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Box 61: Appreciation, A-Z (1970 - 1971) - 80th Congress Silver Anniversary, A-Z (1971-1972)

F 1-3: Appreciation, A-Z (1970 - 1971).

Topics include David Boren, Indira Ghandi, and Oklahoma Legislature Senate (resolutions). Correspondents include Pierre Billotte, Billy Graham, and James E. Hamilton.

F 4-6: Architect of the Capitol and Flag Requests (1970-1971).

Topics include the United States Capitol (Washington, D.C.). Correspondents include George M. White.

F 7-8: Awards, A-H (1971).

Topics include Carl Bert Albert, Heart of the Year Award (American Heart Association), Henry G. Bennett Distinguished Service Award (Oklahoma State University), and St. George's Gold Medal (St. George's United Methodist Church, Philadelphia, Penn.). Correspondents include Raymond Gary.

F 9: Bellamy Award (1971).

F 10: Boy Scouts (1971).

F 11: Capitol Bombing (1971).

Topics include the United States Capitol (Washington, D.C.) and Washington (D.C.) bombings.

F 12: Census (1971).

Topics include United States census and mid-decade census (proposed). Correspondents include George Howard Wilson.

F 13: Chile (1971).

Topics include Chile foreign relations with the United States.

F 14-21: Colleagues, A-Z (1971).

Topics include L. Mendel Rivers, United States Congress House Majority leader, Workers' Defense League, office buildings in Washington (D.C.), presidential candidates, urban renewal, Dearborn Heights (Mich.), Vietnamese Conflict, congressional recesses, Mary Albert, Bella S. Abzug, Mario Biaggi, Hale Boggs, Charles J. Carney, Dominick V. Daniels, Ronald V. Dellums, Ed Edmondson, Joshua Eilberg, and Joe L. Evins. Correspondents include Gerald R. Ford, William D. Ford, Fred R. Harris, LaDonna Harris, Seymour Halpern, Hubert H. Humphrey, John W. McCormack, George S. McGovern, John L. MacMillan, Paul G. Rogers, Julian J. Rothbaum, John M. Slack, and Louis C. Wyman.

F 22-25: Colleagues: Autographs and Recommendations, A-F (1971).

These folders contain correspondence with other members of Congress and concern pictures and other items that they wanted Albert to autograph. These folders also contain correspondence concerning Albert's or other members' assistance in finding jobs for people.

F 26: Colleagues: Birthday Greetings (1971).

This folder contains correspondence from other members of Congress wishing Albert a Happy Birthday.

F 27-28: Colleagues: Committee Assignments, A-Z (1971).

Topics include Herman Badillo, Donald M. Fraser, United States Congress committees, and the United States House Committee on Privacy, Human Values and Democratic Institutions (proposed). Correspondents include Brock Adams, Cornelius E. Gallagher, Ella Grasso, Morgan F. Murphy, Paul Sarbanes, James V. Stanton, and Louis Stokes.

F 29-31: Colleagues: Gifts, A-Z (1971).

These folders primarily contain cover letters that accompanied gifts from other members of Congress and copies of thank you letters from Albert.

F 32-33: Colleagues: Memorials and Condolences (1971).

These folders contain letters of condolence Albert sent to other members of Congress or to their families. There is also correspondence concerning the unveiling of portraits of other members of Congress.

F 34: Combined Federal Campaign for the National Capital Area Fund-raising, 1971-1974.

F 35: Congressional Leadership for the Future (1971).

Correspondents include Sargent Shriver.

F 36: Congressional Record (1971).

Topics include essay competitions. Correspondents include Dennis Grundy.

F 37: Congressional Secretaries Club (1971).

Topics include Carl Albert. Correspondents include Congressional Secretaries Club, Washington D.C.

F 38-40: Democratic National Committee (1971).

Topics include the Democratic Party (Okla.), Democratic Party (U.S.), executive impoundment of appropriated funds, Oklahoma politics and government, and United States politics and government. Correspondents include Lawrence F. O'Brien, Victor E. Wickersham, Samuel Yorty, and the Democratic National Committee (U.S.).

F 41: Democratic National Congressional Committee (1971).

Topics include the United States Congress House Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee and Democratic Congressional Dinner. Correspondents include William D. Burlison and the Democratic Party (U.S.) National Congressional Committee.

F 42: Democratic Policy Council (1971).

Correspondents include the Democratic National Committee (U.S.) and , Democratic Policy Council (statements and press releases).

F 43: Drug Abuse (1971).

F 44: East Central State College (1971).

Correspondents include East Central State College (Ada, Okla.).

F 45: Eastern Oklahoma State College (1971).

Correspondents include Eastern Oklahoma State College.

F 46: Economics (1971).

F 47-50: 80th Congress Silver Anniversary, A-Z (1971-1972).

These folders contain materials on invitations and travel arrangements to the U.S. Virgin Islands for an anniversary celebration of the 80th Congress of the United States. Correspondence with members and former members of Congress mainly concern regrets, but there are some letters on the trip itself. Topics include Monroe M. Redden and Virgin Islands of the United States description and travel. Correspondents include Wingate H. Lucas. Folder also contains the Pictorial Directory of the 80th Congress.

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