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Box 31: Reapportionment (1964). - Colleagues, H-J (1965)

F 1: Reapportionment (1964).

a. Correspondence.

b. Press release. Carl Albert.

c. Newsletter. The American Farm Bureau Federation. (August 3, l964).

d. Memoranda.

F 2: Reapportionment (1964).

a. Press release. Carl Albert. (June l9, l964).

b. Report. American Enterprise Institute. Institute for Public Policy Research. "Legislative Analysis of Proposals relating to Reapportionment of State Legislatures and the U.S. House of Representatives." (August 28, l964).

c. Statement. Merle Lansden.

d. Draft. Birch Bayh. Re: his platform speech.

e. Statement. Carl Albert.

f. Press release. Carl Albert. Re: Albert's Testimony before House Committee on the Judiciary opposing reapportionment of State Legislatures by Federal Judiciary. (July 23, l964).

g. Article (III). Judicial Department. "The Appellate Jurisdiction of the Supreme Court; Subject to Limitation by Congress."

h. Report. Norman J. Small (Legislature Attorney American Law Division. "Appraisal of the Factors Considered by the Supreme Court in the Six Cases Concerning Reapportionment of State Legislatures decided on June l5, l964." (July 7, l964).

i. Report. American Law Division. (July 9, l964).

F 3: Reapportionment (1964).

a. Correspondence. Correspondents include Wayne M. Holden.

b. Newspaper clippings from Tulsa Daily World, Waurika News-Democrat, and The Sunday Oklahoman.

c. Article. "Redistricting Upset?" Wall Street Journal.

d. List. Richard M. Scammon. Director of the Census. "Congressional Districts of 88th Congress in Rank of Order of Population." (December 11, l964).

e. Newspapers. Oklahoma Rural News. (July 1 and August 1, l964).

f. Newspaper. "State Must Reapportion Legislature on Population Basis High Court Rules" and other articles. Daily Oklahoman. (June 23, l964).

F 4: Reapportionment (1964).

a. Decision. Supreme Court of the United States. Re: reapportionment for the Middle District of Alabama. (October Term, l963).

b. Decision. Supreme Court of the United States. Re; reapportionment in Maryland. (October Term, l963).

c. Decision. Supreme Court of the United States. Re: reapportionment in Colorado.

d. Decision. Supreme Court of the United States. Re: reapportionment for the Eastern District of Virginia. (October Term, l963).

e. Decision. Supreme Court of the United States. Re: reapportionment for the Southern District of New York. (October Term, l963).

f. Decision. Supreme Court of the United States. Re: reapportionment of Delaware.

g. Decision. Supreme Court of the United States. Re: Application to stay and supersede mandate of the United States District Court for the Western District of Oklahoma and Motion for Convocation of Special Term. (October Term, l964).

h. Decision. United States District Court. Re: reapportionment in the Western District of Oklahoma.

i. S. 3069. Senate. Re: reapportionment of any State Legislative body. (August 5, l964).

j. S. 29l9. Senate. Re: withdrawal from Courts of the United States jurisdiction with respect to State Legislative apportionment proceedings. (June l6, l964).

k. H.R. 11625. House of Representatives. Re: Supreme Court of the United States, nor any Federal court inferior to it, should not have jurisdiction, either original or appellate, to change, modify, direct or set aside any apportionment or reapportionment of legislative districts adapted by the lawmaking bodies of the respective state. (June l6, l964).

l. H.J. Resolution l055. House of Representatives. Re: guarantees the right of any state to apportion one house of its legislature on factors other than population. (June 24, l964).

m. H. J. Resolution 349. House of Representatives. Re: restriction the judicial power of the United States in State legislative apportionment cases to those States which do not provide their citizens with the opportunity to initiate and vote upon plans of state legislative apportionment. (March 25, l963).

n. H.J. Resolution 30. House of Representatives. Re; proposal an amendment to the Constitution of the United States. Reserving to each State the exclusive power to apportion membership of its legislature. (January 9, l964).

o. H.J. Resolution 34. House of Representatives. Re: proposal for amendment which guarantees the right of any state to establish, through its own constitution, representation in one house of its legislature based on factors other than population exclusively. (January 9, l963).

p. Pamphlet. Robert Moses. "The Supreme Court Enters A Jungle, The Safari into Legislative Reapportionment."

F 5: Republican Party (1964).

a. Correspondence. Re: House Republican Policy committee. Correspondents include John W. Byrnes.

b. Pamphlet. The Independent American. "Where Scranton Really Stands."

F 6: Rothbaum, Julian (1964).


F 7: Schedules and Appointments (1964).

F 8: Southeastern State College (1964).

F 9: Talihina State Hospital (1964).

a. Correspondence. Re: location of the State Hospital. Correspondents include Jim Cook, M. A. Diel, W. D. Bradley, Bill Briscoe, Tracy Daugherty, Stona Fitch, Dick Fogarty, Laurence W. Gunnison, Bill T. Harper, E. D. Nichols, Clarence Robertson, Jr., Max Rust, Lucien C. Spear, Tom Stevens, Pauline Tabor, Tom D. Tate, Harold Thomas, Scott E. Tuxhorn, Willard O. Willis, J. H. Belvin, Tom Payne, Jr., Louis H. Ritzhaupt, Roy Schoeb, and Basil R. Wilson).

b. Newspaper clipping. "`Ramblin' Around." (February 6, l964).

F 10: UNESCO (1964).

a. Correspondence. Re: International Monuments Year.

b. H.R. 3581. 83rd Congress. Re: National Trust for Historic Preservation In U.S. general Trustees. (July 28, l964).

c. Pamphlet. Re: The National Trust for Historic Preservation.

d. Questionnaire. Re: International campaign for Monuments of Historical or Historic Preservation.

e. Report. Re: International Campaign for Historical Monuments.

f. Outline. Re: Proposed National Trust Sponsorship of United States Participation in UNESCO's International Monuments Year l964.

g. List. Re: proposed Steering Committee for the International Monuments Year.

F 11: United Nations (1964).

Correspondence. Re: opinion of the United Nations.

F 12: University of Oklahoma (l964).

a. Correspondence. Re: various topics. Correspondents include George L. Cross.

b. Article. Re: the purpose of the Cortez A.M. Ewing.

c. Speech. Stanley C. Draper. "A Challenge." (November 9, l964).

d. Statement. Re: purpose of the Cortez A. M. Ewing Foundation.

e. List. Re: additional Contributions to the Cortez, A. M. Ewing Foundation as of June 26, l964.

f. Minutes. Re: Twenty-Third Annual Meeting of Members of the University of Oklahoma Research Institute. (October 24, l964).

g. Report. The University of Oklahoma Research Institute. "Research By Discipline." (l964).

F 13: White House (1964).

a. Correspondence. Re: various topics, including Carolyn Thomas Foreman. Correspondents include Lyndon B. Johnson.

b. Newspaper clippings. Re: various topics. Clippings from Oklahoma City Times.

c. Press release. University of Chicago; office of Public Relations. (September l0, l964).

d. Resolution. American Bar Association. Re: Judicial Appointments offered by the Oklahoma Delegation. (February 18, l964).

e. List. Re: Status in House of Representatives of Bills Which Have Passed the Senate.

F 14: White House (M-Z) (1964).

a. Correspondence. Re: various topics. Correspondents include George Nigh.

b. Report. The Plans For Progress Advisory Council; The President's Committee on Equal Employment Opportunity. "Plans For Progress." (August, l964).

c. Executive Order lll83. Re: establishment on White House Fellows. (October 3, l964).

F 15: White House (1964).

a. Press Conference. Lyndon B. Johnson, President of the United States. (June 23, l964).

b. Press release. Office of the White House Press Secretary. (October, l964).

c. Newspaper clippings. Re: various topics. Clippings from the Washington Star.

d. Memorandum.

F 16: White House: President's Committee on Consumer Interests (1964).


F 17: World Health Organization (1964).

Correspondence. Re: payroll of the World Health Organization.

F 18: Young Democrats (1964).

a. Correspondence.

b. Newspaper. "Carl Albert promise 20th Century Democratic Platform." Tulsa Daily World. (August l6, l964).

F 19: Airline Labor Groups (1965).


F 20: Albert Illness.

F 21: Albert: Speeches and Remarks (1965).

a. Speech. Re: Democratic Party, Congressional Legislation, and Johnson Administration.

b. Remarks. Re: tree dedication ceremony in memory of the late Senator Robert S. Kerr. (May 20, l965).

F 22: Altus Air Force Base (1965).

Correspondence. Re: the future of Altus Air Force Base.

F 23: American Legion (1965).

F 24: Appreciation (H-B), 1965.

F 25: Appreciation (C-E), 1965.

F 26: Appreciation (F-K), 1965.

F 27: Appreciation (L-Mc), 1965.

F 28: Appreciation (M-R), 1965.

F 29: Appreciation (S-Z), 1965.

F 30: Architect of the Capitol (1965).

a. Correspondence. Re: requests for flags that have flown over the United States Capitol.

b. Memorandum. Architect of the Capitol. Re: Information relating to use of Parking areas in Rayburn and Cannon House Office Buildings.

c. Report. Architect of the Capitol. Re: the Rayburn House Office Building. (February l6, l965).

d. Newspaper clipping. "State Stone Isn't Taken For Granite." Daily Oklahoman. (June 23, l965).

F 31: Arkansas Louisiana Gas Company (1965).

a. Correspondence. Re: application for the sale of gas to Cities Service Gas Company.

b. Report. Re: Arkansas Louisiana Gas Company's sale to Cities Service Gas Company of one hundred million cubic felt of gas per day.

F 32: Automotive Safety (1965).

a. Correspondence. Re: policies and programs of General Motors Corporation concerning automobile safety.

b. Booklet. "General Motors Contributions To Automotive Safety." (June 13, l965).

F 33: Bellamy Award (1965).

Correspondence. Re: Pierre S. Duport High School in Delaware as recipient of the Bellamy Award.

F 34: Boy Scouts (1965).

Correspondence. Re: Guardian of Scouting certificate. (Certificate include).

F 35: Brumidi, Constantino (1965).

a. Correspondence.

b. Excerpt (reprint). "Spires of the Spirit - Constantino Brumidi." Congressional Record. (February 25, l963).

c. Article (reprint). "The Case of the Forgotten Genius." Coronet. (April, l952).

d. Article (reprint). "Our Nations Capitol Was His Canvas." Milwaukee Journal. (February 20, l965).

F 36: Capitol Hill Young Democratic Club (1965).


F 37: Carl Albert Jr.-Sr. High School (1965).

Correspondence. Re: Carl Albert Contributions to the Carl Albert Junior-Senior High School Yearbook.

F 38: Carter, Charles O. (1965).

F 39: Carter Seminary (1965).

Correspondence. Re: Carter Seminary, an Indian School, and its purposes.

F 40: Chamber of Commerce, U. S. A. (1965).

a. Correspondence.

b. Brochure. Chamber of Commerce of the United States. "Letter-writing Guide: Communications To congress - Why and How." (February l9, l965).

c. Report. "Legislative History on Major Recommendations of the Chamber of Commerce of the United States."

F 41: Civil Air Transport Agreement (1965).

a. Correspondence. Re: Japanese opinion of the Civil Air Transport Agreement. Correspondents include Takashi Hasegawa.

b. Report. Standing Committee on Transportation of the National Diet of Japan. Re: Japanese opinion of the Civil Air Transport Agreement.

F 42: Civil Rights (1965).

a. Correspondence. Re: racial discrimination and civil rights. Correspondents include Glen Andrews and Martin Luther King, Jr..

b. Newspaper clipping (reprint). "Here is test of order issued by Thomas." Birmingham News. (February 5, l965).

c. Flyer. Re: Facts about the Southern Christian Leadership Conference.

d. Press release. Democratic National Committee. Re: a speech by President Johnson assuring voting rights. (March l6, l965).

e. Booklet. New York Chapter. The American Jewish Committee. Negro Press Digest. (March l6, l965).

F 43: Colleagues, A-C (1965).

a. Correspondence. Re: various topics. Correspondents include E. Ross Adair, Mike Monroney, Julia Butler Hansen, Clinton P. Anderson, Mark Andrews, Frank Annunzio, Thomas Ludlow Ashley, Ray Madden, Wayne Aspinall, Walter S. Baring, Lindley Beckworth, John A. Blatnik, Hale Boggs, Edward P. Boland, Richard Bolling, Emanuel Celler, John Conyers, and John Culver.

b. Report. Jonathan B. Bingham. Re: Social Security, Tax Cuts, voting Rights Act of l965, and Housing Act of l965. (August 12, l965).

c. Remarks (reprint). Congressional Record-House. Re: Joint Statement on Democratic Party Unity-l964 Election. (October 2, l964).

d. Report. Hale Boggs. Re: Medical and Education Bill, Presidential Succession and Drug Problems. (May, l965).

e. Proposal. E.R. Harman. Re: the fight against poverty.

f. Bill. Ronald Brooks Cameron. Re: the Congressional medal of honor posthumously awarded to John F. Kennedy.

g. Magazine. Freedom And Union. (July-August, l965).

h. Petition. Members of Congress. Re: an appeal to the German Bundestag to extend the statue of limitations for war crimes.

i. Article (reprint). "How Many Dominican Republics And Vietnams Can We Take On?" New York Times Magazine. (November 28, l965).

j. Magazine. Dallas Times Herald Magazine. Re: Earle Cabell. (January l0, l965).

k. Brochure. Re: Omaha Steaks.

F 44: Colleagues, D-G (1965).

a. Correspondence. Re: various topics. Correspondents include William L. Dawson, Edward J. Derwinski, William L. Dickinson, William Jennings Bryan Dorn, Ken W. Dyal, Ed Edmondson, Don Edwards, John Y. Resnick, Carl Elliot, Frank E. Evans, Billie S. Farnum, Paul Findley, Clement J. Zablocki, John J. Flynt, Jr., Gerald R. Ford, William D. Ford, L. H. Fountain, Orville Freeman, Samuel N. Friedel, Richard Fulton, James G. Fulton, Don Fuqua, Cornelius E. Gallagher, E. C. Gathings, Robert N. Giaimo, and George W. Grider).

b. Booklet. The Committee on Urban Conservation. "Freeways and Our City." Re: Transportation facts.

c. Speech of W. J. Bryan Dorn. "Carl Albert." Congressional Record-Appendix. (October 22, l965).

d. Newspaper clipping (reprint). "Rep. Dorn Attacks Racism Bigotry in Laurens Speech." The Star. (November l6, l965).

e. Newspaper clipping (reprint). "Let Nothing Drive a Wedge." Columbia Record. (November 4, l965).

f. Brochure. Re: the 50th National Orange Show in San Bernardina. (March ll-21, l965).

g. Press release. Joseph Y. Resnick. Re: Joseph Y. Resnick's vote against appropriations for the House Un-American Activities Committee. (March 3, l965).

h. Press release. National Republican Congressional Committee. Re: Joseph Y. Resnick's vote against appropriations for the House Un-American Activities Committee. (March 3, l965).

i. Program. Re: the Colorado College Choir. (March 27, l965).

j. Cartoon. Re: Lyndon B. Johnson.

k. Magazine. Freedom and Union. (November, l965).

l. Remarks. Congressional Record-House. Re: Birthday greeting to Gerald R. Ford. (July l4, l965).

m. Report. Twenty-seventh American Assembly. "The Courts, The Public, and the Law Explosion." (April 29 - May 2, l965).

n. Statement. George Mahon. Re: l966 Budget.

o. Report. George Grider. "Washington Report." Re: various political topics. (Medicare, GI Bill, Vietnam, etc...).

F 45: Colleagues, H-J (1965).

a. Correspondence. Re: various topics. Correspondents include Roman L. Hruska, William L. Hungate, Hubert H. Humphrey, J. Oliva Huot, Harold T. Johnson, Lyndon B. Johnson, Felton M. Johnston, Durward G. Hall, Charles A. Halleck, Lee H. Hamilton, James M. Hanley, John R. Hansen, Julia Butler Hansen, Thomas S. Foley, Fred R. Harris, Oren Harris, John O. Marsh, William D. Hathaway, F. Edward Hebert,

b. Fact sheet. Re: Ozarks Paradise Club and Ozarks Paradise Village. (Brochure included).

c. Remarks. "One Hundred Hours of Presiding Over the Senate-Tribute to Senator Harris." (August 24, l965).

d. Bill. H.R. l0743. Re: regulation of the transportation, sale, and handling of dogs, cats, and other animals intended to be used for purposes of research or experimentation and for other purposes. (August 30, l965).

e. Brochure. Re: Henry Helstoski Democratic Candidate for Congress. 9th District, New Jersey. (Record included).

f. Booklet. Gyula Zathureczky. "Transylvania, Citadel of the West." (December 1, l965).

g. Report. Richard D. Smith. Re: the international Joint Commission -- The United States and Canada.

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