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Box 48: Office Memoranda (1968) - Publications (1968).

F 1: Office Memoranda (1968).

Correspondents include National Association of Retail Druggists.

F 2: Oil (1968).

Topics include oil import program.

F 3: Oklahoma Chamber of Commerce (1968).

F 4: Oklahoma Colleges (1968).

F 5: Oklahoma Department of Highways (1968).

Topics include federal aid to highway projects.

F 6: Oklahoma Department of Libraries (1968).

F 7: Oklahoma Department of Public Welfare (1968).

Topics include Medicaid.

F 8: Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation (1968).

F 9-10: Oklahoma: General, A-O (1968).

Topics include airports and jets.

F 11: Oklahoma: General, P-Z (1968).

Topics include Tinker Credit Union.

F 12: Oklahoma Legislature (1968).

F 13: Oklahoma Pharmaceutical Association (1968).

F 14: Oklahoma State Dental Association (1968).

F 15: Oklahoma State Department of Agriculture (1968).

Topics include peanut acreage allotment.

F 16: Oklahoma State Dept. of Education (1968).

Topics include preventative inoculation for measles.

F 17: Oklahoma State Legislature (1968).

Topics include income tax and the Federal Wage and Hour Law.

F 18: Oklahoma State Society of Washington D.C. (1968).

F 19: Oklahoma State Soil Conservation Board (1968).

Topics include Watershed Protection and Flood Prevention Act - PL566.

F 20: Oklahoma State University (1968).

F 21: Oklahoma Water Resources Board (1968).

Topics include Lake Atoka.

F 22: Oral Roberts University (1968).

F 23: Oratorical Contest, 1967- 1968.

Topics include public speaking competitions in Oklahoma, 3rd District Oratorical Contest, and the Carl Albert oratorical contest. Correspondents include East Central State College (Ada, Okla.), Eastern Oklahoma State College, Seminole Junior College, and Southeastern State College (Durant, Okla.).

F 24-27: Personal (1968).

Topics include Perrill Munch Brown, Oral Roberts, Eagle Picher Smelting Plant, and the Democratic National Congressional Committee. Correspondents include Wilburn Cartwright, Reva Beck Bosone, Frank William Boykin, Marcus Cohn, Glenn English, Julian J. Rothbaum, Lawrence F. O'Brien, Ramsey Clark, Margaret Lokey, E. K. Gaylord, William J. Holloway, and Frank Rogers.

F 28: Photographs (1968).

F 29: Politics (1968).

Topics include George C. Wallace, John W. McCormack, and electioneering.

F 30: Poor People's Campaign (1968).

Correspondents include James F. Hamilton and Ralph D. Abernathy.

F 31: Powell, Adam C. (1968).

F 32: Press Releases (1968).

F 33-35: Publications (1968).

Topics include Indians of North America health and hygiene, air traffic control, pollution, riots, Estonia, and pension funds. Correspondents include Fred R. Harris and Edward William Brooke.

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