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Box 51: Democratic State Central Committee, A-N (1969) - Miscellaneous (1969)

F 1: Democratic State Central Committee, A-N (1969).

Topics include Democratic State Central Committee.

F 2: Democratic State Central Committee, O-Z (1969).

Topics include Democratic State Central Committee.

F 3: Democratic State Central Committee (1969).

Topics include oil depletion allowance.

F 4-8: Dujovic, Borislav, A-Z (1969).

Topics include Borislav Dujovic. These folders contain copies of correspondence from members of Congress, governors, and foreign dignitaries congratulating Dujovic on his graduation from highschool. There are also a few pages from a pamphlet with photos of Dujovic's Yugoslavian relatives who fought against the Nazis and Communists.

F 9: Duncan, Oklahoma (1969).

F 10: East Central State College, Ada (1969).

F 11: Eastern Oklahoma College, Wilburton (1969).

F 12: Economics (1969).

Topics include inflation, interest rates, and prime rate.

F 13: Education (1969).

F 14: Education (1969).

Topics include national school lunch program.

F 15: Eisenhower's Essays (1969).

Correspondents include Dwight D. Eisenhower. Topics include biological weapons.

F 16: Environmental Concerns (1969).

Topics include biological weapons.

F 17: Ewing Foundation (1969).

F 18: Foreign Policy Association.

F 19: Foreign Trade (1969).

F 20: Future Farmers of America (1969).

F 21: Green Thumb Project (1969).

Topics include Economic Opportunity Act.

F 22: Gun Control (1969).

Topics include Gun Control Act of 1968.

F 23: Harris, Fred (1969).

Topics include Fred R. Harris.

F 24: House: Majority Leader, A-S (1969).

Topics include David R. Ramage. Correspondents include Charles E. Bennett, Emilio Q. Daddario, Joe L. Evins, Ed Koch, and John W. McCormack.

F 25: House: Majority Room, T-Z (1969).

Topics include David R. Ramage. Correspondents include Morris K. Udall, Charles H. Wilson, and Roy A. Taylor.

F 26: Hunt, Joe B., State Insurance Commissioner (1969).

F 27-28: Inauguration (1969).

F 29: Inauguration Tickets (1969).

F 30: Industry in Oklahoma: Ada (1969).

F 31: Industry in Oklahoma: McCurtain County (1969).

Topics include Weyerhauser Corporation.

F 32: Industry in Oklahoma: Poteau (1969).

F 33: Johnson, Lyndon B. (1969).

Topics include Lyndon B. Johnson.

F 34: Kappa Alpha (1969).

Topics include Kappa Alpha Order.

F 35: Korean Trip (1969).

Correspondents include David Pryor and John N. Happy Camp.

F 36: Korean Trip (1969).

Correspondents include John W. McCormack and William P. Rogers.

F 37-38: Korean Visit (1969).

Topics include Korean delegation. Correspondents include Gerald R. Ford.

F 39: Labor (1969).

Topics include consumer protection law and legislation and Mandatory Retirement Law and legislation. Correspondents include James G. O'Hara and the AFL-CIO.

F 40A: Maimonides Institute (1969).

F 40B-C: Majority Leader (1968 November - 1969).

These folders contain correspondence between Carl Albert and other member of Congress. There are too many members to list individually. Topics primarily concern the scheduling of Congressional recesses and support for Albert's upcoming election for the House Majority Leader position for the 91st Congress. There are also a few letters from Bob Poage concerning restriction of membership on the House Committee on Agriculture. Topics include Ed Edmondson, United States Congress and House Committee on Agriculture and United States Congress House Majority Leader. Correspondents include W. R. Poage.

F 41: March of Dimes (1969).

F 42: Massad, General E. L. "Mike" (1967-1969).

Topics include Armed Forces Reserves and Massad's nomination for Assistant Secretary for Reserve Affairs in the Department of Defense.

F 43: Medicine (1969).

Topics include mechanical heart.

F 44-46: Miscellaneous (1969).

Topics include Spiro T. Agnew, Southern Methodist University, baseball, and Minutemen Organization. Correspondents include Wilburn Cartwright and Clarence Darrow. Topics in these folders continue in Box 52, Folders 1-10.

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