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Box 54: Publicity, A-Z (1969) - Water Resources Council (1969)

F 1-3: Publicity, A-Z (1969).

Topics include Carl Albert, John W. McCormack, Richard M. Nixon.

F 4: Questionnaires (1969).

F 5: Redistricting (1969).

Topics include apportionment (election law).

F 6: Romney, George (1969).

Correspondents include George W. Romney.

F 7: Rothbaum, Julian J. (1969).

Correspondents include Julian J. Rothbaum.

F 8-13: Sinclair, Florene R. (1969).

Topics include the United States Congress House Speaker, McAlester (Okla.), and McAlester Naval Ammunition Depot (Okla.). Correspondents include Florene R. Sinclair.

F 14-17: Southern Methodist University (1969).

Correspondents include Earle Cabell, Southern Methodist University, and the Southern Methodist University Board of Trustees.

F 18: Southeastern State University in Durant (1969).

Correspondents include Southeastern State College (Durant, Okla.) and the Southeastern State College (Durant, Okla.) Technology Use Studies Center.

F 19: Space Exploration (1969).

F 20: Student Rebellion (1969).

Topics include student protesters.

F 21: Taxes (1969).

Topics include the United States Congress House Committee on Armed Services and Taxation.

F 22-23: Oklahoma Federation of Teen Democrats Club.

Correspondents include Democratic Party (U.S.), memorabilia, and Susan Kilgore.

F 24: Television and Radio (1969).

F 25: Testimonials (1969).

F 26: United States Chamber of Commerce (1969).

Correspondents include the Chamber of Commerce of the United States of America.

F 27-30: University of Oklahoma, A-Z (1969).

Topics include the United States Rehabilitation Services Administration and Petroleum Taxation Report. Correspondents include A. S. Mike Monroney, Julian J. Rothbaum, and the University of Oklahoma Bureau for Business and Economic Research.

F 31: Vietnam (1969).

Topics include Carl Albert, Dwight D. Eisenhower, Fred R. Harris, and the Vietnamese Conflict.

F 32: Visitors (1969).

Topics include the Federal Executive Institute. Correspondents include Robert B. Kamm and Robert E. McNair.

F 33: Voting Age (1969).

F 34: Water Resources Council (1969).

Correspondents include Water Resources Council (U.S.).

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