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Box 44: Publications, I-M (1967) - Sinclair, Florene R. (1967)

F 1: Publications, I-M (1967).

Topics include the Vietnamese Conflict of 1961-1975, uniforms, military, and the 90th Congress. Correspondents include Lear Siegler, Inc.

F 2: Publications, N (1967).

Topics include smoking and city government revenues.

F 3: Publications, N-Q (1967).

Topics include petroleum and Peru. Correspondents include Oklahoma Blue Cross and Blue Shield (report).

F 4: Publications, R-T (1967).

Topics include 90th Congress and the Vietnamese Conflict, 1961-1975.

F 5: Publications, T-Z (1967).

Topics include Vietnamese Conflict, 1961-1975.

F 6: Publications (1967).

Topics include the Arabian American Oil Company, revenue, collective bargaining, and the Los Angeles, California riots. Correspondents include Samuel William Yorty (Mayor of Los Angeles - interview)., and Bill Moyers (article).

F 7: Publications (1967).

Correspondents include the National Association of Railroad & Utilities Commissioners (annual report), the National Trust for Historic Preservation in the United States (annual report), the National Safety Council (annual report), and the AFL-CIO Maritime Trades Department (periodical).

F 8: Publicity, A-M (1967).

Topics include Carl Albert and 90th Congress.

F 9: Publicity, N-Z (1967).

Topics include Josh Lee and the Public Works Appropriation Bill for 1968.Correspondents include Fred R. Harris (interview).

F 10: Publicity: General Electric Forum (1967).

Topics include economic development, education, and government and industry relations. Correspondents include Gerald R. Ford.

F 11: Publicity: Radio (1967).

F 12: Publicity: Television (1967).

F 13: Puerto Rico (1967).

Correspondents include Statehood Republican Party of Puerto Rico Resolution.

F 14: Questionnaires (1967).

F 15: Racism (1967).

Topics include the New Jersey riots.

F 16: Railroads (1967).

Topics include railroad shop unions. Correspondents include Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe Railway Co. (statement).

F 17: Rhodes Scholars (1967).

F 18: Rothbaum, Julian J. (1967).

Correspondents include Julian J. Rothbaum and the United States Atomic Energy Commission.

F 19: Schedules and Calls (1967).

F 20-23: Sinclair, Florene R. (1967).

Topics include Tom Steed and Adam Clayton Powell. Correspondents include Florene R. Sinclair.

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