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Box 33: Inauguration. Joint Congressional Committee on Inaugural Ceremonies (1964-1965) - Miscellaneous (1965)

F 1: Inauguration. Joint Congressional Committee on Inaugural Ceremonies (1964-65).

a. Correspondence. Correspondents include B. Everett Jordan.

b. Minutes. Re: meeting of Joint Congressional Committee on Inaugural Ceremonies. (September l4, l965).

c. Minutes. Re: meeting of D.C. Inaugural Planning Committee. (September l4, l965).

d. Agenda. Re: Third Joint Meeting of the D.C. Inaugural Planning Committee and Pre-Inaugural Committee. (September 2, l964).

e. List. Re: Recommended Inaugural Parade Troop.

f. Minutes. Re: Joint Meeting D.C. Inaugural Planning Committee and Pre-Inaugural Committee. (September 2 and September l7, l964).

g. Bids. Office of the Architect of the Capitol Re: Temporary Sound Reinforcement System for l965 Presidential Inaugural Ceremonies.

F 2: Inauguration Tickets (1964-65).

a. Correspondence. Re: requests for Inaugural tickets.

b. List. Re: those sent inaugural invitations.

F 3: Industry in Oklahoma (1965).

a. Correspondence. Re: Southern Economy.

b. Magazine. Industrial Development and Manufacturers Record. (May, l965).

c. Article. "Riches For A New Region-Harnessing The Arkansas River." U.S. News and World Report. (July 12,l965).

F 4: Industry in Oklahoma: Ardmore (1965).

a. Correspondence.

b. Newspaper clippings from Daily Ardmoreite.

c. Flyer. "The Ardmore Advance." Re: School bonds regarding the Southern Oklahoma Institute of Technology.

d. Newspaper. "$300,000 Bond Issue For School Approved." Daily Ardmoreite. (June 2, l965).

F 5: Industry in Oklahoma: Durant (1965).

a. Correspondence.

b. Booklet. Durant Chamber of Commerce. "l966 Blue - Prints for Progress."

c. Booklet. Technology Use Studies Center Southeastern State College. "Human and Material Resources of Pittsburg County: A Profile for Growth and Development." (August, l965).

F 6: Inland Empire Waterways Association (1965).

a. Correspondence.

b. Booklet. The Inland Empire Waterways Association. Re: Resolutions passed by the Association at the 32nd Convention. (October l7-l9, l965).

F 7: Intern Newsletter (1965).

a. Correspondence. Re: Albert's opinion of the intern program.

b. Newsletter. "The Intern Newsletter." (July, l965).

F 8: Kappa Alpha (1965).

a. Correspondence.

b. Magazine. Kappa Alpha Journal. (March, l965).

F 9: Kennedy Library (1965).

a. Correspondence. Correspondents include Robert F. Kennedy.

b. Statement. Carl B. Albert. Re: John Fitzgerald Kennedy Library.

c. Newspaper clipping. "Brother Set to Launch Unique Oral History Program." (n.s;n.d.).

F 10: Kennedy Memorial Fund: Big Cedar (1965).

a. Correspondence. Correspondents include Jed Johnson, Jr..

b. Press release. Carl Albert.

F 11: Lists: Miscellaneous (1965).

a. Correspondence.

b. List. Re: Oklahomans attending the meeting of President's Committee on Employment of the Handicapped. (April 29-30, l965).

c. List. Re: names and addresses of Oklahoma Congressional Staffs.

d. List. Re: names and addresses of all active REA Electric and telephone borrowers in the states of Arkansas and Texas.

e. Booklet. Re: Council of Home Demonstration Clubs.

f. Booklet. "Oklahoma Baptist Handbook, l965."

F 12: Lists: Teachers (1965).

a. Correspondence.

b. Lists. Re: Teachers Directory's in Leflore, Atoka, Bryan, Carter, Choctaw, Johnston, Latimer, Love, McCurtain, Murray, Pittsburg, and Pushmataha counties.

F 13: Majority Leader (1965).

Memorandum. Re: a telephone hook-up in the Democratic Cloakroom.

F 14: Majority Leader: Duties (1965).

a. House resolution S67. House of Representatives. Re: Carl Albert Elected Speaker pro tempore during the absence of the Speaker. (November 18, l963).

b. Reports.

F 15: Miscellaneous, A-B (1965).

a. Correspondence. Re: various topics.

b. Quarterly. The Douglas Missile and Space Systems Division. Apogee 65.

c. Newspaper clippings from Tulsa newspapers. Re: poverty. (n.d.).

d. Press release. General Motors Corporation. Re: l966 car prices. (September 22, l965).

e. "A Tribute: J.F.K." by Wilmer Bentley.

f. Editorial (reprint). "Decency Must Be Defended. Christian Economics. (n.d.).

g. Press release. Samuel C. Brightman. Re: brightman entering into business as a consultant on public and community relations and political campaigns. (November l9,l965).

h. Newsletters. "Voter's Voice in Congress." Re: various political topics. (August-July, l964).

i. Policy statement. Atlantic Council of the United States.

F 16: Miscellaneous, C-D (1965).

a. Correspondence. Re: various topics.

b. Newspaper. "People and Places." Tulsa World. (April 13, l965).

c. Article (reprint). "The Great Manpower Grab" by Frank T. Bow. Reader's Digest. (l964).

d. Advertisement (reprint). Time. Re: the launching of the satellite, Early Bird. (April 30, l965).

e. Brochure. Re: the General Electric Data Editing Display.

f. Resolution. House of Representatives of Hawaii. "Expressing Heartfelt Thanks to the Congress of the United States for Commemorating Hawaii's Admission to the Union. (March 25, l963).

g. Newspaper clippings from Daily Oklahoman and Oklahoma City Times.

h. Booklet. Science Clubs of America. "Honors Group in the 24th Annual Science Talent Search for the Westinghouse Science Scholarships and Awards, l965."

i. Resolution. Navigation and Industrial Committee of the Deep Fork Watershed Association. Re: Construction of the Arcadia and Wellston Reservoirs. (June 25, l965).

j. Newspaper clipping (reprint). "Local Explorer Scouts Send $l00 to Scouting Group in New Orleans." Sulphur Times - Democrat. (September 23, l965).

F 17: Miscellaneous, E-G (1965).

a. Correspondence. Re: various topics. Correspondents include John Kenneth Galbraith.

b. Editorials. WSBA. Re: political issues.

c. Cartoon (reprint). Daily Law Journal-Record. Re: Partisan politics. (August 12, l965).

d. Remarks. "Sir Winston Churchill." Congressional Record - House. (n.d.).

e. Newspaper clippings. Re: various topics. Clippings from Tulsa Tribune, Dallas Morning News, Daily Oklahoman, and Fort Worth Star-Telegram.

f. Booklet. Gulf Universities Research Corporation, Inc. "A Proposed Gulf Coast Marine Sciences Center."

F 18: Miscellaneous, H (1965).

a. Correspondence.

b. Newspaper clippings. Re: various topics. Clippings from Guthrie Daily Leader, Daily Oklahoman, and Oklahoma Eagle).

c. Article. "Control of Life." Life Magazine. Re: prenatal exploration. (n.d.).

d. Report. Eastern Airlines. "American White Paper." Re: U.S. Foreign Policy."

e. Newspaper. "Kathryn Harris Found Intern's Job In Albert's Office `Real Exciting'." Lawton Constitution - Morning Press. (August 29, l965).

f. Resolutions. Citizen Band of Potawatomi Indians of Oklahoma. Re: releasing of claims monies. (June 26, l965).

g. Questionnaire. Re: the Washington newspapers.

h. Magazine. Industrial Development and Manufacturers Record. (August, l965).

i. Sheet magazine. "I Pledge My Love" by Kenneth Hudelson.

j. Article (reprint). "The National Gas Act Experience- A Study in Regulatory Aggression and Congressional Failure to Control the Legislative Process" by William J. Flittie and James L. Armour. Southwestern Law Journal.

F 19: Miscellaneous, I-K (1965).

a. Correspondence. Re: various topics.

b. Poem by Tressie Jackson Jenks. "Our Plight."

c. Advertisements (reprint). Life. Re: Dierks Forests, Inc. (April 30, l965).

d. Newspaper clippings. Re: various topics. Clippings from Lexington Leader and Fort Worth Star-Telegram).

e. Article (reprint). "Tilt-Wing Transport" by Stu Madison. Aerospace Safety Magazine. (August, l965).

f. Newspaper page. "Monroney Greatly Impressed by V/STOL Plane." Dallas Morning News. (March 4, l965).

F 20: Miscellaneous, L-Mc (1965).

a. Correspondence. Correspondents include Hubert H. Humphrey.

b. Newspaper clipping. "Teen Leaving Local Church." Daily Ardmoreite. (July 5, l965).

c. Article. "The First Thirty-Five Years of Fortune" by Henry R. Luce. Fortune. (n.d.).

d. Sheet music with record. "You've Got Your Troubles" by Roger Greenaway and Roger Cook.

e. Fact Sheet. National Jefferson Davis Hall of Fame Committee. Re: Jefferson Davis.

f. Statement. "Real Flood protection For Augusta and Augusta and the Whitewater Valley in the Walnut River Basin."

g. Press release. Northwest Orient Airlines. Re: proposed a total of ten round-trip Boeing 727 Fan-jet flights a day.

F 21: Miscellaneous, M-O (1965).

a. Correspondence. Re: various topics.

b. Newspaper clippings. Re: various topics. Clippings from Anadarko Daily News, Daily Law Journal Record, Palm Beach Times, Human Events, and Des Moines Register).

c. Newsletter. "The Methodist Messenger, My Personal Opinion." (n.d.).

d. Report. "The Back of the Yards Neighborhood Council."

e. Pamphlet. Public Relations Department, United States Steel Corporation. Re: an exchange of correspondence on steel prices between President Lyndon B. Johnson and Roger M. Blough, Chairman of the Board of United States Steel.

f. Digest. "Television Digest and FM Reports." (September 1, l945).

g. Remarks by John R. Schmidhauser (reprint). Re: Appalachia program. (March 2, l965).

F 22: Miscellaneous (P-R) (1965).

a. Correspondence. Re: various topics. Correspondents include H. G. Rickover.

b. Newspaper clippings. Re: various topics. Clippings from Atoka County Times, Durant Daily Democrat, and Travel Weekly.

c. Booklet. "Law and Order" by James S. Kemper, Jr. (September 21, l965).

d. Newspaper. Las Vegas Review Journal. Re: photo with Captain John Hardy presenting a film of John F. Kennedy. (January 24, l965).

e. Newspaper. "Missle Gap: U.S. Retaliatory Force." Las Vegas Review Journal. (January 27, l965).

f. Newspaper page. "McNamara Informed of Criticism." Las Vegas Review Journal. (January 27, l965).

g. Booklet. Professional Engineers in Industry. "Federal Security Clearances and The Rights of Employees." (October, l964).

h. Reprint. "Help to Combat the `Non Profit' Travel Invasion." New York Times. (November 15, l965).

i. Articles (reprint). "Charge `Non-Profit' Groups With Misuse of Postal Privilege" and " Off With the Kid Gloves." (October 26 and November 2, l965).

j. Flyer. "The Rudy `Pastor' Robles Story!"

k. Report. Dan Smoot. "The Horror Now Upon Us." Re: civil rights. (August 23, l965).

l. Pamphlet. "The Real Meaning of Inflation.' Life Line by Melvin Munn. (July 23, l965).

m. Pamphlet. "Disarmament." Life Line by Melvin Munn. (July 29, l965).

n. Brochure. Oklahoma Press Service, Inc. "Complete Clipping Service."

o. Booklet. "Oklahoma Newspaper Radio and TV Telephone Directory."

p. Article (reprint). "How the Government Has Robbed John Q." Life Line.

q. Report by Miguel Albertyo Roman. "Sintesis de la Doctrina Del Derecho Economico." (1965).

r. Pamphlets. Women's American Organization for Rehabilitation through training. "Freed From Charity."

s. Newspaper. Federal Machinist. (February, l965).

F 23: Miscellaneous, S-Sn (1965).

a. Correspondence. Re: various topics. Correspondents include Fred Schwengel of the United States Capitol Historical Society.

b. Pamphlet. California Redwood Association. "The Tall Trees: A Guide to Parks in the Redwood Region."

c. Brochure. National Geographic Society. "National Capital Profile."

d. Magazine. N.A.R.D. Journal. (November 1, l965).

e. Newspaper clippings. Re: various topics. Clippings from Daily Oklahoman, McAlester News-Capital, and Sunday Oklahoman).

f. Sheet music. "The Great Society" by Joseph Sater and Charles L. Skerrett. (l965).

g. Press release. Pharmaceutical Manufacturers Association. Re: Wholesale Price Index for Ethical Pharmaceuticals. (n.d.).

h. Brochure. Re: The Overseas Service Program at Bennet College.

i. Bulletin. Bennett College. Re: A $7,000 Scholarship for a major in Japanese Beginning September, l965.

j. Summary. Re: a statistical summary of the business of the District of Columbia Court of General Sessions covering the first half of the present fiscal year, and a comparison with the same period of the previous fiscal year.

k. Fact sheet. Re: National Hardware Show Exhibit. (September 20-24, l965).

l. Newspaper page. "Developments Contrast with Rich Atoka History." McAlester News Capital. (October l9, l965).

m. Newspaper page. Shawnee News Star. Re: Photograph of Carl Albert at a Theater Party. (November l7, l965).

F 24: Miscellaneous, So-V (1965).

a. Correspondence. Re: various topics.

b. Reprint. "How Lyndon Stopped The Strike." (n.s; n.d.).

c. Statement. Rabbi Elmer Berger. Re: the Zionist Movement. (April 29, l965).

d. Booklet. H. L. T. Taswell, South African Ambassador to the United States of America. "South Africa: A Bright Spot on a Dark Continent."

e. Advertisement. "Nigeria: A Virile Republic, A Contributer to Progress." New York Times. (November 7, l965).

f. Article (reprint). "The Research and Development Pork Barrel." Science. (July 2, l965).

F 25: Miscellaneous, W-Z (1965).

a. Correspondence. Re: various topics. Correspondents include Sam Yorty.

b. Booklet. The Oklahoma Methodist Foundation. "Moment of Greatness."

c. Article (reprint). "Mental Retardation." Journal of the American Medical Association. (January l8, l965).

d. Advertisement (reprint). Wall Street Journal. Re: International Minerals and Chemical Corporation. (February 22, l965).

e. Speech. Fred L. Whipple. "Knowledge and Understanding of the Physical Universe As Determinants of Man's Progress." (September, l965).

f. Newsletter. Re: America Youth Hostels. (n.d.).

g. Newsletter. National Association of Manufacturers. Re: a Case Study on Job Development. (n.d.).

h. Newspaper clipping. "Barry and the Lying Press." Richmond News Leader. (January 29, l965).

i. Report. Re: Los Angeles. l84th birthday.

j. Poster. Re: Mission San Fernando.

F 26: Miscellaneous (1965).

a. Correspondence.

b. Newspaper clippings. Re: various topics, including the new leash law in Durant. Clippings from Durant Democrat.

c. Political cartoons. Re: President Johnson's control over Congress. Clippings from McAlester News - Capital.

d. Fact sheet. Department of the Army. Re: Determination that Mr. Joseph W. Namath is Medically disqualified for entrance into the military service. (December 7, l965).

e. Memorandum. Re: various topics.

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