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Box 56: Congressional Record: Remarks (1970) - Industry in Oklahoma (1970)

F 1: Congressional Record: Remarks (1970).

Topics include Eugene R. Black. Correspondents include Richard T. Hanna and Cathy Dennis.

F 2: Congressional Secretaries Club (1970).

F 3: Credit Unions (1970).

F 4: Crime, Proposed Joint Committee on (1970).

Correspondents include Claude Pepper.

F 5-6: Defense: Department of Army, General (1970).

Topics include United States Army Reserve Officers' Training Corps, Ada (Okla.), defense contracts, F-111 (Jet fighter plane), Vietnamese Conflict, 1961-1975, and Soviet Union military relations with the United States. Correspondents include Edward K. Gaylord, L. Mendel Rivers, Jim Wright, East Central State College (Ada, Okla.), North American Rockwell Corporation, and United States Dept. of the Army.

F 7-9: Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (1970).

Folders 7 and 8 contain mainly correspondence with various members of Congress, businessmen, and others concerning meetings and receptions held for campaign financing and strategy purposes. One exception is the letter for Charles Diggs concerning committee assignments of African American members of Congress. Folder 9 contains clippings, statements, and other documents on campaign issues or campaigns in particular states. Topics include Democratic Party (U.S.), Republican Party (U.S.: 1854- ), United States Congress elections of 1970, United States Congress committees, and campaign funds. Correspondents include Charles C. Diggs, Ed Edmondson, Daniel K. Inouye, Sargent Shriver, United States Congress House Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, Edwin L. Weisl, and James P. Wilmot.

F 10-14: Democratic National Committee (1970).

Topics include political and social views of Carl Albert, Richard M. Nixon, Democratic National Committee (U.S.) officials and employees, campaign funds, and political campaigns. Correspondents include Joseph A. Califano, Julia Butler Hansen, Fred R. Harris, Lawrence F. O'Brien, Henry S. Reuss, Democratic National Committee (U.S.) newsletters, and the Republican National Committee (U.S.).

F 15: Democratic National Congressional Committee (1970).

Topics include William L. Clay, Patsy T. Mink, and political campaigns. Correspondents include the Democratic National Congressional Committee.

F 16: Democratic Party (1970).

F 17: Democratic Policy Council (1970).

Correspondents include Hubert H. Humphrey, Lawrence F. O'Brien, Wright Patman, and Democratic National Committee (U.S.) Democratic Policy Council.

F 18: Democratic State Central Committee of Oklahoma (1970).

Topics include campaign funds in Oklahoma and political campaigns in Oklahoma. Correspondents include Democratic Party (Okla.) State Central Committee and Democratic Party (U.S.).

F 19: Dirksen, Everett McKinley (1970).

Topics include Everett M. Dirksen death and burial. Correspondents include James E. Hamilton.

F 20: East Central State College (1970).

Correspondents include East Central State College (Ada, Okla.).

F 21: Eastern Oklahoma State College (1970).

F 22: Economics (1970).

F 23: Education (1970).

Correspondents include Mid-Continent Regional Educational Laboratory.

F 24: Environmental Matters (1970).

Topics include pollution.

F 25: Ewing Foundation (1970).

Topics include community development seminar proceedings. Correspondents include Ewing Foundation.

F 26: Foreign Affairs (1970).

F 27: Governor's Committee on Employment of the Handicapped (1970).

Topics include Ability Counts Contest. Correspondents include Oklahoma Governor's Committee on Employment of the Handicapped.

F 28: Green Light and Green Thumb Programs (1970).

Topics include employment of the aged, aged services, and the Friendly Visitors Program.

F 29: House Restaurant (1970).

F 30-33: Industry in Oklahoma (1970).

Topics include chemical industry in Oklahoma, industry in Hartshorne (Okla.), industry in Wewoka (Okla.), and Oklahoma Aerotronics, Inc. Correspondents include David Boren and Homer Kingsberry.

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