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Box 46: Colleagues, A-C (1968) - Educational Film (1968)

F 1: Colleagues, A-C (1968).

Correspondents include Watkins M. Abbitt, Brock Adams, E. Y. Berry, Tom Bevill, James A. Burke, Robert C. Byrd, Earle Cabell, Hugh Carey, William Meyers Colmer, John Conyers, James C. Corman, and John H. Buchanan.

F 2: Colleagues, D-G (1968).

Correspondents include Charles C. Diggs, Don Edwards, Gerald R. Ford, Peter H. B. Frelinghuysen, Cornelius Gallagher, Gilbert Gude, Frank E. Evans, Richard Fulton, and Charles H. Griffin.

F 3: Colleagues, H-L (1968).

Topics include Vance Hartke and James M. Hanley. Correspondents include Charles A. Halleck, Julia Butler Hansen, Porter Hardy, Fred R. Harris, William D. Hathaway, Albert Sydney Herlong, Jacob K. Javits, Jed J. Johnson (speech), and Richard T. Hanna (newsletter).

F 4: Colleagues, M (1968).

Topics include Bob Wilson, Brock Adams, Phillip Mitchell Landrum, Spark M. Matsunaga, and Patsy T. Mink. Correspondents include Mike Mansfield (lecture), John E. Moss, and Richard D. McCarthy.

F 5: Colleagues, N-T (1968).

Topics include Wright Patman, John E. Rankin, and George A. Smathers, congressional reform, and Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. Correspondents include Ancher Nelson, Oscar V. Rose, William V. Roth, William Fitts Ryan, Thomas M. Rees, Benjamin S. Rosenthal, Fernand J. St Germain, and James H. Scheur.

F 6: Colleagues, U-Z (1968).

Correspondents include Al Ullman (newsletter), George Howard Wilson, and Joseph P. Vigorito.

F 7: Colleagues (1968).

Topics include Harriet Joyce McCormack. Correspondents include Thaddeus J. Dulski (press release).

F 8: Colleagues: Congressional Scheduling (1968).

Correspondents include William Jennings Bryan Dorn, Daniel T. Flood, John J. Flynt, Harold Terry Johnson, Lee Hamilton, Robert W. Kastenmeier, William F. Nichols, James O'Hara, Richard L. Ottinger, Claude Pepper, Melvin Price, Charles H. Wilson, Jonathon B. Bingham, W. C. Daniel, Samuel N. Friedel, Richard Fulton, Abner J. Mikva, Thomas M. Rees, and Roy A. Taylor.

F 9: Communism (1968).

F 10: Congressional Record Remarks (1968).

Topics include Business and Professional Women's Clubs, Inc., electoral college, and voting age.

F 11: Crackpot File (1968).

F 12: Democratic National Committee (1968).

Topics include Lady Bird Johnson and the Democratic National Convention. Correspondents include Hubert H. Humphrey (speech), John W. McCormack, and Democratic National Committee (U.S.).

F 13A: Democratic Congressional Committee (1968).

F 13B-17: Democratic National Convention (1968).

Topics include permanent chairman of the Democratic Convention, Democratic National Convention, Committee on Resolutions and Platform, and Democratic State Platform in Connecticut (1968). Correspondents include Fred R. Harris, Walter F. Mondale, David Boren, Lyle Boren, Joe L. Evins, William J. Holloway, Independent Petroleum Association of America (statement), and Richard J. Daley.

F 18: Democratic National Convention (1968).

Correspondents include Richard J. Daley.

F 19A-B: Democratic National Convention (1968).

Topics include Democratic manual (1968). Correspondents include Hubert H. Humphrey and Edward M. Kennedy.

F 20: Democratic State Central Committee of Oklahoma, A-K (1968).

Correspondents include William G. Kerr.

F 21: Democratic State Central Committee of Oklahoma, L-Z (1968).

F 22: Democratic State Central Committee of Oklahoma (1968).

Topics include Lyndon B. Johnson and the Oklahoma Democrat.

F 23: District of Columbia (1968).

F 24: Drug Abuse (1968).

F 25: Duncan, Oklahoma: Chamber of Commerce (1968).

Topics include industry in Duncan (OK).

F 26: East Central State College (1968).

F 27: Economics (1968).

Topics include National Economic Growth Rate and Presidential Measures on Balance of Payments Controls.

F 28: Educational Film (1968).

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