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Box 58: Oklahoma Governor (1970) - Publications (1970)

F 1: Oklahoma Governor (1970).

Topics include the federal aid to public welfare. Correspondents include Dewey F. Bartlett.

F 2: Oklahoma Hall of Fame (1970).

Correspondents include the Oklahoma Hall of Fame.

F 3: Oklahoma Higher Education (1970).

Topics include Tulsa Junior College and student aid.

F 4: Oklahoma Industrial Development and Park Commission (1970).

Topics include regional planning in Oklahoma. Correspondents include Oklahoma Industrial Development and Park Commission.

F 5: Oklahoma Libraries (1970).

Topics include public libraries in Ardmore (Okla.) and public libraries in Clayton (Okla.).

F 6: Oklahoma Public Welfare Commission (1970).

F 7: Oklahoma State Dept. of Health (1970).

Correspondents include Oklahoma State Dept. of Health.

F 8: Oklahoma State Dept. of Vocational and Technical Education (1970).

Topics include manpower policy in Oklahoma and Southern Oklahoma Rural Skills Center. Correspondents include Oklahoma State Dept. of Vocational and Technical Education.

F 9: Oklahoma State Insurance Commission (1970).

F 10: Oklahoma State Legislature (1970).

Correspondents include Oklahoma State Legislative Council Committee on Interstate Cooperation.

F 11: Oklahoma State Penitentiary (1970).

Topics include prisoners in Oklahoma.

F 12: Oklahoma State Society of Washington D.C. (1970).

Correspondents include the Oklahoma State Society of Washington D.C.

F 13: Oklahoma State University (1970).

Correspondents include Oklahoma Cooperative Extension Service.

F 14: Oklahoma Federation of Teen Democrat Clubs.

F 15: Oklahoma Water Resources Board (1970).

F 16: Oratorical Contest (1970).

Topics include public speaking competitions in Oklahoma, Carl Albert Oratorical Contest, and Third District Oratorical Contest.

F 17-24: Personal, A-Z (1970).

Topics include Carl Albert family, Carl Albert homes and haunts, Chung Hee Park, United States foreign relations with South Korea, LaDonna Harris, Aubrey Kerr, and Dona Sue Oglesby. Correspondents include David Boren, Susan Boren, Edward Heath, Lyndon B. Johnson, Imelda Marcos, and Susan Kilgore.

F 25: Photographs (1970).

F 26: Politics (1970).

F 27: Powell, Adam Clayton (1970).

Topics include Adam Clayton Powell.

F 28: Prayer in the Public Schools (1970).

F 29: Presidential Classroom (1970).

Correspondents include the Presidential Classroom for Young Americans.

F 30: Public Welfare (1970).

F 31-35: Publications (1970).

Topics include Indians of North America children. Correspondents include the Indian Nation Foundation, Inc. (report).

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