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Box 50: Agricultural Conservation Program (1969) - Democratic Party (1969)

F 1: Agricultural Conservation Program (1969).

F 2: Albert Birthday (1969).

F 3: Albert: Remarks in Record (1969).

Topics include Dwight D. Eisenhower.

F 4: Albert: Speeches and Remarks (1969).

Topics include Frank W. Boykin, Henry Iba, United States Congress House of Representatives, economic policy, inflation, housing law and legislation, water pollution, Korea, Nixon administration, and equal rights.

F 5: Albert Speeches and Statements, 1970.

Topics include Kappa Kappa Gamma and United States economic policy statement.

F 6: Americans for Democratic Action (1969).

F 7: Appreciation, A-L (1969).

Topics include Robert F. Kennedy.

F 8: Appreciation, M-Z (1969).

F 9: Appreciation: American Israel Public Affairs Committee (1969).

F 10-11: Architect of the Capitol, A-Z (1969).

Topics include the United States Capitol (Washington D.C.).

F 12: Awards (1969).

Topics include the Carl Albert Award. Correspondents include Julian J. Rothbaum and James R. Jones.

F 13: Biafra (1969).

Correspondents include Eugene J. McCarthy.

F 14: Boy Scouts (1969).

F 15: Burmister, Donald. "Hindsight Perspective and Foresight Forecasts" (1969).

Topics include civil rights, Africa, and Vietnam.

F 16: Calls, Schedules, and memos (1969).

F 17: Colleagues, A-C (1969).

Topics include Henry Bellmon, Communism, education, aid to families with dependent children programs, China, congressional recess. Correspondents include Brock Adams, Richard W. Bolling, Hale Boggs, Lindley Beckworth, John Brademas, Reva Beck Bosone, Wilburn Cartwright, John N. Happy Camp, and Jonathan B. Bingham.

F 18: Colleagues, D-H (1969).

Topics include Thomas J. Dodd, Ed Edmondson, Daniel J. Flood, Gerald R. Ford, Edith Green, congressional recess, John F. Kennedy Center, and black economic development. Correspondents include Robert A. Everett, Lawrence A. Fountain, Robert P. Griffin, Julia Butler Hansen, Fred R. Harris, Chet Holifield, Hubert H. Humphrey, Don Fraser, Kenneth J. Gray, and Richard T. Hanna.

F 19: Colleagues, I-M (1969).

Topics include Michael J. Kirwan, John Melcher, and federal aid to education. Correspondents include Lyndon B. Johnson, Joseph E. Karth, John C. Kluczynski, Donald E. Lukens, John W. McCormack, Spark M. Matsunaga, Robert H. Michel, Fred R. Harris, William S. Moorehead, and John M. Murphy.

F 20: Colleagues, N-T (1969).

Topics include Ross Rizley, electoral college and flood control. Correspondents include David R. Obey, James G. O'Hara, Donald W. Riegle, James H. Scheuer, and Fletcher Thompson.

F 21: Colleagues, U-Z (1969).

Topics include Stewart L. Udall, inflation, taxation law and legislation, and appropriations. Correspondents include Charles A. Vanik, Richard C. White, Jim Wright, and Louis C. Wyman.

F 22: Colleagues: Miscellaneous (1969).

Topics include Adam Clayton Powell, oil imports, and Ed Edmondson.

F 23: Colleagues: Receptions (1969).

Topics include members of the 91st Congress.

F 24: Communism (1969).

F 25: Comsat (1969).

F 26: Congressional Directory (1969).

F 27: Congressional Intern Summer Program (1969).

F 28: Congressional Record (1969).

Topics include Steve Owens and David Boren.

F 29: Congressional Record: Remarks by Albert (1969).

Topics include Green Thumb Project.

F 30: Crockett, Davy (1969).

Topics include the United States Constitution and Davy Crockett.

F 31: Democratic Congressional Campaign (1969).

Correspondents include Tom Rees and J.J. Pickle.

F 32: Democratic National Committee, A-L (1969).

Topics include the Democratic National Committee (U.S.). Correspondents include Thomas G. Abernethy, Richard Fulton, Fred R. Harris, and Hubert H. Humphrey.

F 33: Democratic National Committee, M-Z (1969).

Topics include the Democratic National Committee (U.S.). Correspondents include Ray Roberts.

F 34: Democratic National Committee (1969).

Topics include Richard M. Nixon, Democratic National Committee (U.S.) and Democratic Policy Council.

F 35: Democratic National Committee (1969-1970).

Topics include the Republican Party (U.S.: 1854- ), Democratic National Committee (U.S.), and the Democratic Party (Ala.).

F 36: Democratic National Congressional Committee (1969).

Topics include United States Congress House Committee on House Banking and Currency, interest rates, 91st Congress, and Nixon administration. Correspondents include Michael J. Kirwan, Mike Mansfield, and Lee Metcalf.

F 37: Democratic Party (1969).

Topics include inflation. Correspondents include Richard M. Nixon (State of the Union address) and Mike Mansfield.

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