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Box 55: White House, A-Z (1969) - Congressional Leadership for the Future (1970)

F 1-3: White House, A-Z (1969).

Topics include Korea (South) Kukhoe, selection and appointment of judges in Oklahoma, public works, Vietnamese Conflict, 1961-1975, White House Fellows, and United States appropriations and expenditures. Correspondents include Lyndon B. Johnson, Richard M. Nixon, George Howard Wilson, and the National Association of Retired Civil Employees.

F 4: White House: President's Committee on Employment of the Handicapped (1969).

Topics include employment of the handicapped. Correspondents include United States President's Committee on Employment of the Handicapped.

F 5-7: White House: Speeches and Press Releases (1969).

Topics include Lyndon B. Johnson and Richard M. Nixon.

F 8: Young Democrats (1969).

Correspondents include Young Democrats Oklahoma and the Young Democrats of Texas.

F 9: Absentee Voting (1970).

F 10: Agnew, Spiro T. (1970).

F 11: Albert: Opinion (1970).

Topics include political and social views of Carl Albert and voting age.

F 12: Albert, Staff (1970).

F 13: Americans for Democratic Action (1970).

Correspondents include Americans for Democratic Action (press release).

F 14-15: Appreciation, A-Z (1970).

Correspondents include Lewis Deschler, William J. Holloway, and Chung Hee Park.

F 16: Architect of the Capitol (1970).

Topics include Earl W. Henderson, Paul Findley, Robert H. Michel, William T. Murphy, Thomas F. Railsback, and Hudgins, Thompson, Ball and Associates.

F 17: Awards (1970).

Topics include the Carl Albert Award.

F 18: Bellamy Award (1970).

Correspondents include Lead High School (Lead, S.D.).

F 19: Birthday Greetings (1970).

Correspondents include William G. Kerr.

F 20: Campus Unrest (1970).

Topics include Robert C. Byrd, Jackson State College, and Student movements. Correspondents include the United States President's Commission on Campus Unrest Report.

F 21: Carl Albert Junior-Senior High School (1970).

F 22: Civil Service Commission (1970).

Topics include wage surveys in McAlester (Okla.) and wage surveys in Muskogee (Okla.). Correspondents include the United States Civil Service Commission.

F 23-25: Colleagues, A-F (1970).

Topics include Lyle Boren, Bernie Sisk, United States Congress committees seniority system, United States Congress House Majority leader, United States Congress reform, Arab-Israeli Conflict, blue collar workers and government policy, broomcorn Oklahoma, cities and town growth, international organization, veterans medical care, Washington (D.C.), congressional sessions, and House room assignments. Correspondents include Brock Adams, William Alexander, James B. Allen, Glenn M. Anderson, Thomas L. Ashley, Jonathan B. Bingham, Shirley Chisholm, Dominick V. Daniels, Ed Edmondson, Donald M. Fraser, Phillip Landrum, Mitchell Phillip, Frank B. Morse, Morris K. Udall, Charles A. Vanik, and Jorge L. Cordova.

F 26-29: Colleagues, G-R (1970).

Topics include Richard L. Ottinger, Democratic National Committee (U.S.), United States Congress committees seniority system, United States Congress House committees, United States Congress House Majority leader, United States Congress reform grants-in-aid, and United States economic conditions. Correspondents include Julia Butler Hansen, Wayne L. Hays, Clarence D. Long, Spark M. Matsunaga, Richard D. McCarthy, John W. McCormack, John S. Monagan, Frank E. Moss, Richardson Preyer, and Harold L. Runnels.

F 30-32: Colleagues, S-Z (1970).

Topics include John W. McCormack, United States Congress House Speaker, and the Vietnamese conflict, 1961-1975. Correspondents include Hugh L. Carey, Richard H. Ichord, Fernand J. St. Germain, James W. Symington, Morris K. Udall, Jerome R. Waldie, Lester L. Wolff, and Jim Wright.

F 33: Colleagues: Parties, A-Z, 1972.

This folder contains letters of acceptance or regret from various members of Congress in response to an invitation for a reception of the "Members of the 90th Club."

F 34: Congressional Directory (1970).

F 35: Congressional Leadership for the Future (1970).

Correspondents include James M. Hanley and Sargent Shriver.

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