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Box 53: Oklahoma General (1969) - Publications, A-Z (1969)

F 1-4: Oklahoma General (1969).

Topics include David Boren, Charles Banks Wilson, water resources, natural resources in Oklahoma, wildlife conservation in Oklahoma, and the Foster Grandparents Program.

F 5: Oklahoma, Governor's Office (1969).

F 6: Oklahoma. Governor's Study Committee on Arkansas and Verdigris River Planning and Development (1969).

F 7: Oklahoma Libraries (1969).

F 8: Oklahoma. State Department of Education (1969).

Topics include vocational education.

F 9: Oklahoma State Legislature (1969).

Topics include congressional redistricting, Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System (U.S.), Federal-State Livestock Market News Service, and motor vehicle inspection in Oklahoma.

F 10: Oklahoma State Society of Washington, D. C. (1969).

F 11: Oklahoma State University, A-N, 1969

Topics include Oklahoma State University and Oklahoma State Technical Services.

F 12: Oklahoma State University, O-Z (1969).

Topics include Oklahoma State University, Oklahoma Cooperative Wildlife Research Unit, and the Great Plains Soil and Water Research Center.

F 13: Oklahoma Water Resources Board (1969).

F 14: Oratorical Contest (1969).

F 15-18: Personal (1969).

Topics include Willmoore Kendall. Correspondents include Frank W. Boykin and Johnston Murray.

F 19: Photographs (1969).

F 20: Politics (1969).

Topics include James R. Jones, Edward M. Kennedy, and Ross Rizley.

F 21: Powell, Adam C. (1969).

Topics include Adam Clayton Powell.

F 22: Prayer in the Public Schools (1969).

F 23: Presidential Classroom for Young Americans (1969).

F 24-29: Publications, A-Z (1969).

Topics include birth control. Correspondents include Joseph D. Tydings.

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