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Box 37: Carl Albert Scholarship Fund (1966) - McAlester Chamber of Commerce (1966)

F 1: Carl Albert Scholarship Fund (1966).

a. Correspondence. Re: scholarship in Carl Albert's name started by J. D. Lewis.

b. List of Contributors.

F 2: Carter Seminary (1966).

Correspondence. Re: $900,000 Building program at Carter Seminary.

F 3: Chandler, Judge Stephen S. (1966).

a. Correspondence. Re: court case against Stephen S. Chandler.

b. Legal Documents. Re: Stephen S. Chandler versus Judicial Council of the Tenth Circuit of the United States. (October Term, l965).

c. Newspaper clippings. Clippings from Washington Post, New York Times, and Oklahoma Journal.

d. Press release. Re: the Appointment of Walter D. Hansen as Special Counsel. (March 3, l966).

F 4: Colleagues, A-B (1966).

a. Correspondence. Re: various topics. Correspondents include Wayne N. Aspinall, E. L. Bartlett, William Benton, John A. Blatnik, Hale Boggs, Richard Bolling, Jack Brooks, and George E. Brown. Folder also contains a letter and telegram signed by several members of the Congress re the United Nations.

b. Report by Mary Louise Ramsey. The Library of Congress: Legislative Reference Service. "Conflict-of-Interest Laws and False Claims Statutes Applicable to Members of Congress." (October 26, l966).

c. Newspaper. Billings Gazette. (July l7, l966).

F 5: Colleagues, C-E (1966).

a. Correspondence. Re: various topics. Correspondents include Frank Chelf, James C. Corman, Jeffery Cohelan, Earle Cabell, Hugh L. Carey, Don Clausen, John H. Dent, Charles B. Deane, John H. Dent, Robert B. Duncan, William Jennings Bryan Dorn, Bob Dole, Kika De La Garza, John D. Dingell, John G. Dow, Everett McKinley Dirksen, Bob Eckhardt, Ed Edmondson, Robert F. Ellsworth, and Don Edwards).

b. Speech. Frank Chelf. Re: Farewell to the House of Representatives.

c. Brochure. American Forest Products Industries, Inc. "American Trees Farm System Silver Anniversary: Growing Trees to Meet The Nation's Needs."

d. Newsletter. Jim Corman. (February, l966).

e. Invitation. Re: attendance to the International Pancake Day race. (Coupon included).

f. House Resolution l3712. "Summary of the Proposed Fair Labor Standards Act Amendments as Reported By The Committee on Education and Labor, March 21, l966."

g. Syllabus. "The Uses of Automatic Data Processing Equipment." Re: A Seminar for Capitol Hill staffers.

F 6: Colleagues, F-L (1966).

a. Correspondence. Re: various topics. Correspondents include Paul Findley, Donald M. Fraser, James Fulton, Charles Farnsley, Daniel J. Flood, Gerald R. Ford, Henry B. Gonzalez, George W. Grider, E.C. Gathings, John J. Gilligan, William D. Hathaway, Richard Hanna, James M. Hanley, Vance Hartke, William D. Hathaway, Oren Harris, Porter Hardy, Jr., Frank Horton, Seymour Halpern, Ken Hechler, George V. Hansen, Fred Harris, Lee H. Hamilton, John W. McCormack, John R. Hansen, Julia Butler Hansen, Jed Johnson, Jr., Lady Bird Johnson, Walter B. Jones, Theodore R. Kupferman, Frances P. Bolton, Edna F. Kelly, John V. Lindsay, and Rodney M. Love.

b. Proclamation by Lyndon B. Johnson (reprint). Re: World Law Day on September l3.

c. Report. Fred Harris. (April, l966).

d. Newspaper clipping. "Return Hanley to Congress." Syracuse Herald Journal. (October 20, l966).

e. Newspaper clippings. Re: Richard Fulton, M.C. Clippings from Chattanooga News-Free Press and Nashville Banner.

F 7: Colleagues, M-P (1966).

a. Correspondence. Re: various topics. Correspondents include Spark M. Matsunaga, Robert McClory, Wilbur D. Mills, John W. McCormack, Ray J. Madden, F. Bradford Morse, Patsy Mink, Bob Sikes, John C. Mackie, Thomas E. Morgan, William S. Maillard, Peter H. B. Frelinghuysen, Sidney R. Yates, Jonathan B. Bingham, Roy H. McVicker, John M. Murphy, Morris K. Udall, Gale McGee, Abraham J. Multer, James A. Mackay, Thomas G. Morris, Charles A. Mosher, Ogden R. Reid, F. Bradford Morse, John E. Moss, Richard D. McCarthy, James O'Hara, Phillip J. Phibin, Wright Patman, Roman C. Pucinski, Adam C. Powell, Graham Purcell, Seymour, Halpern, Edward J. Patten, Claude Pepper, Joe Pool, Santiago Polanco-Abreu, Otto E. Passman, and William Proxmire, and Graham Purcell.

b. Report. Charles A. Mosher. Re: Vietnam. (n.d.).

c. Resolution. House of Representatives. Re: U.S. Military Personnel Held Captive in Viet Nam. (n.d.).

d. Flyer. "Poland's Millennium of Christianity."

e. Reports. Wright Patman. March 24 and 31, and April 7, l966).

f. Press release. Wright Patman. Re: "Procurement clinic" held. (March 26, l966).

g. Program. Re: the Tenth Festival Casual. (June 1-June l7, l966). (Seating Chart included).

h. Press release. Adam C. Powell. "Black Power in the Great Society." (July 29, l966).

i. Press release. Mike Monroney. Re: various topics. (May l2, l966).

j. Press release. John E. Moss. Re: John E. Moss undergoing hospitalization. (June 1, l966).

F 8: Colleagues, Q-W (1966).

a. Correspondence. Re: various topics. Correspondents include Thomas M. Rees, Joseph Y. Resnick, Don Fuqua, Ralph J. Rivers, Dan Rostenkowski, Gerald R. Ford, Edna F. Kelly, L. Mendel Rivers, William F. Ryan, John J. Rhodes, Morris K. Udall, George F. Senner, Jr., John R. Blandford, John P. Saylor, Bob Sikes, H. Allen Smith, Robert G. Stephens, Jr., Richard S. Schweiker, Neal Smith, David E. Satterfield, III, Olin E. Teague, Herbert Tenzer, Lionel Van Deerlin, Jim Wright, Charles Longstreet Weltner, William B. Widnall, John C. Watts, Jim Wright, E. S. Johnny Walker, Joe D. Waggonner, Jr., Morris K. Udall, Harlan Hagen, and Eugene J. Keogh.

b. News release. Thomas M. Rees. "Beware-- The Ratings Are Coming! Or the Story Behind AGH...!" (October l0, l966).

c. Remarks. "J. Russell Blandford Received Rockefeller Award." Congressional Record-House. (October l7, l966).

d. Program. Re: the 53rd National Convention of the National Rivers and Harbors Congress.

e. Newspaper clipping. Re: Morris K. Udall. Clippings from Roll Call and Washington Post.

f. Invitation. Re: Testimonial Dinner Honoring Morris K. Udall. (February l7, l966).

g. Report. Central Arizona Project Association. "Saving Water in Arizona: A Report on Water Conservation Practices and Programs in Arizona." (January, l966).

h. List. Re: Natural Disasters declared by the President, October 3, l964 to June 29, l966).

i. Speech. Jim Wright. "Today's Realities and Tomorrow's Hopes." (January l4, l966).

j. Newspaper clipping. "Watts Terms `His Day' Greatest In Politics." Lexington Leader. (January 25, l966).

k. Program. Re: dinner honoring John C. Watts. (January 24, l966).

l. Newspaper clipping. "Many Youths Seeking Kicks.' (n.s;n.d.).

F 9: Colleagues, X-Z (1966).

a. Correspondence. Re: various topics. Correspondents include Ralph Yarborough and Clement Zablocki.

b. Newsletter. "Rating Congressmen and Senators." Here's the Issue. (October l4, l966).

c. Press release. House Committee on Public Works. "Blatnik Water Pollution Control Bill Sent To President for Signature." (October l3, l966).

d. Statement. Ed Edmondson. Re: Newspaper prediction of a shift by Oklahoma voters to the Republican line. (October l8, l966).

e. Article. "Bright Young Senator From Oklahoma." Railway Carmen's Journal. (May, l966).

f. Statement. Everett M. Dirksen. Re: Lyndon B. Johnson's anti-poverty campaign.

g. Remarks by Bob Wilson. Congressional Record-House. "Slush Fund." (March 3, l966).

h. Press release. "House Majority Leader Guests With Horton." (March 2, l966).

i. Statement. Gerald R. Ford. Re: Child safety legislation. (March 21, l966).

j. Statement. Gerald R. Ford and Everett M. Dirksen. Re: the Johnson-Humphrey Administration spending programs. (March l0, l966).

k. Statement. Carl Albert. Re: Jed Johnson, Jr. (March l7, l966).

l. Press release. Post Office and Civil Service Committee, House of Representatives. Re: hearing on compensation and retirement benefits of Federal Employees in the Panama Canal Zone. (April, l966).

m. Address. Carl Albert. Re: Johnny McMillan. (n.d.).

n. Newspaper clipping. "Steed's Birthday Proves Dollar Is Still Beloved." Tulsa Tribune. (March 9, l966).

o. Newspaper clipping. "Democrats See House Losses." Washington Daily News. (May 23, l966).

p. Newspaper clipping. "Double Standard..." Washington Post. (August l7, l966).

F 10: Colleagues. Condolences. (1966).

F 11: Colleagues: Congratulations on Election and Re-election (1966).

Correspondence. Re: various topics. Correspondents include W. M. Abbitt, Tom G. Abernethy, Joseph P. Addabbo, William R. Anderson, George Andrews, Frank Annunzio, Charles E. Bennett, Hale Boggs, James A. Byrne, William M. Colmer, John W. Davis, John H. Dent, William L. Dickinson, Charles C. Diggs, Jr., Harold D. Donohue, John Dowdy, Thomas N. Downing, Robert A. Everett, Don Edwards, George H. Fallon, O.C. Fisher, Daniel J. Flood, John J. Flynt, Jr., L.H. Fountain, Samuel N. Friedel, Don Fuqua, Cornelius E. Gallagher, E. C. Gathings, Martha W. Griffith, G. Elliot Hagan, Ken Hechler, A. Sydney Herlong, Jr., William L. Hungate, Paul C. Jones, Robert E. Jones, Frank M. Karsten, Robert W. Kastenmeier, James Kee, Paul J. Krebs, Peter N. Kyros, Alton Lennon, John L. McMillan, Spark M. Matsunaga, John O. Marsh, Jr., Wilbur D. Mills, Joseph G. Minish, William S. Moorhead, William S. Moorhead, William T. Murphy, William H. Natcher, Lucien N. Nedzi, Wright Patman, Claude Pepper, Philip J. Philbin, J. J. Pickle, Joe Pool, Melvin Price, Henry S. Reuss, George M. Rhodes, Fred B. Rooney, Edward R. Roybal, Fernand J. St. Germain, Armistead I. Selden, Jr., Harley O. Staggers, Robert G. Stephens, Jr., Roy A. Taylor, J. W. Trimble, William M. Tuck, John V. Tunney, Joe D. Waggonner, Jr., E. S. Johnny Walker, John C. Watts, Richard C. White, Basil L. Whitener, Edwin E. Willis, Sidney R. Yates, and Clement J. Zablocki.

F 12: Communism (1966).


F 13: Crackpot File (1966).


F 14: Democratic Congressional Dinner (1966).

Program. "l966 Democratic Congressional Dinner."

F 15: Democratic National Committee (1966).

a. Correspondence. Correspondents include Daniel K. Inouye and Neal Smith.

b. Memorandum. John B. Criswell. Re: detailed answer to Republican charges against the Democrat farm program. (October 4, l966).

c. Memorandum. John B. Criswell. Re: speech materials.

d. Brochure. Direct Mail Advertising Association, Inc. "What People Think About Direct Mail."

e. Brochure. The Democratic National Committee. "For the Dignity of Man and the Destiny of Democracy. Re: civil rights.

F 16: Democratic National Committee (1966).

a. Newspaper. The Democrat. (November 8, l965, and October - December, l966).

b. Placemat.

c. Newsletters. Democratic National Committee. Re: a schedule of events for February 21-28, l966, April 4-10, l966 and June 20-22, l966).

d. Survey. NBC News. Re: American attitudes toward politics and policies, some domestic and foreign policies of the administration, and some current social measures either proposed or in practice.

e. Magazine. Washington World. (June, l966).

f. Press release. Democratic Members of Oklahoma's Congressional Delegation. Re: congratulations on the appointment of John Criswell as acting treasurer of the Democratic National Committee.

g. Flyer. "Dollars for Democrats Drive." (September 7-17, l966).

h. Handbook. "Every One Counts."

F 17: Democratic National Congressional Committee (1966).

List. Democratic National Congressional Committee. Re: party nominees for the General Election of November 8, l966.

F 18: Democratic State Central Committee (1966).

a. Correspondence.

b. Newsletter. "The Oklahoma Democrat." (December, l965 and January, June, and July, l966).

c. Newspaper clipping. "Bob Turney Elected democrat's President." Wilburton newspaper. (November 1, l966).

d. Newsletter. Re: Oklahoma Young Democrats. (n.d.).

e. Maps. Re: political tours of Oklahoma.

f. List. Re: Candidates for Oklahoma Elective Offices, l966.

g. Program. "Oklahoma Democratic Jubilee Dinner, Victory l966."

F 19: District of Columbia (1966).

a. Correspondence. Re: District of Columbia transportation system.

b. Report. Federal City Council. "Freeways In the National Capital Region." (April, l966).

F 20: Ewing Foundation, Cortez A. M. (1966).

a. Correspondence.

b. Newspaper clipping. Clippings from Johnston County Capital-Democrat, The Oklahoma Daily, Oklahoma Journal, Norman Transcript, Tulsa Tribune, Tulsa World, Durant Daily, and Hartford Courant.

c. Photographs. Re: the Ewing Lecture in Norman, Oklahoma.

d. Speech by Carl Albert. "The Legislative Process in Action." Congressional Record-Senate. (May 23, l966).

F 21: Farmers Cooperative Grain Dealers Association of Oklahoma (1966).

a. Correspondence.

b. Resolutions. Farmers Cooperative Grain Dealers association of Oklahoma. Re: various topics with regard to farming.

F 22: Great Society (1966).


F 23: Immigration (1966).

a. Correspondence. Re: residents of Oklahoma admitted to United States citizenship during the month of April, l966.

b. List. Re: residents of Oklahoma admitted to United States citizenship during the Month of April, l966.

F 24: Industry in Oklahoma (1965).

a. Correspondence. Re: Southern economy.

b. Magazine. Industrial Development and Manufacturers Record. (May, l965).

F 25: Industry in Oklahoma: Ardmore (1966).

a. Correspondence. Re: topic.

b. Brochure. Re: Lincoln Center.

c. Newspaper clippings from Daily Ardmoreite. (September, l966).

d. Newspaper. Stromberg-Carlson News. (October 27, l966).

e. Brochure. Re: Stromberg-Carlson Corporation.

f. Brochure. "Davis: A Wonderful Town to Live In And Play In." Re: Davis, Oklahoma.

g. Brochure. Re: Sulphur, Oklahoma.

h. Proposed statement. Carl Albert. Re: Lockheed Subplant in Ardmore. (June 28, l966).

i. Newspaper. Daily Ardmoreite. Re: new newspaper building. (October 4, l966).

F 26: Industry in Oklahoma: Durant (1966).

a. Correspondence. Re: Durant Industry Day.

b. Newsletter. Durant Chamber of Commerce. (November 8, l965).

c. Map. "Bryan-Marshall Counties of Oklahoma and Grayson County of Texas."

F 27: Industry in Oklahoma: Hartshorne (1966).

a. Correspondence. Re: residential housing development. (Proposal included). Correspondents include Oklahoma Aerotronics, Inc.

b. Map. Hartshorne improvement Association.

F 28: Industry in Oklahoma: Idabel (1966).

a. Correspondence. Correspondents include Sargent Shriver.

b. Brochure. Chamber of Commerce. "Explore Idabel, Oklahoma."

F 29: Industry in Oklahoma: McAlester (1966).

a. Correspondence. Re: Tatal Corporation, Airtronics, General Aluminum Smelting Company, and North American Aviation, Inc.

b. Newspaper clippings from McAlester News-Capital and McAlester Democrat.

c. Report. Re: Airtronic Instruments, Inc.

d. Brochure. Re: North American Aviation, Inc.

e. Newspaper. McAlester Chamber of Commerce. Re: McAlester, Oklahoma.

f. Memoranda.

F 30: Industry in Oklahoma: McAlester (1966).

a. Correspondence. Re: Airtronic Instrument, Inc., General Aluminum Smelting Company, North American Aviation, Inc., and aluminum industry and trade.

b. Newspaper clipping. "Bass Succeeds Pructia As First National President." McAlester News-Capital. (September l0, l965).

c. Press release. Lockheed Aircraft Corporation. "Army Awards Lockheed Six-Month Study For VTOL Combat Air Craft. (n.d.).

d. Directory. Re: Membership of the McAlester Chamber of Commerce. (December 1, l964).

e. Booklet. "Project `74 - Forward." (May 10-17, l964).

f. Flyer. "McAlester Oklahoma You Have To See It To Believe It!" (Map included).

g. Brochure. Oklahoma Planning and Resources Board. "Southeastern Oklahoma, an Adventure Trail."

h. Article. "Pleasure Water Country." (n.s;n.d.).

i. Booklet. "This Is McAlester, Oklahoma."

F 31: Industry in Oklahoma: Poteau (1966).

a. Correspondence. Re: grant to Poteau Industries.

b. Newspaper page. Poteau News. Re: Carl Albert. (May l9, l966).

F 32: Inflation (1966).

a. Correspondence. Re: opinions on inflation. Correspondents include Otto E. Passman.

b. Newspaper clipping. "Personal Report: Washington." (March 31, l966). (n.s.).

c. Remarks by Melvin Price. "Federal Income Exceeded Expenditures 5 of Last 8 Years.' Congressional Record-Appendix. (June l5, l966).

d. Information. Re: gold holdings of the "Free World" countries.

e. Leaflet. Chamber of Commerce of the United States. "Alternative To Inflation -- 51 Ways to Save Over $3.3 Billion." (March 4, l966).

F 33: Kennedy, John F. Library (1966).

a. Correspondence. Re: Oral History Interview by Carl Albert about the Kennedy administration. Correspondents include Jacqueline Kennedy.

b. Statement. Carl Albert. Re: Gift to the John F. Kennedy Library.

c. Transcript. Re: interview for the John F. Kennedy Library Oral History Project. (May 7, l965).

F 34: Johnson, Lucy B: Wedding Gift (1966).

a. Correspondence.

b. Newspaper clippings. (n.s;n.d.).

F 35: Kennedy Foundation, Joseph P. (1966).

Correspondence. Re: a national campaign to inform the public about mental retardation. Correspondents include Sargent Shriver.

F 36: Kappa Alpha (1966).

a. Correspondence.

b. Reprint by Henry J. Foresman. Kappa Alpha Journal. Re: Vietnam. (January, l966).

c. Report. Beta Eta Alumni Association. Re: Kappa Alpha Building Project.

F 37: Lear Jet (1966).

a. Booklet. Lear Jet Corporation. "More Than a Jet Airplane. . . A Complete Lear Jet Aircraft System."

b. Brochure. Lear Jet Corporation. Re: Lear Jet Model 23.

c. Brochure. Lear Jet Corporation. "The Outside Story." Re: Lear Jets.

d. Reprint. "Lear Jet Owners Talk About Lear Jet Utility." Flight Magazine. (October, l965).

e. Newsletter. "Lear Jet News Report." (November 5, l965).

f. Brochure. "Lear Jet Stereo 8 for the Home."

g. Booklet. "Model 23 Military Information Guide, Lear Jet."

F 38: Lists: Miscellaneous (1966).

a. Correspondence.

b. Lists. Re: members of the American Legion of Oklahoma Cooperative Extension Work in Agriculture and Home Economics, The Civic and Cemetery Club of Caddo Voters in the Clayton, Oklahoma School election, Oklahoma Broadcasters Association, Community Assistance Programs, Public Libraries in Oklahoma, REA Cooperatives: Third District, and Washington Society of Association Executives.

F 39: Lists: Miscellaneous (1966).

a. Correspondence.

b. Lists. Re: professional Cooperative Extension Service employees in Oklahoma, vocational agriculture teachers in the Third District, Public Schools in the Third District, Graduates of Northeastern State College, Naturalized citizen of Oklahoma During October, l965, Students at Eastern Oklahoma A and M College and Directory of State and/or Regional Agency Officials).

c. Program. "Build Rural Oklahoma." Re: Workshop.

d. Booklet. Durant Chamber of Commerce. "l966 Blue-Prints for Progress."

e. Directory. Re: Members of the McAlester Chamber of Commerce. (December 1, l964).

f. Handbook. The Oklahoma State Home Demonstration Council.

F 40: Lists: Teachers (1966).

a. Correspondence.

b. Lists. Re: Directory of teachers from Bryan, Carter, Choctaw, Hugo counties, Jefferson school, Johnston County Dependent Schools, Latimer, Love, McCurtain, Murray, Pittsburg, Pushmataha Counties, and the University of Oklahoma.

F 41: Majority Leader (1966).

Correspondence. Re: Legislative Appropriation Act for l968.

F 42: McAlester Chamber of Commerce (1966).

a. Correspondence.

b. Bulletin. McAlester Chamber of Commerce and Agricultures. "McAlester..."

c. Report. Re: Recommended Categories for Projects in Program of Word.

d. Pamphlet. "Goals of McAlester Chamber of Commerce and Agriculture, l966-l968."

e. Report. McAlester Chamber of Commerce and Agriculture. "Progress Report of Community Effort."

f. Booklet. McAlester Chamber of Commerce. "McAlester Oklahoma Offers You..."

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