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Box 45: Southeastern State College, Durant (1967) - Civil Disorder (1968)

F 1: Southeastern State College, Durant (1967).

Topics include Southeastern State College (Durant, Okla.).

F 2: Southeastern State College, Durant (1967).

Topics include Allan E. Shearer and the Technology Use Studies Center.

F 3: Speeches (1967).

Topics include Flag Bill (speech).

F 4: Taxes (1967).

F 5: Testimonials (1967).

Topics include Hubert H. Humphrey (award).

F 6: Unidentified Flying Objects (1967).

F 7: United Nations (1967).

Topics include United Nations Development Programme.

F 8: University of Oklahoma (1967).

Topics include University of Oklahoma.

F 9: University of Oklahoma (1967).

Topics include University of Oklahoma, physical development, The Plan for Excellence (A Progress Report).

F 10: University of Oklahoma: Carl Albert Award (1967).

F 11: Vietnam (1967).

F 12: White House, A-H (1967).

Topics include education and Edmon Low. Correspondents include Lyndon B. Johnson (speeches).

F 13: White House, I-T (1967).

Correspondents include Lyndon B. Johnson.

F 14: White House, U-W (1967).

Topics include Allen E. Shearer. Correspondents include Ed Edmondson.

F 15: White House, X-Z (1967).

Topics include Railroad Mediation Board. Correspondents include Henry Wilson.

F 16: White House: Governor's Committee on Employment of the Handicapped (1967).

Topics include McAlester Naval Ammunition Depot.

F 17A: Young Democrats (1965-1967).

Topics include Young Democrats, voter registration, and the Vietnamese Conflict (1961-1975).

F 17B: Albert Birthday (1968).

Correspondents include Frank L. Chelf.

F 17C: Albert Birthday (1968).

Correspondents include Hubert H. Humphrey.

F 18: Albert: Portrait (1968).

F 19: American Federation of Government Employees (1968).

Topics include federal employees.

F 20: American Heritage Foundation (1968).

Topics include Special Report on the Young Voter (1968).

F 21: American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (1968).

Topics include Safety Car Program.

F 22: American Legion (1968).

F 23: Appreciation Letters (1968).

F 24: Architect of the Capitol (1968).

F 25: Biafra (1968).

F 26: Boy Scouts of America (1968).

F 27: Carl Albert Jr.-Sr. High School (1968).

F 28: Cartwright, Wilburn (1968).

Topics include Wilburn Cartwright.

F 29: Central Arizona Project (1968).

Topics include Gila River (NM). Correspondents include Sierra Club.

F 30: Chamber of Commerce of the United States (1968).

F 31: Civil Disorder (1968).

Topics include riots in Washington D. C.

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