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Box 29: Democratic Party, 1964 - National Education Association, 1964.

F 1: Democratic Party (1964).

a. Correspondence. Re: various topics.

b. Excerpts. The Wisdom of Thomas Jefferson by Edward Boykin.

c. Resolutions. Democratic State Central Committee. "Fairness Resolution," and Congressional Reform and Improvement. (December l4, l964).

d. Newspaper page. "Lyndon-Slide" and other News Stories. Re: l964 Election. Las Vegas Review- Journal. (n.d.).

e. Newspaper clipping. "Battle Is Building Up in House Over Ouster of Boggs as Whip." Los Angeles Times. (November 27, l964).

f. Resolution. Executive Committee of the Oklahoma Democratic Party. (n.d.).

g. Booklet. "Democratic Manual for the Democratic National Convention of l964" by Clarence Cannon.

h. Booklet. "One Nation, One People: Democratic Platform, l964."

F 2: Democratic State Central Committee of Oklahoma (1964).

a. Correspondence.

b. Speech (reprint). Fred R. Harris. (June 27, l964).

c. Booklet. "Oklahoma Democratic Convention and Gala." (June 26-27, l964).

d. Newspaper clippings Daily Oklahoman and Oklahoma City Times.

e. Newsletters. "The Oklahoma Democrat." (January, March, and May, l964).

f. Newspaper. The Democrat. (July l0, l964).

g. List. Re: List of State, District and County Democratic Party Officers of Democratic State Central Committee of Oklahoma.

h. Press Release. Re: the Comedy team of Allen and Rossi. (June 4, l964).

i. List.

F 3: Democratic State Central Committee Of Oklahoma. (1964).

a. Correspondence. Correspondents include Fred R. Harris.

b. Newsletters. Democratic Party State Central Committee.

c. Lists.

F 4: District Office (1964).

F 5: Eighty-Eighth Congress (1964).

Correspondence. Re: appreciation.

F 6: Eighty-Ninth Congress (1964).

a. Correspondence. Re: seniority system.

b. List. Re: members of the 89th Congress.

F 7: Eleanor Roosevelt Memorial Foundation (1964).

Correspondence. Correspondents include Franklin D. Roosevelt, Jr..

F 8: Eufaula Dam Dedication Trip (1964).

a. Correspondence. Re: various topics. Correspondents include Fred Harris.

b. Remarks. Carl Albert.

c. Invitation.

d. Memoranda.

F 9: Ewing Foundation (1964).

a. Correspondence.

b. Press release. "Drew Pearson on The Washington Merry-Go-Round." (April 11, l964).

c. Flyer. Re: Description and Purpose of the Ewing Foundation.

F 10: Indian Nations of Oklahoma: Chiefs and General Council (1964).

Lists. Re: the membership of the Indian Nations of Oklahoma. Chiefs and General Council.

F 11-13: Industry in Oklahoma: Ardmore (1964).

Correspondence, reports, and data re industrial development in Ardmore. Among the interested businesses are Halliburton Company and Lear Siegler Service, Inc.

F 14: Industry in Oklahoma: Durant (1964).

a. Correspondence.

b. Map (reprint). Durant Chamber of Commerce. Re: Durant, Oklahoma.

c. Report. State of Oklahoma, Department of Highways. Re: Ramp Justification Study U. S. 69-75 Durant Bypass. (March 33, l963).

d. Newspaper clipping from the Duncan Banner, Durant Daily Democrat, and Los Angeles Times.

e. Report. Durant Chamber of Commerce. "A Factual Analysis and Report on Industrial and Commercial Location Advantages in...Durant, Oklahoma." (March, l963).

F 15: Industry in Oklahoma: McAlester (1964).

a. Correspondence.

b. Article (reprint). Reader's Digest. (June, l96?).

c. Newspaper clipping. "Temporary Offices Set, Modern $100,000 Building Planned Later." McAlester News Capital. (May l7, l963).

F 16: Industry in Poteau (1964).

F 17: Johnson, President Lyndon B. (1964).

Newspaper. "LBJ: A Political Biography." Liberty Lobby.

F 18: Kansas City, Campaign Trip for Richard Bolling (1964).

a. Correspondence.

b. Press release. Democratic Council of Jackson County. (July l8, l964).

c. Statement. Re: Principles of the Democratic Council of Jackson County.

d. Report. Re: President's report Democratic Council Activities.

e. Schedule.

F 19: Kappa Alpha (1964).

a. Correspondence. Re: the building of a new Kappa Alpha House at the University of Oklahoma.

b. Flyer. Re: the Scholarship of the University of Oklahoma Kappa Alphas.

c. Brochure. Kappa Alpha Beta Eta Alumni. Re: the building of a new Kappa Alpha House at the University of Oklahoma.

F 20: Labor Day Weekend Trip to Oklahoma (1964).

a. Correspondence.

b. List. Re: pending district invitations and requests for appointments.

F 21: Lady Bird Johnson's Visit (1964).

a. Correspondence.

b. Schedule.

F 22: Lee, Archie A. (1964).

Correspondence. Re: various topics.

F 23: Legislative Process: Seminar (1964).

Report. Robert S. Byrd. Re: a seminar on the legislative process. American University.

F 24: Lists (1964).

a. Correspondence. Re: lists of various topics.

b. Directory. Tulsa chamber of Commerce. "Action for `64'. (January 30, l964).

c. Press release. Oklahoma Future Farmers of America. "l964 Oklahoma Junior Master Farmers." (April 23, l964).

d. List. Re: Junior Master Farmers. (l964).

e. Press release. Oklahoma Future Farmers of America. "State FFA Foundation Award Winners For l964." (April 24, l964).

f. Press Release. Oklahoma Future Farmers of America Association. "l964 FFA State Star Farmer."

g. Report. Carl Byoir and Associates. "Who's Who in the Johnson Administration in Washington." Re: an unofficial listing of important U. S. Government officials.

h. List. Re: public libraries in Oklahoma.

i. List. Re: Colleagues in Third Congressional District of Oklahoma.

j. List. Re: Durant Chamber of Commerce Membership roster. (June 1, l964).

k. List. Re: l964-65 School Teachers' Directory - Bryan County.

F 25: Lithuanian American Congress (1964).


F 26: McAlester Office: Bill Anderson (1964).

a. Correspondence.

b. Press Release. Carl Albert. Re: the appointment of W. K. Anderson of McAlester to be full-time Assistant in Carl Albert's Third Congressional District.

F 27: Melpar (1964).

Memorandum. Re: Apollo Mission Simulator.

F 28: Miscellaneous, A-B (1964).

a. Correspondence. Re: various topics. Correspondents include Andrew J. Biemiller and Hale Boggs.

b. Report. Re: The Graduate Research Center of the Southwest. (April 9, l964).

c. Press release. AFL-CIO. Re: eighty-eighth Congress. (October 9, l964).

d. Newspaper clippings. Re: various topics.

e. Graph. "Study of the Aged Population in Oklahoma by County for the Year Ending December 31, l963."

F 29: Miscellaneous, C-F (1964).

a. Correspondence.

b. Article. Samuel W. Collins. "The Stars and Stripes as Seen by and American."

c. Newspaper. Senior Citizen News. (October, l964).

d. Newsletter. Vision, Inc. "America Minus God Is Goal."

e. Newspaper clippings from McCurtain Gazette, Daily O'Collegian, Bedford County Press, and Daily Oklahoman.

f. Newsletter. Small Business Administration. "The Credit Practices of Oklahoma Retailers." (l963).

g. Article (reprint). Aviation Daily. (June l0, l964).

h. Pamphlet. W. M. Ellison. "The Ellison System for Economic Prosperity." (l938).

F 30: Miscellaneous, G-H (1964).

a. Correspondence. Re: various topics.

b. Newspaper clippings from the Oklahoma City Times.

c. Report. National Postal Union. Re: l965 Legislative Program.

d. Magazine articles.

e. Report (No. l734). House of Representatives. "Display of the Flag at Lexington, Mass." (August 11, l964).

f. Act (H.R. ll327). Senate. Re: display of the Flag in Lexington, Massachusetts. (August l8, l964).

g. Pamphlet. Cinema Education, Inc., "The Reds Are Back in Hollywood!!!"

h. Report. Salvation Army. Re: the workings of the Salvation Army in the Washington, D.C. Area."

i. Statement. Senate and the House of Representatives. Re: Religious and Nationalist Persecution in the Soviet Union.

j. Pamphlet. Re: the working of the Continuing Committee on Muslim Christian Cooperation, Inc.

F 31: Miscellaneous, I-L (1964).

a. Correspondence. Re: various topics.

b. Report. Retail Credit Bureau of America. "Washington Report." (March, l964).

c. Cartoon. June Cassity. "Manager `Mo.'"

d. Newspaper clippings. "Albert Is Praises For Platform Job." Daily Admoreite.

e. Program. Student Council Marymont College of Virginia. Re: Christian Excellence Seminar. (February 9-12, l964).

F 32: Miscellaneous, M-N (1964).

a. Correspondence. Re: various topics.

b. Newspaper clippings from Elk City Daily News, Tulsa World, the Cordell (Oklahoma) Beacon, and the Sun - Sentinel.

c. Resolution. The National Association of Attorneys General. Re: various topics. (June l3-17, l964).

d. Questionnaire. University of California. Re: politics.

e. Report. National Committee for Support of the Public Schools. "Corning: A Valley and a Decision."

f. Resolution. Young Men and Women's Hebrew Association and Irene Kaufmann Centers. Re: John F. Kennedy.

g. Program. The Brookings Institution. Re: Brooking Programs for Business executives.

h. Magazine. Oklahoma's Orbit. (October 11, l964).

i. Press release. Peace Corps Program. Re: Heifer Project.

j. Brochure. Re: Heifer Project.

F 33: Miscellaneous, O-R (1964).

a. Correspondence. Re: various topics.

b. Article. David M. Olson. "Congressional Liason of the Kennedy Administration." (March 9, l964).

c. Statement. International Trade Club of Chicago. Re: Current U. S. Foreign Economic and Trade Policy Issues. (June, l964).

d. Press Release. American Mining Congress. "American Mining Congress Names Francis Boyrne Upham, III, as Assistant General Counsel." (May 20, l964).

e. Magazine. Guam Times Weekly. (May 2, l964).

f. Newspaper clippings from Daily Oklahoman and Norman Transcript.

F 34: Miscellaneous, S (1964).

a. Correspondence. Re: various topics.

b. Newspaper clipping. "Motorists Ignore Unconscious Man," Daily Oklahoman. (November 28, l964).

c. Program. "Little Woman." (December 21, l963).

d. Newspaper clipping. "Stan Stamper Rushed to City For Eye Surgery." Hugo Daily News. (August 9, l964).

e. Poem. Maurice H. Thatcher. "Masonic `If.'"

F 35: Miscellaneous, T-Z (1964).

a. Correspondence. Re: various topics. Correspondents include Earl Welch.

b. Resolution. American Association of State Highway Officials. Re: Interstate highway System. (No date).

c. Newspaper. "Foreign Aid." Providence Sunday Journal. (January l4, l964).

F 36: Miscellaneous (1964).

a. Brochure. Re: Rocky Mountain Baseball.

b. Magazine. Oklahoma's Orbit. (October 11, l964).

c. Brochure. Re: Ampl-Vox Roving Rostrum.

d. Remarks. "Sixth Annual Interview of Walter Lippman on Columbia Broadcasting System." Congressional Record - Senate. (February 24, l965).

e. Newspaper clipping (reprint). "Defector Fingers Key Soviet Sprees." Tulsa World.

f. Brochure. Oklahoma Planning and Resources Board. Re: Southeastern Oklahoma.

g. Summary. The Governors' Conference at Its 56th Annual Meeting. Re: Summary of Policy Actions and Resolution. (June 8-10, l964).

h. Broadcast. "Meet the Press." (April 5, l964).

i. Newspaper clippings from Enid News.

j. Article (reprint). "The Christian in Politics." by Eugene McCarthy. The Commonweal. (October 1, l964).

F 37: NASA Trip: Jim Webb (1964).

a. Correspondence.

b. List. Re: High School Student from Wilson, Oklahoma, attending Chamber of Commerce Dinner in Ardmore, Oklahoma where James E. Webb was guest speaker.

c. Newspaper clipping. "Space Chief To Speak At COFC Dinner." (No date or name of newspaper).

d. List. Re: Ardmore Industrial Airpark Firms.

e. Memoranda.

F 38: National Education Association (1964).

a. Correspondence. Re: booklet called Every Citizen Holds Office.

b. Booklet. John F. Kennedy. Every Citizen Holds Office.

c. Program. "Political Clinic for Teachers." (February 28-March 1, l964).

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