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Box 59: Publications (1970) - Speaker of the House Candidacy, A-C (1970-1971)

F 1-5: Publications (1970).

Topics include Nobel Peace Prize lecture by Norman E. Borlaug.

F 6: Publicity (1970).

F 7: Publicity: Democratic Party (1970).

Topics include Richard M. Nixon and the Democratic Party (U.S.).

F 8-10: Publicity: Democratic T.V. Programs (1969-1970).

Topics include Richard M. Nixon's State of the Union address, American Broadcasting Company, National Broadcasting Company, Inc., fairness doctrine (broadcasting), television in politics, and United States economic conditions. Correspondents include Brock Adams, Sam M. Gibbons, Edward M. Kennedy, John W. McCormack, Patsy T. Mink, William Proxmire, Columbia Broadcasting System, Inc., Democratic National Committee (U.S.), State of the Union: A Democratic View of Priorities of the 70's, Transcript.

F 11-13: Publicity: Newspapers and Magazines, Radio and T.V. (1970).

Topics include Carl Albert (transcript), George H. Mahon, Wilbur D. Mills, agriculture and state, television and politics, and agriculture USA. Correspondents include U.S. News and World Report.

F 14: Questionnaires (1970).

F 15: Rothbaum, Julian (1970).

Topics include Americans for Indian Opportunity and Aubrey Kerr. Correspondents include Savoie Lottinville and Julian J. Rothbaum.

F 16: Schedules (1970).

F 17: Sinclair, Florene Ruth (1970).

Correspondents include Florene R. Sinclair.

F 18-19: Southeastern State College (1970).

Topics include Indians of North America education in Oklahoma, training of Oklahoma teachers, training of Texas teachers, vocational education in Oklahoma, Post-Secondary Skills Training Center (Durant, Okla.), and the Oklahoma-Texas TTT Project. Correspondents include Southeastern State College (Durant, Okla.).

F 20-22: Southern Methodist University (1970).

Correspondents include Southern Methodist University, Southern Methodist University Governance Plan, and the Southern Methodist University Board of Trustees.

F 23: Space (1970).

Topics include prayer. Correspondents include Donald E. Lukens.

F 24-26: Speaker of the House Candidacy, A-C (1970-1971).

Topics include Carl Albert, John W. McCormack, United States Congress House leadership, and United States Congress House Speaker. Correspondents include Henry Bellmon, Joseph A. Califano, Julian J. Rothbaum, Jerome R. Waldie, and Kyung Soon Chyang.

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