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Box 41: Colleagues (1967) - Miscellaneous, F-G (1967)

F 1: Colleagues (1967).

Topics include John W. McCormack, Hale Boggs, Operation Government Committee, and The State of the Union -- A Republican Appraisal. Correspondents include Gerald R. Ford (Address).

F 2: Colleagues: 78th and 79th Congress Clubs Reception (1967).

F 3: Colleagues: 80th Congress Club Reception (1967).

F 4: Colleagues: 81st and 82nd Congress Clubs Coffee (1967).

F 5: Colleagues: 83rd - 85th Congress Clubs Reception (1967).

F 6: Colleagues: 86th and 87th Congress Clubs Coffee (1967).

F 7: Colleagues: 88th Congress Club Coffee (1967).

F 8: Colleagues: 89th Congress Club Coffee (1967).

Correspondents include E. De La Garza.

F 9: Colleagues: 90th Congress Club Coffees (1967).

F 10: Colleagues: Committee Assignments (1967).

Correspondents include Jacob H Gilbert and E. S. Johnny Walker.

F 11: Colleagues: Lady Members of Congress Reception (1967).

Correspondents include Julia Butler Hansen.

F 12: Colleagues: Quail Luncheon (1967).

Correspondents include Wayne N. Aspinall, John McCormack, Dan Rostenkowski, and Olin E. Teague.

F 13: Colleagues: Reception for Committee Staff Members (1967).

F 14: Communism (1967).

F 15A: Comsat (1967).

Topics include Communications Satellite Corporation.

F 15B: Congressional Intern Summer Program (1967).

F 16: Democratic Central Committee of Oklahoma (1967).

Topics include William S. Kerr.

F 17: Democratic National Committee, A-Z (1967).

Topics include the Lyndon Johnson Administration.

F 18: Democratic National Committee (1967).

Topics include political profile of states.

F 19: Democratic National Party (1967).

F 20: Democrats (1967).

Correspondents include Carl Trumball Hayden, Morris K. Udall and Richard J. Daly.

F 21: Disabled American Veterans (1967).

F 22: District of Columbia (1967).

Topics include Washington (D.C.) drinking age law and legislation.

F 23: Durant, Oklahoma (1967).

F 24: East Central State College, Ada (1967).

F 25: Eastern Oklahoma A. and M. College (1967).

F 26: Economics (1967).

Topics include new economics.

F 27: Ewing Foundation (1967).

Topics include Cortez A. M. Ewing. Correspondents include Marcus Cohn.

F 28: Federal Land Banks 50th Anniversary (1967).

F 29: Foreman, Carolyn Thomas (1967).

Correspondents include Carolyn Thomas Foreman.

F 30: Forest Industries Council (1967).

Topics include forestry innovations.

F 31: Governors Conference (1967).

F 32: Guam, Territory of, 1966-1967.

Correspondents include Antonio Borja Won Pat.

F 33: Hartshorne, Oklahoma (1967).

F 34: Indonesia (1967).

F 35: Industry in Oklahoma (1967).

Topics include the Arkansas River Project.

F 36: Industry in Oklahoma: Ardmore (1967).

Topics include the Stromberg-Carlson Division of General Dynamics.

F 37: Industry in Oklahoma: Duncan (1967).

Topics include the Duncan Chamber of Commerce and the Halliburton Company.

F 38: Industry in Oklahoma: McAlester (1967).

Topics include Lockheed, Inc., the North American Rockwell Corporation, and McAlester (OK) city planning. Correspondents include Dewey F. Bartlett.

F 39: Internal Revenue Service (1967).

Topics include the United States Internal Revenue Service.

F 40: International Peace Garden, 1966-67.

F 41: Kerr, Robert S. (1967).

Topics include Robert Gene Baker and Robert S. Kerr.

F 42: KOED (1967).

Topics include the Knock On Every Door Plan.

F 43: Labor (1967).

Topics include United States legislators.

F 44: Lists, A-L (1967).

F 45: Lists, M-Z (1967).

Topics include the Directory of Junior Colleges by Congressional Districts.

F 46: Lists: Teachers (1967).

F 47: Marshall Plan (1967).

Topics include George C. Marshall.

F 48: McKenna, Pat, 1965-67.

Topics include oil and gas leases and Pat A. McKenna.

F 49: McKenna, Pat, 1965-67.

Topics include Camp Breckinridge (KY). Correspondents include Pat A. McKenna.

F 50: Middle East (1967).

Topics include Israel.

F 51: Miscellaneous, A-B (1967).

Topics include John W. McCormack, Sands Point Country Day School, and the Republican State of the Union Address.

F 52: Miscellaneous, C-E (1967).

Topics include the Common Market, therapeutic abortion, and the Chrysler Corporation.

F 53: Miscellaneous, F-G (1967).

Topics include Communism and Israel.

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