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Box 28: Ward, Charles L.: Personal (1963) - Democratic National Convention: Platform Committee (1964)

F 1: Ward, Charles L.: Personal (1963).

a. Correspondence. Re: various topics.

b. Newspaper clipping. "Kerr Prayer Is Revealed At Funeral." (January 6, l963). (n.s.).

c. Newspaper clipping. "French Worship Draws Rose Carter. Durant Daily Democrat. (August 1, l963).

d. Article. "From the Fourth Estate." Sooner State Press. Re: Phil Dessauer. (September l4, l963).

e. Newsletter. Re: Michigan State Dental Association. (June 1, l963).

F 2: White House, A-L (1963).

a. Correspondence. Re: various topics with regard to the White House, especially the death of President John F. Kennedy. Correspondents include Lyndon B. Johnson and William J. Holloway.

b. Biography. Re: Leverett Edwards.

c. Resolution. Bible Presbyterian Synod. Re: President Kennedy and the National Council of Churches. (October l7, l963).

d. Article (reprint). "Will You Be Free to Celebrate Christmas in the Future?"

e. Press Release. White House Press Secretary. "Agreed Communique." (July 25, l963).

f. List. Re: Dinner At the White House. (January 21, l963).

F 3: White House, M-Z (1963).

a. Correspondence. Re: various topics with regard the White House, especially the death of President John F. Kennedy. Correspondents include John S. Monagan.

b. Speech. J. W. Fulbright. "Is Government By the People Possible?" (January 21, l963).

c. Certificate. Secretary of State, State of Oklahoma. Re: The National John Fitzgerald Kennedy Memorial Foundation. (November 26, l963).

d. Press Release. White House Press Secretary. Re: establishment of the President's Commission on Registration and Voting Participation. (March 30, l963).

e. Newsletter (reprint). "Task Force." (April, l963).

f. Article. Bill Berger President Texas Press Association. "The Price of Freedom."

g. Poem. Charles Stitt. "Blood on the Green." Re: John Fitzgerald Kennedy.

h. Newspaper (reprint). "Power and More Power." Tulsa World. (June 27, l963).

i. Newspaper clippings. Re: various topics. Clippings from Sunday Oklahoman and Madill Record.

F 4: Wooldridge, Dean (1963).

a. Correspondence. Re: speech given by Dean Wooldridge.

b. Speech. Dean E. Wooldridge. "The Machinery of the Brain." (November 30, l962).

F 5: Young Democrats (1963).

Correspondence. Correspondents include Ed Edmondson.

F 6: Ad Hoc Steering Committee (1964).


F 7: Albert Appreciation Dinner (1964).

a. Correspondence.

b. Newspaper clipping. "Wilson Plans Albert Dinner." Daily Ardmoreite. (December 1, l964).

c. Cartoon.

F 8: Albert: Speeches and Remarks (1964).

a. Speech. Re: Congressman Ed Willis.

b. Speech. Re: legislation of the 88th Congress.

F 9: Antlers (1964).

a. Correspondence. Re: comprehensive general study for the Town of Antlers.

b. Booklet. Oklahoma Center of Urban and Regional Studies. Re: a General Plan Study of Antlers, Oklahoma. (February, l964).

F 10: Appreciation Letters (1964).

a. Correspondence. Correspondents include Harry J.W. Belvin, Ella T. Grasso, and J. Edgar Hoover.

b. Newspaper clipping. "Sooner Backers Boosting Carl Albert for Vice President." Oklahoma City Times. (January 2, l964).

F 11: Arbuckle Dedication (1964).

Correspondence. Re: Lake of the Arbuckles ground-breaking ceremony. Correspondents include Stewart Udall.

F 12: Architect of the Capitol (1964).

Correspondence. Re: requests for flag that have been flown over the Capital.

F 13: Bellamy Award (1964).

a. Correspondence. Re: the Bellamy Award to Wausau Senior High School, Wausau Wisconsin.

b. Newspaper. "P.S. du Pont High Wins Bellamy Award." The Blue and Gray Clarion. (May l8, l964).

c. Program. Re: presentation of the National Bellamy Award in Wasau, Wisconsin. (October 9,l964).

d. Newspaper. "Bellamy Flag Flies Over Wassau High." The Skyrocket. (October 9, l964).

F 14: Boy Scouts (1964).

a. Correspondence. Re: various aspects of the Boy Scouts of America.

b. Public Law (88-41). Congress. Re: the lending of equipment of the Armed Forces to the Boy Scouts of America for use in l964 National Jamboree.

c. List. Re: l964 Jamboree Participants of the Arbuckle Area Council Delegation.

d. Schedule. Re: Jamboree Tour l964.

e. Pamphlet. "Our National Flag's House to Display and Respect It."

f. Press Release. Re: l964 Scout Jamboree.

F 15: Carl Albert Appreciation Day - Hugo, Oklahoma, and High School Reunion (1964).

a. Correspondence.

b. Newspaper clippings from the Daily Oklahoman.

c. Program. Choctaw County Chamber of Commerce. Re: Carl Albert Appreciation Day. (April l7, l964).

F 16: Carl Albert Day: McAlester, A-L (1964).


F 17: Carl Albert Day: McAlester, M-Z (1964).

a. Correspondence. Correspondents include Robert L. F. Sikes.

b. Newspaper clipping. "Representative Albert Is Lauded as One of `Great Patriots'."

c. Program. (May l4, l964).

F 18: Carl Albert Day and Smithville Post Office Dedication: McAlester, 1964

Correspondents include A. S. Mike Monroney.

F 19: Carl Albert Jr.-Sr. High School (1964).

a. Correspondence.

b. Program. Re: dedication of school. (January 12, 1964).

F 20: Colleagues, A-G (1964).

a. Correspondence. Re: various topics. Correspondents include Joseph P. Addabbo, Bruce Alger, Robert T. Ashmore, Irene B. Baker, E. L. Bartlett, Ross Bass, Birch Bayh, Charles E. Bennett, John A. Blatnik, John Brademas, James A. Burke, Jeffery Cohelan, Clarence Cannon, James Corman, Emilio Q. Daddario, John H. Dent, William Jennings Bryan Dorn, Ed Edmondson, E. L. Forrester, Don Fraser, Orville Freeman, Don Fuqua, J. Vaughan Gary, E. C. Gathings, Edith Green, and Ernest Gruening.

b. Newspaper clippings. Re: various topics. Clippings from the Columbian, Newberry Observer, Greenville News, and the Miami Herald).

c. Booklet. Re: preparation for International Careers.

d. Booklet. Ed Edmondson. Re: an address called "The Ultimate Answer." (January 19, 1964).

e Newspaper clipping. "Dorn Warns Democrats About Being Too Liberal." Gastonia Gazette. (February l6, l964).

f. Press Release. William Jennings Bryan Dorn. (November ll, l964).

F 21: Colleagues, H-M (1964).

a. Colleagues. Re: various topics. Correspondents include Charles Halleck, Julia Butler Hansen, Fred Harris, Oren Harris, Hubert H. Humphrey, Richard H. Ichord, Andrews Jacobs, Jr., Harold T. Johnson, Lester Johnson, Joe M. Kilgore, David S. King, Roland V. Libonati, John V. Lindsay, John W. McCormack, Luis Munoz Marin, Dave Martin, Spark M. Matsunaga, John S. Monagan, Joseph M. Montoya, John E. Moss, James Morrison, and Abraham J. Mutler.

b. Newspaper clipping. Re: various topics. Clippings include the Washington Post, Longview Daily News, Aberdeen World, Daily Olympian, and Charlotte Observer).

c. Flyer. Agricultural Growers Council, Inc. Re: South Texas Sweet Onions.

d. Magazine. "The Economics of LBJ." Challenge. (April, l964).

F 22: Colleagues, N-Z (1964).

a. Correspondence. Re: various topics. Correspondents include Lucien N. Nedzi, Wright Patman, Edward J. Patten, J. J. Pickle, W. R. Poage, John A. Race, Albert Rains, Henry S. Reuss, John F. Shelley, Bob Sikes, Leonor K. Sullivan, Burt L. Talcott, Roy A. Taylor, J. W. Trimble, William A. Tuck, John V. Tunney, Stanley R. Tupper, Russell Tuten, Herbert S. Walter, Basil Whitener, Victor Wickersham, Harrison A. Williams, Jr., Clement J. Zablocki and Carleton R. Sickles.

b. Bill (draft). Re: limitation of appellate jurisdiction of the Supreme Court.

c. Brochure. Re: Poland.

d. Newspaper clipping (reprint). "Tuten To Serve In His Party." Waycross Journal-Herald. (September 28, l964).

e. Remarks. "Chaos Ahead-Unless We Act." Congressional Record-House. (March 4, l964).

f. Press release. Re: Annual Young Democratic Club Rally for the Sixth District of North Carolina.

g. Remarks. Re: House Chaplain's Eulogy to General of the Army Douglas MacArthur.

h. Pamphlet. Joseph P. Addabbo. Re: the process of making laws.

i. Newsletter. "Drive Reporter." (July, l964).

j. Memoranda. Re: various topics.

F 23: Colleagues: Committee Assignments, A-K (1964).

a. Correspondence. Correspondents include Brock Adams, Lindley Beckworth, Rolland Redlin, Quentin N. Burdick, Rolland Redlin, John Conyers, Jr. John W. McCormack, Harold D. Cooley, Frank E. Evans, John J. Gilligan, Albert Gore, Stanley L. Greigg, George W. Grider, Lee H. Hamilton, John R. Hansen, Fred Harris, Floyd Hicks, William L. Hungate, Henry M. Jackson, Warren G. Magnuson, Andrew Jacobs, Jr., James Kee, Richard L. Ottinger, David S. King, and Paul J. Krebs.

b. Flyer. Re: Bill Stintson.

c. Graph. Re: Possible Committee rations arrived at by applying house division percentages to total committee authorizations.

d. Newspaper clipping. "Young Defeats Taft; Gilligan Upsets Rich." Re: Ohio Congressional Races. (n.s;n.d.).

F 24: Colleagues: Committee Assignments, L-Z (1964).

a. Correspondence. Correspondents include Clarence D. Long, Rodney M. Love, John C. Mackie, Lloyd Meeds, James G. Patton, Joseph Y. Resnick, Teno Roncalio, Neal Smith, Robert E. Sweeney, Paul H. Todd, Weston E. Vivian, and John Bell Williams.

b. Flyer. Re: Rodney M. Love, congressman from Ohio.

c. Biographical Sketch. Re: John C. Mackie.

d. Report. "Changes in U. S. House of Representatives Eighty-Ninth Congress.

F 25: Congressional Record (1964).

a. Correspondence.

b. Newspaper clippings from Daily Oklahoma, Tulsa Tribune, Tulsa World, Marietta Monitor, Madill Record, and Oklahoma City Times.

c. Remarks. "Bishop W. Angie Smith Called Methodism's Greatest Evangelist Leader." Congressional Record - House. (April 8, l964).

d. Remarks. Carl Albert. "Oklahoma Leaves Impact On Poetess Muna Lee, A Leading Lady in Pan American Affairs."

e. Remarks. "Hon. George H. Mahon." Congressional Record-Appendix. (May l8, l964).

f. Remarks. "No Room For Hate." Congressional Record- House. (August l0, l964).

g. Remarks. "General Leave to Extend." Congressional Record-House. (October 2, l964).

F 26A: Crouch, Marie (1964).


F 26B: Democratic Congressional Campaign Dinner, 1964.

Topics include campaign contributions.

F 27: Democratic National Committee (1964).

a. Correspondence.

b. Fact Sheet. Democratic National Committee. Re: details of the l964 Democratic Congressional Candidates' Conference.

c. Press Releases. Democratic National Committee. "`New Republic' Article Lists Far Right Groups and Backers." (September l6, l964).

d. Newsletter. Democratic National Committee. "Candidate news l964." (September 2, l964).

e. Newspaper. The Democrat. (August 7, l964).

f. Memoranda.

F 28: Democratic National Congressional Committee (1964).

a. Correspondence. Re: various topics. Including, Democratic Convention. Correspondents include Frank Boykin, Edna F. Kelly and Michael J. Kirwan.

b. Newsletter. Re: Democratic Congressional Dinner. (March l9, l964).

c. Lists. Democratic National Congressional Committee. Re: Party Nominees for the General Election of November 3, l964 and members of the 89th Congress.

d. Invitations. Democratic National Committee. Re: Kick-Off Dinner honoring President Lyndon B. Johnson.

F 29: Democratic National Convention (1964).

a. Correspondence. Correspondents include Jack Brooks and Claiborne Pell.

b. Flyer. "Welcome to the Bell Telephone Message Center, August l964." Re: Democratic National Convention.

c. Newspaper clippings. Re: Carl Albert. Clippings from Tulsa Tribune and Los Angeles Times.

d. Booklet. Clarence Cannon. "Democratic Manual for the Democratic National Convention of l964."

e. Memoranda.

f. Directory. Democratic National Convention. "Telephone Directory of Oklahomans."

F 30-32: Democratic National Convention: Platform Committee (1964).

a. Correspondence. Re: various topics. Correspondents include many members of Congress, state political leaders, and leaders of business, many of whom requested to speak before the committee or have something considered by the committee.

b. Newspaper clippings. Re: Carl Albert. Clippings from New York Times, Courier-Journal, and Daily Ardmoreite.

c. News release. Democratic National Committee. (August l3, l964).

d. Schedule. Re: Platform Hearings before the full committee.

e. List. Re: Platform Committee Organization Working Paper.

f. Booklet. One Nation, One People: Democratic Platform, l964.

g. Memoranda.

h. Newspaper clippings.

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