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Box 62: Environmental Concerns (1971) - Miscellaneous Newsclippings, Out-of-State (1971)

F 1: Environmental Concerns (1971).

Topics include ecology and the environmental aspects of strip mining.

F 2: Ewing Foundation (1971).

F 3: F.B.I. (1971).

Topics include J. Edgar Hoover. Correspondents include Hale Boggs.

F 4: Federal Revenue Sharing (1971).

F 5: Foreign Affairs (1971).

Topics include United States foreign relations.

F 6: Former Members of Congress (1971).

F 7-8: Green Thumb and Green Light Programs (1971).

Topics include the Oklahoma Farmers Union, employment of the aged, services for the aged, and LeFlore (Okla.) parks. Correspondents include Green Thumb, Inc.

F 9: Hall, Gov. David (1971).

Topics include David Hall.

F 10: House Restaurant (1971).

The documents in this folder concern arrangements made by Carl Albert and his staff for use of the Speaker's Dining Room and catering provided by the House Restaurant. Topics include the United States Congress House food service.

F 11: Indian Affairs (1971).

Topics include Indians of North America Claims in Alaska and Osage Indians' Claims.

F 12: Industry (1971).

Topics include George R. Vila.

F 13-16: Industry in Oklahoma (1971).

Topics include Ardmore (Okla.) economic conditions and Oklahoma economic conditions, Jet Aero Services, Inc., and the Space Corporation. Correspondents include the Weyerhaeuser Company.

F 17: Inflation (1971).

F 18: Information Systems and the House (1971).

Topics include United States Congress House automation.

F 19: Korean Correspondence, 1970 - 1971.

Correspondents include Too Chin Paik and Bong Young Kang claims vs. United States Army.

F 20-21: Labor, A-Z (1971).

Topics include Charles Luna.

F 22: Legislation: General (1971).

Topics include environmental aspects of pollution's and wild horses.

F 23: Liberia (1971).

F 24-25: Lists, A-Z (1971).

Topics include Carl Albert friends and associates.

F 26: Maimonides Institute (1971).

F 27: Medicare and Medicaid (1971).

F 28: Migrant Research Project (1971).

Topics include migrant agricultural workers.

F 29: Miller, William M. "Fish Bait" (1971).

Topics include the William M. Miller Awards.

F 30-41: Miscellaneous, A-Z, 1970 - 1971.

Topics include political and social views of Carl Albert, Josip Broz Tito, United States Congress, and the Cuyahoga River (Ohio). Correspondents include George P. Smith.

F 42-44: Miscellaneous Newsclippings, Out-of-State (1971).

Topics include Marvin C. Andrews.

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