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Box 43: Oklahoma State University (1967) - Publications, D-H (1967)

F 1: Oklahoma State University (1967).

Topics include Edmon Low.

F 2: Oklahoma Tax Commission (1967).

Topics include sales tax.

F 3: Oklahoma Today (1967).

F 4: Oklahoma Water Resources Board (1967).

Topics include the Oklahoma Red River water quality proposal. Correspondents include the Oklahoma Water Resources Board (annual report and appraisal report)

F 5: Oratorical Contest (1967).

F 6: Partners of the Alliance (1967).

F 7: Personal, A-D (1967).

Topics include crime. Correspondents include Frank William Boykin.

F 8: Personal, E-J (1967).

Topics include the 90th Congress. Correspondents include James E. Edmondson and J. Herbert Holloman.

F 9: Personal, K-M (1967).

Topics include the University of Oklahoma and University of Oklahoma Press. Correspondents include Savoie Lottinville, Willmoore Kendall and William G. Kerr.

F 10: Personal, N-R (1967).

Correspondents include Julian J. Rothbaum.

F 11: Personal, S-T (1967).

Topics include The American Oxonian.

F 12: Personal, U-Z (1967).

F 13: Petroleum (1967).

F 14: Photographs (1967).

F 15: Pittsburg County Historical Society (1967).

F 16: Powell, Adam C., A-L (1967).

Topics include Adam Clayton Powell. Correspondents include Emanuel Celler and Jonathan B. Bingham.

F 17: Powell, Adam C., M-Z (1967).

Topics include Adam Clayton Powell. Correspondents include Adam Clayton Powell (press release), Robert L. F. Sikes, and Lionel Van Deerlin (press release).

F 18: Powell, Adam C. (1967).

Topics include Adam Clayton Powell.

F 19: Press Releases (1967).

Topics include the United States Department of Health, Education, and Welfare and urbanization.

F 20: Public Broadcasting Act (1967).

F 21: Publications, A (1967).

Topics include the Vietnamese Conflict protest movements, learning disabilities law and legislation, astronautics and aeronautics.

F 22: Publications, A-B (1967).

Topics include guaranteed annual income (pamphlet) and nuclear powers (book). Correspondents include the American Veterans Committee (bulletin).

F 23: Publications, C (1967).

Topics include poverty.

F 24: Publications, D-H (1967).

Topics include industrial relations, war on hunger, economic regionalism, and William F. Buckley.

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