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Box 32: Colleagues, K-Mc (1965) - Inauguration (1965)

F 1: Colleagues, K-Mc (1965).

a. Correspondence. Re: various topics. Correspondents include Carleton J. King, Speedy O. Long, Rodney M. Love, Richard D. McCarthy, Robert McClory, John W. McCormack, Thomas C. McGrath, John L. McMillan, and Roy H. McVicker.

b. Remarks by Michael J. Kirwan, "The 89th Congress: A Tribute to Speaker John McCormack, Majority Leader Carl Albert, and Whip Hale Boggs." Congressional Record-Appendix. (August l7, l965).

c. Report. Thomas C. McGrath, Jr. Re: various topics including Vietnam, Medicare, Federal Aid to Education and Voting Rights. (Spring, l965).

d. Newspaper page (reprint). "`Half-A-Loaf'" of Home Rule Means Fiscal Chaos For the Nation's Capital." Sunday Star. (September 26, l965).

F 2: Colleagues, M-O (1965).

a. Correspondence. Re: various topics. Correspondents include Hervey G. Machen, John O. Marsh, Spark M. Matsunaga, Wilbur D. Mills, Joseph G. Minish, Patsy T. Mink, A.S. Mike Monroney, Thomas G. Morris, James H. Morrison, Abraham J. Multer, John M. Murphy, Edmund S. Muskie, Barratt O'Hara, Maston O'Neal, Thomas P. O'Neill, and Richard L. Ottinger.

b. Report. Mike Monroney. Re: various topics including Lead-Zinc extension, Taxes and relief for oil independencies. (March l8, l965).

c. Map. Re: location of the Memorial Tree for the late Senator Robert S. Kerr.

d. Magazine. Register. (May 15, l965).

e. Newspaper. "The Fort Bayard Story." Silver City Daily Press. (February l7, l965).

F 3: Colleagues, P-R (1965).

a. Correspondence. Re: various topics. Correspondents include Otto E. Passman, Wright Patman, Edward J. Patten, Claude Pepper, Adam Clayton Powell, W.F. Raborn, Ed Reinecke, Joesph Y. Resnick, L. Mendel Rivers, Kenneth A. Roberts, Byron G. Rogers, Fred B. Rooney, Dan Rostenkowski, Donald Rumsfeld, and Bob Wilson.

b. Report. A.B. Won Pat. "Pacific Air Study Important For Guam." (October, l965).

c. Memorandum. Stephen M. Peterson. Re: Peterson - Gross Election Contest in the Third District, Iowa.

d. Booklet. Dr. Arturo Morales Carrion. "The Loneliness of Luis Munoz Rivera." (l965).

e. Newspaper clipping (reprint). "Monroney Use Soft-Sell to Hit Senate Height." Star-Ledger. (June 4, l965).

f. Address by Carl Albert. Congressional Record - Senate. Re: in honor of Representative John S. Monagan. (June 29, l965).

g. Newspaper clippings (reprints). Re: James H. Quillen.

h. Press release. James H. Quillen. Re: James H. Quillen's accomplishments. (November 1, l964).

F 4: Colleagues, S-Z (1965).

a. Correspondence. Re: various topics. Correspondents include John R. Schmidhauser, George F. Senner, Jr., Robert L. F. Sikes, Robert T. Stafford, Lynn E. Stalbaum, Tom Steed, John Stennis, Robert G. Stephenson Jr., Leonor Sullivan, Charles M. Teague, Herbert Tenzer, Albert Thomas, Jim Trimble, Al Ullman, Lionel Van Deerlin, Weston Vivian, E. S. Johnny Walker, Compton I. White, Jr., Victor Wickersham, and John Young.

b. List. Methodist Information. Re: Methodist in House of Representatives.

c. Speech. Compton I. White, Jr. Re: Silver and Coinage Legislation.

d. Brochure. Idaho State Department. "The Place To Go Is Idaho."

e. Booklet. Oklahoma Association of Electric Cooperatives. Re: Mike Monroney.

f. Press release. Commission on Public Relations and Methodist Information. Re: number of Methodists in the U. S. Senate.

g. Remarks by Carl Albert (reprint). "Oklahoma State Senate Honors Representative Tom Steed by Designating Section of Interstate Highway 40 between Shawnee and Oklahoma City at the Tom Steed Expressway." (May 26, l965).

F 5: Colleagues: Committee Assignments (1965).

Correspondence. Correspondents include James Kee.

F 6: Colleagues: Memos and Telephone Calls (1965).

Topics include Fred R. Harris, election of Richard L Ottinger, Methodists, Tom Steed Expressway, and Teno Roncalio.

F 7: Colleagues: Mississippi Delegation (1965).

a. Correspondence. Re: Mississippi Election Contests. Procedures for Bringing to House Floor.

b. Memorandum.

c. Booklet. Re: brief of Contestants urging the vacating of the Contested seats and the Holdings of New Elections.

F 8: Colleagues: Receptions, A-Z (1965).


F 9: Colleagues: Receptions (l965).

a. Memoranda. Re: guest lists of those attending the receptions.

b. List. Clerk of the House. "Official List of the House of Representatives of the United States and their places of Residence." (February 1, l965).

F 10: Communication Workers of America (1965).

a. Correspondence.

b. Summary. Re: Legislative Program of Communications Workers of America. (June, l964).

F 11: Communism (1965).

a. Correspondence.

b. Booklet. "American Security Council." Re: the Cold War.

c. Report. American Security Council. "Washington Report."

F 12: Community Assistance Program Conference in McAlester (1965).

a. Correspondence.

b. Program. "Area Conference on Community Assistance Programs of the Federal Government."

c. List. Re: area conference on Community assistance Programs of the Federal Government.

d. Memoranda.

F 13: Congressional Pages (1965).

Correspondence. Re: accommodation of Capitol pages. Correspondents include Edith Green.

F 14: Congressional Prayer Breakfast (1965-1966)

F 15: Congressional Record: Remarks (1965).

a. Correspondence. Re: various topics.

b. Speech by Mike Monroney and Fred Harris. Congressional Record-Senate. Re: Indian Claims Commission. (October 20, l965).

c. Remarks by Albert H. Quie. "This Nation, Under God." Congressional Record. (July l2, l965).

d. Remarks by Harrison A. Williams, Jr. (reprint). "Patent System." Congressional Record. (July l5, l965).

F 16: Cooperative Fisheries Research Unit (1965).

a. Correspondence. Correspondents include George Lynn Cross and Mike Monroney.

b. Proposal. Re: Cooperative Fisheries Unit.

c. Resolution. Oklahoma Wildlife Federation. Re: establishment of a fisheries research unit at Oklahoma State University, Stillwater, Oklahoma. (December 30, l965).

d. Report. Re: Commercial Fisheries Research.

F 17: Cotton (1965).

a. Correspondence. Re: United States cotton.

b. Booklet. National Cotton Council of America. "The Economic Outlook for U. S. Cotton."

c. Newspaper (reprint). "Mr. Congressman: You're the Doctor! These Prescriptions for Cotton Will Cost U. S. Taxpayers Nearly One Billion Dollars This Year..." Washington Post. (March 4, l964).

F 18: Democratic Central Committee of Washington, D. C. (1965).

Correspondence. Re: home rule for the District of Columbia.

F 19: Democratic National Committee, A-R (1965).

a. Correspondence. Re: various topics of the Democratic National Committee. Nock.

b. Report. Matthew A. Reese, Jr: Director of Operations, Democratic National Committee. "Registration and Election Law Reform." (December, l964).

c. Report. "Group Research Report." Re: right-wing organizations activities. (July 8, l965).

d. Bulletin. Democratic National Committee. "Operation Support for the Great Society." Re: the "Fairness Doctrine" as policy in radio and television stations. (November 4, l965).

e. Amendment. Senate of Maryland. Re: Joint Resolution regarding apportionment. (January 21, l965).

f. List. Re: Right-wing Radio and Television Programs of Oklahoma.

g. Report. Hervey G. Machen. "Off the Record." Re: various topics.

F 20: Democratic National Committee, S-Z (1965).

a. Correspondence. Re various topics of the Democratic National Committee.

b. Folder. "Aspects of the Great Society." Re: worship of the Democratic State Central Committee: Oklahoma.

c. Booklet. "Oklahoma Political Handbook."

d. Script. Radio and Television Script Service. Re: Senior Citizens Month."

e. Script. Radio and Television Scripts. Re: Agriculture II.

f. Sheet music. Words and Music by Joseph Saten and Charles Skerrett. "The Great Society." Re: proposes theme songs of the U.S. (l965).

F 21: Democratic National Committee (1965).

a. Booklet. Young Democrat Division. Democratic National Committee. "Suggestion Programs for a College Young Democratic Club."

b. Press releases. Editors' New Service: Democratic National Committee. Re: various topics, such as railroads President Johnson's Agriculture message, and the Appalachia program.

c. Fact Sheet. Democratic National Service. "Facts for Democrats." Re: various topics such as President Johnson's message on Cities, New GOP Policy Committee Chairman and voting rights.

d. Newspaper clippings from New York Times and Washington Post.

e. News and information. Democratic National Committee. Re: various topics.

f. Newsletters. Margaret Price, Director of Women's Activities of the Democratic National Committee. "Capital Capsule." (March and April, l965).

g. Newspapers. The Democrat. (February-April, l965).

h. Voting record of John J. Rhodes.

F 22: Democratic Party (1965).

a. Correspondence. Re: Congressional reform. Correspondents include Julian Rothbaum.

b. Resolution. Michigan Democratic State Central Committee. "Congressional Reform and Improvement." (December 14, l964).

c. Magazine. "The `Group' That Runs the House." The Reporter. (May 20, l965).

F 23: Democratic State Central Committee of Oklahoma, A-R (1965).

a. Correspondence. Correspondents include William J. Holloway and Stanley Draper.

b. Newsletter. "The Young Democrat." Re: Vice President Humphrey to Speak at Demo Dinner.

c. Newsletter. "The McAnad News." (August 7, l964).

d. Newsletter. "The Oklahoma Democrat." (May, l965).

F 24: Democratic State Central Committee of Oklahoma, S-Z (1965).

a. Correspondence.

b. Newsletter. "Oklahoma Democrat." (September, l965).

c. Newsletter. "Oklahoma Democrat." Re: photograph of John McCormack, Carl Albert, and Jed Johnson.

d. Newsletter. "The Young Democrat." Re: Oklahoma Young Democrats.

e. Newspaper clippings. Re: Oklahoma Democrats. Clippings from Tulsa World and Daily Oklahoman.

f. Rough Draft. "The Great Society: A Program of Progress for Oklahoma's People."

g. Memoranda.

F 25: Democrats: Teen Democrats of McAlester and Ardmore (1964-1965).

a. Correspondence.

b. List. Re: Teen Democrats of McAlester, Kiowa and Savanna.

F 26: Disabled American Veterans (1965).

List. Re: Disabled American Veterans in Oklahoma. (1964-1965).

F 27: Dominican Republic (1965).

a. Correspondence. Correspondents include Donald M. Fraser.

b. Press release. Donald M. Fraser. Re: military aid in the Dominican Republic. (May l7, l965).

F 28: Ewing Foundation, Cortez A. M. (1965).

a. Correspondence. Re: donations to the Cortez A. M. Ewing Foundation.

b. Report. The University of Oklahoma Foundation, Inc. Re: analysis of investments for the period ended December 31, l964).

F 29: Foreign Policy (1965).

a. Correspondence.

b. Article (reprint) by Arnold J. Toynbee. "The Failure of American Foreign Policy." Fact. (l965).

c. Press release. German Embassy. "German Parliamentary Leader to Visit U.S. " (February l7, l965).

d. Speech. Dr. Rainer Barzel. (October 3, l965).

F 30: Fort Washita (1965).

a. Correspondence. Re: Civil War Centennial in Oklahoma.

b. Report. Henry B. Bass. (August l5, l965).

F 31: Gardner, Leonard (1965).

Correspondence. Re: South Africa.

F 32: Guam (1965).

Correspondence. Re: the removal of Manuel F. L. Guerrero as Governor of Guam. Signed by the Eighth Guam Legislature.

F 33: Holloway, Governor William J. (1965).

a. Correspondence. Re: the celebration of Governor William J. Holloway.

b. Speech. C. Hamilton Moses. "William J. Holloway Birthday." (December l5, l964).

F 34: Humphrey, Vice President Hubert H. (1965).

Correspondence. Correspondents include Hubert H. Humphrey. Re: Foreign Policy. (June 1, l965).

F 35: Inaugural Ceremonies (1965).

a. Brochure. The Inaugural Committee. Re: application for inaugural tags.

b. Inauguration Map.

c. Guidebook. Re: Inauguration, l965.

d. Booklet. "Official Inaugural Program." (January 20, l965).

F 36: Inaugural Committee (1964-65).

a. Correspondence. Correspondents include Wright Patman.

b. Newspaper clipping. "8 Inaugural Committee Post Filled."

c. Bulletin. Inaugural Committee l965. Re: Press Credentials.

d. Memorandum. Inaugural Committee l965. Re: Inaugural Committee Shuttle Schedule. (December 7, l964).

e. Press release. Inaugural Committee l965. Re: The Inaugural Ball Ticket Pickup Office.

f. Inaugural Ball. Invitation. Re: Inaugural Ball. (January 20, l965).

F 37: Inauguration (1965).

Correspondence. Correspondents include Jack Brooks, Robert Sikes and Tom Steed.

F 38: Inauguration (1965).

a. Inaugural invitation.

b. Invitation. Re: parties in celebration of inauguration.

c. Reception invitation. (January l9, l965).

d. Outline. Re: general information about the Inaugural Ball.

e. Press release. Inaugural Committee l965. Re: Young Democrats' Reception and Ball Celebrating Johnson's inauguration. (January l5, l965).

f. Calendar and information. Re: Inaugural Activities l965.

g. Memoranda.

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