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Box 60: Speaker of the House Candidacy, D-Z (1970-1971) - American Revolution Bicentennial (1971)

F 1-6: Speaker of the House Candidacy, D-Z (1970-1971).

Topics include Carl Albert, John W. McCormack, United States Congress House Leadership, and United States Congress House Speaker.

F 7-9: Speaker of the House Candidacy - Colleagues, A-E (1970)

Folder 7 contains endorsements for Carl Albert to be speaker that have been signed by members of the California and Texas delegations. Topics include United States Congress House Speaker. Correspondents include Watkins M. Abbit, Joseph P. Addabbo, Glenn M. Anderson, Thomas L. Ashley, William A. Barrett, Charles E. Bennett, Tom Bevill, Mario Biaggi, John Brademas, Jack Brooks, James A. Burke, William D. Burlison, Phillip Burton, James A. Byrne, Earle Cabell, Patrick T. Caffrey, Bob Casey, Emanuel Celler, Frank L. Chelf, Frank M. Clark, William M. Colmer, Dan Daniel, John W. Davis, E. De La Garza, John H. Dent, William Jennings Bryan Dorn, Edwin W. Edwards, and Frank E. Evans.

F 10-11: Speaker of the House Candidacy - Colleagues, F-K (1970)

Topics include Chet Holifield, Morris K. Udall, United States Congress House reform, and United States Congress House Speaker. Correspondents include George H. Fallon, Leonard Farbstein, Dante B. Fascell, O. C. Fisher, Daniel J. Flood, Samuel N. Friedel, Richard H. Fulton, Nick Galifianakis, Joseph M. Gaydos, Sam M. Gibbons, Charles H. Griffin, James M. Hanley, Richard T. Hanna, Julia Butler Hansen, Michael J. Harrington, Fred R. Harris, William D. Hathaway, Wayne L. Hays, F. Edward Hebert, Richard H. Ichard, Andrew Jacobs, Harold T. Johnson, Ed Jones, Joseph E. Karth, Robert Kastenmeier, James Kee, and Peter N. Kyros.

F 12-13: Speaker of the House Candidacy - Colleagues, L-R (1970)

Topics include United States Congress House leadership and United States Congress House Speaker. Correspondents include Clarence D. Long, John L. MacMillan, Ray J. Madden, George H. Mahon, James R. Mann, Spark M. Matsunaga, Wilbur D. Mills, William H. Natcher, Robert N. C. Nix, James G. O'Hara, Thomas P. Tip O'Neill, Edward J. Patten, Claude Pepper, Carl D. Perkins, Otis Pike, W. R. Poage, Bertram L. Podell, Richardson Preyer, David Pryor, Thomas M. Rees, Paul G. Rogers, Ray Roberts, Frank A. Stubblefield, and John C. Watts.

F 14-15: Speaker of the House Candidacy - Colleagues, S-Z and Newsclippings (1970)

Topics include John W. McCormack, Henry S. Reuss, Charles A. Vanick, United States Congress Committees seniority system, United States Congress House reform, and the United States Congress House Speaker. Correspondents include Ed Edmondson, John Jarman, William L. Springer, Harley O. Staggers, Tom Steed, Leonor K. Sullivan, James W. Symington, Morris K. Udall, Joe D. Waggonner, Jerome R. Waldie, Jamie L. Whitten, Ralph W. Yarborough, and Gus Yatron.

F 16: Summer Intern Program (1970).

Topics include legislative interns. Correspondents include Charles E. Bennett and United States Congress Bi-partisan Intern Committee.

F 17: Supreme Court (1970).

Topics include G. Harrold Carswell, United States Supreme Court, and American Farm Lines.

F 18: Talimena Drive (1970).

Topics include Talimena Scenic Drive (Ark. and Okla.) Dedication. Correspondents include James L. Hamilton, Lyndon B. Johnson, and Luci Baines Johnson Nugent.

F 19: Taxes (1970).

F 20: Television and Radio (1970).

F 21: Testimonials (1970).

Topics include Alphonzo Bell, Claude Pepper, Olin E. Teague, Francis E.Walter, Carl Albert, and James M. Collins.

F 22: UNICEF (1970).

F 23-28: University of Oklahoma (1970).

Topics include J. Herbert Holloman, University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center, University of Oklahoma administration, University of Oklahoma alumni and alumnae, University of Oklahoma Library, University of Oklahoma research, nudity in motion pictures, Claude W. Johnson, and the Carl Albert Award. Correspondents include David Boren, Ed Edmondson, and Julian J. Rothbaum.

F 29: Veterans Affairs (1970).

F 30: Vietnam (1970).

Topics include the My Lai Massacre, Vietnamese Conflict, 1961-1975, and Vietnamese Conflict prisoners and prisons in North Vietnamese. Correspondents include the Steering Committee of the Congressional Committee for a Vote on the War.

F 31-39: White House (1970).

Folder 39 contains a copy of a "Dear Colleague" letter from the House Democratic and Republican leadership (including Carl Albert) and concerning Soviet Union arms and military personnel in the Middle East. Folder 33 contains a copy of a letter to President Nixon from several members of Congress (including Carl Albert) and concerning the Indian health program. Topics include John W. McCormack, White House Conference on Children and Youth (1970: Washington D.C.), reorganization of executive departments in the United States, flat glass, import quotas, Indians of North America medical care, suffrage, Vietnamese Conflict, South Korean defenses, Shawnee (Okla.) anniversaries, etc., and Suzanne Heard. Correspondents include Ed Edmondson, Richard M. Nixon, and William E. Timmons.

F 40: Young Democrats (1970).

Topics include Young Democrats. Correspondents include Tim Hinds.

F 41: Aging (1971).

Topics include the United States Congress House Select Committee on Aging.

F 42: Airlines (1971).

F 43: Albert: Opinion and Statements (1971).

Topics include political and social views of Carl Albert, Harry S. Truman, United States Congress House Speaker, Afro-Americans, ecology, peace, Vietnamese Conflict and the voting age.

F 44: American Revolution Bicentennial (1971).

Topics include Julia Butler Hansen, the Bicentennial Era television program, and A More Perfect Union flyer. Correspondents include the American Revolution Bicentennial Commission.

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