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Box 57: Industry in Oklahoma: McAlester, McCurtain County (1969-1970) - Oklahoma: General, A-S (1970)

F 1-5: Industry in Oklahoma: McAlester and McCurtain County (1969-1970).

Topics include housing development in McCurtain County (Okla.), industries in McAlester (Okla.), industries in McCurtain County (Okla.), McAlester Naval Ammunities Depot (Oklahoma), and North American Rockwell Corporation. Correspondents include Weyerhauser Corporation and West Central Arkansas Economic Development District, Inc.

F 6: Inflation (1970).

F 7: Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts (1970).

F 8: Korea (1969-1970).

Topics include American military assistance to South Korea. Correspondents include Kyong-sun Chang and Chung Hee Park.

F 9: Labor (1970).

Correspondents include AFL-CIO (publications).

F 10: Majority Leader (1970).

F 11: March of Dimes (1970).

F 12: McCormack, John (1970).

Topics include John W. McCormack, Martin Sweig, and Nathan M. Voloshen.

F 13-20: Miscellaneous, A-Z (1970).

Topics include William O. Douglas, Fred R. Harris, William J. Holloway, Richard M. Nixon, student movements, Vietnamese Conflict, 1961-1975, and America Love It or Leave It Bumper Sticker. Correspondents include B. F. Burrows, Lena Gantry, Sula Goodman, and Alva C. Smith.

F 21: National Forest Products Association (1970).

F 22: National Governor's Conference and National Lieutenant Governors' Conference (1970).

Correspondents include George Nigh.

F 23: Ninety-First Congress (1970).

Correspondents include Gerald R. Ford.

F 24: Office of Emergency Preparedness (1970).

Topics include disaster relief in Latimer County (Okla.), high school in Sulphur (Okla.), report on Hurricane Camille, and the United States Office of Emergency Preparedness.

F 25-26: Office: General (1970).

These folders mostly contain correspondence with and between Albert's staff (both permanent and summer interns), office memos, phone messages, and vacation schedules. Topics include Luther L. Bohanan and William O. Douglas.

F 27: Oil and Gas (1970).

Topics include imports and petroleum.

F 28: Oklahoma Census (1970).

Topics include Oklahoma population.

F 29: Oklahoma: Colleges (1970).

F 30: Oklahoma Dept. of Highways (1970).

Topics include bridges on the Red River (Tex.-La.) and streets in Alderson (Okla.).

F 31: Oklahoma Employment Security Commission (1970).

Topics include economic conditions in Washita County (Okla.). Correspondents include the Oklahoma Employment Security Commission.

F 32-34: Oklahoma: General, A-S (1970).

Topics include the Arkansas River and the Sherwood Reservoir (Okla.). Correspondents include Dewey F. Bartlett, David Hall, and J. D. McCarthy.

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