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Box 63: Murray State College (1971) - Oklahoma Politics (1971)

F 1: Murray State College, 1971.

Correspondents include Murray State College (Tishomingo, Okla.).

F 2: National Capitol Democratic Club, 1971.

F 3: National Conference of Lieutenant Governors, 1971.

F 4: National Council on Crime and Delinquency, 1971.

F 5: National Peace Action Coalition, 1971.

F 6: National Water Resources Association, 1971.

F 7: National Waterways Conference, Inc., 1971.

Topics include industrialization on the Ohio River.

F 8: National Wildlife Federation, 1971.

Correspondents include the National Wildlife Federation Resolutions.

F 9: Ninety-second Congress, 1971.

Topics include the United States Congress House committees and the United States Congress House leadership.

F 10: Nixon, Patricia, Wedding Gift, 1971.

This folder includes correspondence and notes from members of Congress concerning donations for Tricia Nixon's wedding gift. Topics include Patricia Nixon Cox.

F 11-12: Office: General, Memos and Business, 1971.

Topics include Robert S. Kerr, automobile parking, and Joe Brent Clark.

F 13: Oil and Gas, 1971.

Topics include petroleum.

F 14: Oklahoma Colleges, 1971.

Topics include universities and colleges of Oklahoma.

F 15: Oklahoma, Dept. of Highways, 1971.

Topics include roads maintenance and repair in Oklahoma.

F 16: Oklahoma, Dept. of Public Welfare, 1971.

F 17: Oklahoma, Dept. of Wildlife Conservation, 1971.

F 18-19: Oklahoma Employment Security Commission, 1971.

Topics include Cotton County (Okla.) economic conditions and Haskell County (Okla.) economic conditions.

F 20: Oklahoma Epileptic Association, 1969 - 1971.

Topics include China painting, farm produce, tax exemption, John F. Kennedy School for Epileptics, and the Oklahoma Epileptic Adjustment Center (Tulsa, Okla.). Correspondents include Magi Kimball and the Oklahoma Epileptic Association.

F 21-27: Oklahoma: General, A-Z, 1970 - 1971.

Topics include disaster relief in Oklahoma, fisheries subsidies in Holdenville (Okla.), police brutality in Clayton (Okla.), prisons Finance in Oklahoma, and Vern Wilson. Correspondents include David Hall.

F 28: Oklahoma: General, 1971.

Topics include railroads in Oklahoma.

F 29: Oklahoma: General, Boren, David, 1971.

Topics include David Boren.

F 30: Oklahoma: General (Census Information), 1971.

Topics include Oklahoma population.

F 31: Oklahoma: General (Projects), 1971.

Topics include Oklahoma Memorial Association.

F 32-35: Oklahoma: General (Publications), 1971.

F 36: Oklahoma Hall of Fame, 1971.

Topics include Ernest L. Massad, Tom Steed, J. Rud Nielsen, and the Oklahoma Hall of Fame.

F 37: Oklahoma Higher Education Alumni Council, 1971.

Correspondents include Higher Education Alumni Council of Oklahoma.

F 38: Oklahoma Higher Education Televised Instruction System, 1971.

Topics include television and higher education.

F 39: Oklahoma, Industrial Development and Park Dept., 1971.

Correspondents include Oklahoma Industrial Development and Park Dept.

F 40: Oklahoma Legislative Council, 1971.

Topics include the Oklahoma Legislature State Legislative Council.

F 41: Oklahoma Libraries, 1971.

Topics include federal aid to libraries in Oklahoma. Correspondents include the Choctaw Nation (Talking Leaf).

F 42: Oklahoma Politics, 1971.

Topics include Ed Edmondson.

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