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Box 30: News Releases (1964) - Reapportionment, S-Z (1964)

F 1: News Releases (1964).

a. Correspondence. Re: various topics.

b. Newsletter. "Oklahoma Young Democrats News."

c. Press release. Carl Albert. Re: use of new Post Office box. (October 5, l964).

d. Press release. Post Office Department. Re: use of New Post Office box. (May 21, l964).

e. Press release. Carl Albert. "The Politics of Unity."

F 2: Office Memos (1964).

a. Correspondence.

b. Memoranda and business. Re: various topics.

c. Newspaper page. "Mrs. Elizabeth Meyers, 48, Secretary on Hill 23 Years." Evening Star. Re: death of Albert's secretary. (February 18, l964).

d. Printed material. Re: National health agencies.

e. Schedule for March 13-14, 1964.

f. Clipping. "Imogene Holmes of Idabel as Senator Edmondson's Secretary is Little Dixie Ambassador.

F 3: Oklahoma Congressional Delegation (1964).

a. Directory. Re: Oklahoman Congressional Delegation, Staff Members and Press.

b. Newspaper. "Oklahoma's Team is Outstanding In . . . Congress." Oklahoma Rural News. Re: Biographical sketches of the Oklahoma Congressional Delegation (December 1964). Includes article on Mike Monroney.

F 4A: Oklahoma. Department of Highways (1964).

Correspondence. Re: Oklahoma Turnpike Projects. Correspondents include H. E. Bailey.

F 4B: Oklahoma Projects, 1959-1964.

F 5: Oklahoma: General (1964).

a. Correspondence. Re: various topics on Oklahoma. Correspondents include Henry Bellmon, Ed Edmondson, and Earl Welch.

b. Press release. "Public School Construction Down in l963." School Management Magazine.

c. List. School Management Magazine. Re: Elementary and Secondary projects (new and additions) completed during l963.

d. Newspaper clippings. Re: various topics on Oklahoma. Clippings from Tulsa Tribune, Daily Oklahoman, Daily Ardmoreite, and Oklahoma City Times.

e. Pamphlets. Oklahomans for the Right to Work, Inc. Re: the issue of Right to Work.

f. Excerpts. Members of Oklahoma Group Tour of National Aeronautics and Space Administration Facilities, Washington, D. C. Re: National Aeronautics and Space Administration. (May 8-9, l964).

g. Pamphlet. Oklahoma State University. Re: Government Week.

h. Resolution. University of Oklahoma Alumni Association. Re: the Bank of Commerce designated as depository of University of Oklahoma Alumni Association. (October l2, l963).

i. Resolutions. University of Oklahoma Alumni Association. Re: the Bank of Commerce designated as depository of the University of Oklahoma Alumni Association. (October l2, l963).

j. Report. Re: Miami Urban Renewal Authority.

k. Report. State Department of Education. Re: Indian Education in Oklahoma Under State Contract.

l. List. Oklahoma State Board for Vacation Education. Re: Training projects under the Manpower Development and Training Act.

m. Brochure. General Electric. "Meet Fred Borch and "Flip" Phillippe Our 'Team At the Top'."

n. Report. Midland Engineering Company. "Atoka Water Supply Project.

F 6: Oklahoma: General (1964).

a. Bulletin. Bureau of Government Research, University of Oklahoma. "Oklahoma Government Bulletin." (December, l963).

b. Statement. Department of State. Re: Cuban policy.

c. Booklet. Science Clubs of America. "Honors Group in the 23rd Annual Science Talent Search for the Westinghouse Science Scholarships and awards l964."

d. Booklet. Phil Dessauer Associate Editor, Tulsa World. "Oklahoma Political Handbook."

e. Brochure. Oklahoma Planning and Resources Board. Re: Southeastern Oklahoma.

f. Brochure. "Join the 2nd Successful Wonderful World of Dentistry."

g. Bulletin. Izaak Walton League of America, Inc. (March, l964).

h. Newsletter. State Soil Conservation Board News. (March 25, l964).

i. Program. Oklahoma Baptist University. Re: Memoriam to John Fitzgerald Kennedy. (November 24, l964).

j. Reports. Oklahoma Tax Commission. Re: Sales Tax Showing Collections by counties.

k. Report. Oklahoma Tax Collection. Re: sale tax by classes of business.

l. Newspaper clipping. "Not a Comment in a Carload." Daily Oklahoman. (November 24, l963).

m. Article (reprinted by the Water Development Foundation of Oklahoma, Inc.). "`Seaports' For Oklahoma." Sunday Oklahoman. (February l0, l963).

F 7: Oklahoma: Redistricting (1964).

Correspondence. Re: a bid for a proposed residential school and redistricting.

F 8: Oklahoma State Society of Washington, D. C. (1964).

a. Correspondence. Re: Election Night Party.

b. Newsletter. Oklahoma State Society. Re: Election Night Party. (April 21, l964).

c. Newspaper clipping. "Oklahoma Round-Up Will Be A Barn Warmer." Washington Post. (May 31, l964).

F 9: Oklahoma State University (1964).

a. Correspondence. Government Week at Oklahoma State University. Correspondents include Hubert H. Humphrey.

b. Pamphlet. Oklahoma State University. Re: Government Week.

F 10: Oklahoma State University Angel Flight (1964).

a. Correspondence.

b. Pamphlets. "The Angel Flight, l964-l965."

c. Press release. Department of Air Science; Air Force Rotc Detachment 670. Re: Angel Flight Information. (September 12, l963).

d. Press release. Oklahoma State University; Office of Public Information. (January 6, l961).

e. Article. "Marching Coeds of the Air Force." Oklahoma State Alumnus. (April, l961).

f. Newsletter. "Arnold Air Letter." (May, l964).

g. Brochure. Oklahoma State University. "AFROTC Angel Flight." Re: Oklahoma State University.

F 11: Oratorical Contest.

a. Correspondence. Re: Carl Albert Oratorical Contest.

b. Report. Re: Carl Albert Oratorical Contest.

c. Clipping. "Westbrook earns preliminary spot in speech contest." The Southeastern. Re: Carl Albert Oratorical Contest. (May 7, 1964).

d. Magazine. L.G. Batloun Company. "Awards for Champions."

e. Newspaper. "Stigler Co-ed wins Oratorical Contest." The Mountaineer. (May 5, 1964).

F 12: Pensacola, Fla.: Five Flags Celebration. (1964).

Correspondence. Correspondents include Robert L. F. Sikes.

F 13: Personal, A-E (1964).

a. Correspondence. Re: various topics (including l926 Oratorical Contest). Correspondents include William Benton.

b. Newspaper clipping. Re: Albert and Poteau Boy Scouts. (n.s;n.d.).

c. Newspaper clipping. "Liberals Push Plan to Replace Boggs." Chicago Tribune. (November 13, l964).

d. Newspaper clipping. "Rites Friday For City Oil, Gas Lawyer." Tulsa Daily World. Re: Reginald Yoder Stevenson. (May 21, l964).

F 14: Personal, F-H (1964).

a. Correspondence. Re: various topics.

b. Newspaper page. "LBJ Victory Seen In l964 Election. The Japan Times. Re: Albert predictions for Lyndon B. Johnson. (December 3, l963).

c. Newspaper clipping. "Fred Harris Hits Federal Waste, Offers Common Sense Plan." Daily Oklahoman. (March 26, l964).

d. Newspaper clipping. "Edmondson Has Year of Seniority." Daily Oklahoman. (n.d.).

e. Newspaper clipping. "How to Live With Cancer." Re: Dr. Olive Stull Davis. (n.s;n.d.).

f. Newspaper clipping. "Senate Work Drones On, and On" and "Time of Decision Approaching In Democratic Senate Contest." Daily Oklahoman. (n.d.).

g. Newspaper clipping. "Census Compares Sooner Districts." Re: redistricting.

h. Magazine. "Parkway in McAlester Renamed for Mason." New Age Magazine. Re: Carl Albert Parkway. (September, l964).

i. Newspaper clipping. "Rizley Ponders Inactive Status a U.S. Judge" by Otis Sullivant." (n.s;n.d.).

F 15: Personal, I-O (1964).

a. Correspondence. Re: various topics.

b. Newspaper clippings. Oak Ridge Tennessee paper. Re: photo of John C. McCormack, Irene Baker, and Albert. (n.d.).

c. Newspaper clippings. "A Democratic View" by Patricia and Bill Barnes. Re: l964 Presidential Elections. (n.s;n.d.).

F 16: Personal, P-S (1964).

a. Correspondence. Re: various topics. Correspondents include Franklin D. Roosevelt, Jr. and Julian J. Rothbaum.

b. Newspaper clipping. "House Passes Dual Comp Bill." Air Force Times. (February 26, l964).

c. Newspaper clipping. "It's a Tough Week for Carl Albert" by Allan Cromley. Daily Oklahoman. Re: Civil Rights Bill. (n.d.).

d. Circular. Re: W.P. "Bill" Atkinson and the Oklahoma Journal.

e. Pamphlet. Re: W.P. "Bill" Atkinson Enterprises, Inc.

F 17: Personal, T-Z (1964).

a. Correspondence. Re: various topics. Correspondents include Earl Welch.

b. Newspaper clipping. "Historian Makes Tour of Washita Battle Site With Area Committee." (April 26, l964).

c. Newspaper clipping. "Little Retreat On Rights Seen." Los Angeles Times. Re: Civil Rights Bill.

d. Bulletin. "The Grand Avenue Methodist." (October 21, l964).

F 18: Personal: Albert High School Reunion (1964).


F 19: Personal: Birthday Greetings (1964).

Correspondence. Correspondents include Victor L. Anfuso and Orville Freeman.

F 20: Photographs (1964).

a. Correspondence. Correspondents include Frank Horton.

b. Press Releases.

F 21: Plaque Presentation (1963-64).

Correspondence. Re: Plaque presentation in the White House.

F 22: Poteau: Eagle Scout Award (1964).


F 23: Poteau Trip: Kerr Airport Dedication (1964).


F 24: President's Committee on the Status of Women (1964).

a. Correspondence.

b. Newsletter. "General Director's Letter." (April, l964).

F 25: Publications (1964).

a. Correspondence. Re: publications on various topics sent to Carl Albert. Correspondents include A. B. Won Pat.

b. Article (reprint). "Government Buying Erodes Management." Harvard Business Review. (May-June, l964).

c. Article. Samuel W. Collins. "Liberty The Declaration of Americanism." (December, l964).

d. Booklet. American Bar Association. "Presidential Inability and Vice Presidential Vacancy."

e. Booklet. Committee on Public Affairs of the American Petroleum Institute. "Clearing the Air; A Layman's Guide of Atmospheric Purity."

f. Newspaper. Washington Report. Re; a personal appraisal of men and events in the Nation's capital. (May, l964).

g. Magazine. Guam Time Weekly. (April l8, l964; June 13, 1964).

h. Magazine. Pacific Profile. (April, l964; June 1964).

i. Article (reprint). "Where the Insult Strikes the Hardest." Life Lines. (June 22, l964).

j. Booklet. Committee of Public Affair of the American Petroleum Institute. "Conserving Our Water."

F 26: Publicity (1964).

a. Correspondence. Re: various topics.

b. Map. Re: extent of Leflore County Broadcasting Co.

c. Newspaper clippings. Re: various topics. Clippings from Daily Oklahoman, Oklahoma City Times, Dallas Morning News, and Dallas Times Herald.

d. Press release. Pageant. (Macfadden-Bartell Corporation). "Senator Richard Russell, Representative Wilbur Mills Named "Most Effective" Congressmen; Senator Strom Thurmond, Representative Adam Clayton Powell Named "Least Effective" in Poll of Congress." (October 13, l964).

e. Transcript. CBS News and Public Affairs. Re: highlights of remarks of Representative Carl Albert on "Face the Nation." (December 1, l963).

f. Newsletter. Technology Use Studies Center. "The TUSC News." (July, l964).

g. Press release. Carl Albert. Re: Jed Johnson. (October 29, l964).

h. Article. "March of the News." U.S. News and World Report. (August 24, l964).

i. Article. "Democrats: L.B.J., All the Way." Time. (September 4, l964).

j. Article. "Foreman Takes on the Champ." American Politics. (August 29, l964).

k. Article. "U.S. Foreign Aid Get Windfall." Washington World. (January l3, l964).

l. Article. "The Presidency." Time. (January l7, l964).

m. Statement. Estes Kefauver. Re: President Lyndon B. Johnson's Civil Rights Message. (June l9, l963).

n. Statements. Carl Albert. "Low Earners Get Break Under New U.S. Tax Law." (April, l964).

o. Newspaper clipping. "Representative Albert is Lauded as One of `Great Patriots'." Tulsa Tribune. (May 15, l964).

p. Excerpt (from Mr. Albert's on "Face the Nation"). Re: the Vice Presidential Nomination. (December 1, l963).

q. Digest. Farmer's Union Grain Terminal Association. GTA Digest. (April, l964).

r. Newspaper clipping. "Congressman Carl Albert Talks With President Johnson." Re: photo of Albert with President Lyndon B. Johnson in the White House.

s. Newspaper clipping. "Theft Case Involves Carl Albert Kin." Re: Carl Albert. (n.s;n.d).

t. Editorials. "Obvious Retort" and "Justice for Sale." Daily Oklahoman. Re: Justice N.S. Corn and Civil Rights. (July 2, l964).

u. Newspaper clipping. "Social Calendar Always Full for Carl Albert." Sunday Oklahoman. Re: Mary Albert. (June ll, l964).

v. Newspaper clipping. "Johnson Wins Expo Honor." Anadarko Daily News. Re: N.B. Johnson. (June 28, l964).

F 27: Questionnaires (1964).

Correspondence. Re: Biographical Sketch and opinion of Carl Albert.

F 28: Radio and T.V. (1964).

Biography. Re: Joe McCaffrey.

F 29: Reapportionment, A-C (1964).

a. Correspondence. Re: opinions on reapportionment. Correspondents include Ed Berrong, Andrew J. Biemiller of the AFL-CIO, Roy C. Boecher, Emanuel Celler, and Joe Bailey Cobb.

b. Newspaper clippings. Clippings from Daily Oklahoman, Haskell County News, The Tulsa Tribune, Muskogee Daily Phoenix, and Oklahoma City Times.

c. Bulletin. Re: service in the First Presbyterian Church in Mangum, Oklahoma. (August 2, l964).

d. Excerpt. Edward Boykin. The Wisdom of Thomas Jefferson.

e. Newspaper clipping. "Supreme Court Oversteps Authority." Antlers American. (July 2, l964).

f. Application. Re: stay of Federal court Order Directing Reapportionment in Oklahoma.

F 30: Reapportionment, D-G (1964).

a. Correspondence. Re: opinions on reapportionment. Correspondents include Byron Dacus, Ray Fine, Roy Grantham, and Robert L. Goodfellow.

b. Newspaper clippings. Clippings from Oklahoma City Times, Daily Oklahoman, Oklahoma Journal, and Kansas City Star).

c. Resolutions. Citizens of Oklahoma City. (August 31, l964).

d. Resolutions. Democratic Central Committee. (August 7, l964).

e. Newspaper clippings. Clippings include Daily Oklahoman.

f. Newspaper. "Wrong Decision." The Southeastern. (June 25, l964).

g. Flyer. Re: campaign of Robert L. Goodfellow.

F 31: Reapportionment, H-L (1964).

a. Correspondence. Re: opinions on reapportionment. Correspondents include Glen Ham, Clem Hamilton, Wayne M. Holden, and Clayton H. Lauer.

b. Resolution. Board of Trustees of Northwestern Electric Cooperative, Inc. Re: topic. (July l5, l964).

c. Report. Benet F. Cain. (December 28, l964).

d. Fact sheets. Benet F. Cain. "The Matter of Reapportionment and the Reason Why Federal Courts Lack Authority to Act."

e. Resolution. Board of Trustees of Panhandle Telephone Cooperative, Inc.

f. Newspaper clippings. Clippings from Tulsa Daily World and Tulsa Tribune.

g. Newspaper. Oklahoma Rural News. (July 1, l964).

h. Resolution. Board of Trustees of the Oklahoma Association of Electric Cooperatives. Re: topic. (n.d.).

i. Press releases. Wheeler Mayo President Non-Partisan Committee For Fair Apportionment. (August, l964).

j. Resolutions. Wheeler Mayo, President Non-Partisan Committee for Fair Apportionment. (August 9, l964).

k. Editorial (Reprint). "Devouring the Roots of the Fruit Tree." Waurika News-Democrat. (August 6, l964).

F 32: Reapportionment, Mc-R (1964).

a. Correspondence. Re: opinions on reapportionment. Correspondents include J.D. McCarty Arthur G. McComas, and John Massey.

b. Resolution. Southern Conference of the Council of State Governments. (June l9, l964).

c. Rough Draft. Re: an amendment concerning State Apportionment.

d. Newspaper clippings. Clippings from Tulsa Tribune, Amarillo Daily News, Elk City Daily News, Oklahoma Journal, and Tulsa World.

e. Brochure. Re: Elk City.

f. Article. "What the Supreme Court did to Your Vote." Farm Journal. (August, l964).

g. Newspaper. "Telegrams For Dirksen Amendment." "U.S. Court Orders All new Legislature," and Editorial. Nowata Daily Star. (August 7, l964).

h. Notice. Re: Appeal to the Supreme Court to the United States. (August 13, l964).

i. Excerpt. Re: minutes of a meeting of the Board of Trustees of Oklahoma Electric Cooperative. (July 13, l964).

F 33: Reapportionment, S-Z (1964).

a. Correspondence. Re: opinions on reapportionment. Correspondents include Basil R. Wilson and James B. Witt.

b. Resolution. Cimarron Electric cooperative.

c. Resolution. Pittsburg County Cattlemen's Association. (July 4, l964).

d. Table. Time. Re: Rural representation. (April 6, l964).

e. Newspaper clipping. Duncan Banner and Seminole Producer.

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