. Army, Tulsa District. Re: Eufaula Dam and Reservoir. Public Use Areas.

j. Resolution. City of Eufaula. Re: The Development of recreation management and utilization of the reservoir area. (September 26, l961).

k. List. Corps of Engineers, U.S. Army, Tulsa. Re: Mailing List for Notice of Public Hearing Concerning a Plan for Reservoir Development and management at Eufaula Dam and Reservoir. (October 5, l960).

l. Notice. Corps of Engineers, U.S. Army, Tulsa. Re: Public Hearing (September 2, l960).

m. Information. Corps of Engineers, U.S. Army, Tulsa, Re: General Information on Recreational Development and Reservoir Management at Eufaula Dam and Reservoir. (September 2, l960).

F 27: Dams: Eufaula Reservoir (1961).

a. Newspaper clipping. Clippings from Hartshorne Sun, McAlester News-Capital, McAlester Democrat, Tulsa Daily World, and Tulsa Tribune.

b. Report. Re: Breakdown of FY 1962 Amended Budget By State.

F 28: Dams: General (1961).

a. Correspondence. Re: various business of various dams.

b. Resolution. Advisory Committee on Power for the Southwest. Re: Dam projects in various States. (May ll, l96l).

c. Booklet. "The Kinzua Dam Controversy."

d. Petition. Voters of McCurtain County. Re: the establishment of a Regional Water Distribution District. (n.d.).

e. Act. House and Senate of Oklahoma. "Regional Water Distribution District Act." (February 23, l961).

f. Booklet. Department of the Interior. Re: Canton Project, North Canadian River Basin. (August 24, l961).

g. List. Re: lists and information about various dams.

h. Lists. Re: Civil Works Appropriations Fiscal Year l962 - Budget Recommendations and Requests.

i. Rough draft. Re: Civil Works Appropriations for Dam Projects.

j. Booklet (reprint). "The Washington Water News Service." Re: summary of the news. (February 22, l961).

k. Newspaper clippings. Clippings from Atoka Indian Citizen, Daily Oklahoman, Durant Daily Democrat, Poteau News, and Tulsa World).

l. Maps. Re: "Colorado River Issue."

F 29A: Dams: Grand River Dam Authority (1961).

a. Correspondence. Re: flood losses on Little River and Glover River. List of Statistics included.

b. Receipts. Re: Flood Damages and Losses.

c. Newspaper clipping. "Cities Endorse Water Project." Daily Oklahoman (June 21, l961).

F 29B: Dams: Little River - Glover River (1961).

a. Correspondence. Re flooding of Little and Glover Rivers.

b. Clipping. Re: Little River water project.

F 30: Dams: Millwood Dam (1961).

a. Notice. Corps of Engineers, U.S. Army, Tulsa. Re: public hearing on the proposed master plan from recreational development and reservoir management Millwood Dam and Reservoir. (September 8, l961).

b. Information. Corps of Engineers, U.S. Army, Tulsa. Re: recreational development and reservoir management--Millwood Dam and Reservoir. (September 8, l961).

c. Maps. Corps of Engineers, U.S. Army, Tulsa. Re: Millwood Reservoir-Public Use Areas.

d. Information (revision). Corps of Engineers, U.S. Army, Tulsa. Re: recreational Development and reservoir management - Millwood Dam and Reservoir.

e. List. Corps of Engineers, U.S. Army, Tulsa. Re: mailing list for notice of public hearing and meeting concerning a plan for reservoir development and management and land acquisition at Millwood Reservoir. (October l0, l961).

F 31: Dams: Oologah (1961).


F 32: Dams: Red River-Denison Dam (1961).

a. Correspondence.

b. Notice. Corps of Engineers, U.S. Army, Tulsa. Re: public hearing on Main Valley of Red River. (March 20, l961).

c. List. Corps of Engineers, U.S. Army, Tulsa. Re: mailing list for notice of public hearing on Main Valley of Red River.

d. Statement. Robert S. Kerr. Re: Red River and Tributaries below Denison Dam. (April 26, l961).

F 33: Dams: Wister (1961).


F 34: Democratic Congressional Committee (1961).

Correspondence re film of Kennedy inauguration.

F 35: Democratic National Committee (1961).

a. Correspondence. Correspondents include Chester Bowles, David S. King, and John W. McCormack.

b. Flyers. Democratic National Committee. Re: President Kennedy's policies.

c. Newspaper clipping. "Tishomingo Man New Third District Democratic Chairman." McAlester News-Capital. (December 9, l96l).

d. Newspaper. Oklahoma Young Democratic Clubs. Young Democrat. (August, l961).

F 36A: Democratic National Committee (1961).

a. Newsletters. Democratic National Committee. Democrat. (July 27 and November 6, l961).

b. Summary. Democratic National Committee. Re: The First Month of Kennedy's presidency.

F 36B: Democratic Party (1961).

Correspondence. Re: Albert's opinion on being chosen Democratic Whip. Correspondents include John W. McCormack.

F 37: Democratic State Central Committee (1961).

a. Correspondence.

b. Newspaper clippings.

c. Newspaper. Oklahoma Young Democratic Club. Young Democrat. (July, l961).

d. Program. Re: Jefferson-Jackson Dinner. (April l5, l961).

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