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Box 42: Miscellaneous, H-K (1967) - Oklahoma State Society of Washington D.C. (1967)

F 1: Miscellaneous, H-K (1967).

F 2: Miscellaneous, L-N (1967).

Topics include Communism in Transylvania and the Soviet Union. Correspondents include Russell B. Long

F 3: Miscellaneous O-R (1967).

Topics include Michael J. Kirwan, Chas. Pfizer & Co., Inc (annual report), and the Lake Erie-Ohio River Canal.

F 4: Miscellaneous, S-U (1967).

Topics include Rhodesia Communism and the Great Society cartoon. Correspondents include Life Underwriters Political Action Committee (jokes and cartoon) and Mike Synar.

F 5: Miscellaneous, V-Z (1967).

Topics include the Space Business Daily Space program.

F 6: Miscellaneous (1967).

Topics include health insurance and Okinawa, Japan.

F 7: National Association of Home Builders (1967).

F 8: National Cemeteries (1967).

F 9: National Forest Products Association (1967).

Topics include public land.

F 10: National Science Foundation (1967).

F 11: Newspapers (1967).

F 12: Nixon, Richard M.

Topics include Richard M. Nixon and presidential election.

F 13: Office: Memos and Business (1967).

Topics include the Southwestern Power Administration. Correspondents include J. J. Pickle.

F 14: Office Memos and Business (1967).

F 15: Office Memos and Business (1967).

F 16: Oklahoma Congressional Delegation (1967).

F 17: Oklahoma: Department of Highways (1967).

Topics include the South Canadian River and Oklahoma highway needs.

F 18: Oklahoma: Dept. of Mines (1967).

F 19: Oklahoma: Dept. of Public Health (1967).

F 20: Oklahoma: Dept. of Wildlife Conservation (1967).

Topics include firearms law and legislation and wild and scenic rivers and pollution.

F 21: Oklahoma Employment Security Commission (1967).

Topics include veterans and employment and the Manpower Developmental Project Proposal. Correspondents include Dewey F. Bartlett.

F 22: Oklahoma: General, A-G (1967).

Topics include Jim Thorpe.

F 23: Oklahoma: General, H-N (1967).

Topics include the Ford Motor Company plant in Oklahoma City (OK).

F 24: Oklahoma: General, O-Z (1967).

Topics include the Ford Motor Company plant in Oklahoma City (OK).

F 25: Oklahoma: General (1967).

Topics include Jane Ann Jayroe. Correspondents include the Oklahoma Department of Mines Report.

F 26: Oklahoma Highways (1967).

Topics include the Highway 43 Association.

F 27: Oklahoma Historical Society (1967).

F 28: Oklahoma: Industrial Development and Park Dept. (1967).

Topics include Oklahoma industry. Correspondents include the Oklahoma Industry Development and Park Department (booklet).

F 29: Oklahoma Press Association (1967).

Correspondents include the Oklahoma Press Association Directory.

F 30: Oklahoma: State Board for Vocational Education (1967).

Correspondents include the Oklahoma State Board for Vocational Education Report.

F 31: Oklahoma State Commission of Charities and Corrections (1967).

F 32: Oklahoma: State Election Board (1967).

F 33: Oklahoma State Fair (1967).

F 34: Oklahoma: State Highway Commission (1967).

Topics include appraisal of Oklahoma Highway Safety Programs, 1966. Correspondents include the Oklahoma State Highway Commission.

F 35: Oklahoma State Insurance Dept.

Topics include Joe B. Hunt.

F 36: Oklahoma State Legislature (1967).

Topics include Oklahoma highways and federal matching funds. Correspondents include the Oklahoma Legislature.

F 37: Oklahoma State Library (1967).

Topics include Ralph Hudson.

F 38: Oklahoma State Sanatorium in Talihina (1967).

F 39: Oklahoma State Society of Washington D.C. (1967).

Topics include the University of Oklahoma School of Art.

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