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Box 64: Oklahoma Prisons (1971) - Publications: Miscellaneous, A-K (1971)

F 1: Oklahoma Prisons (1971).

Topics include prison finance in Oklahoma.

F 2: Oklahoma Redistricting (1971).

Topics include apportionment (election law) in Oklahoma and the Oklahoma population.

F 3: Oklahoma State Attorney General (1971).

Topics include federal aid to water quality management. Correspondents include Larry Derryberry and David Hall (certificate).

F 4: Oklahoma State Dept. of Education (1971).

Correspondents include the Aerospace Education Curriculum Guide (K-12) and Pride in Oklahoma and Our Heritage in America.

F 5: Oklahoma State Dept. of Health (1971).

Correspondents include the Oklahoma State Dept. of Health (annual report).

F 6-7: Oklahoma State Legislature, A-Z (1971).

Topics include Carl Albert, Wilbur D. Mills, and Vietnamese Conflict resolutions. Correspondents include Oklahoma Legislature, William H. Skeith, and Finis W. Smith.

F 8: Oklahoma State Society of Washington, D.C. (1971).

Correspondents include the Oklahoma State Society of Washington, D.C.

F 9-11: Oklahoma State University, A-Z (1971).

Topics include Richard M. Nixon, higher education for clinical psychologists, college radio stations finance, Discovery '71, and Henry G. Bennett Distinguished Service Award (Oklahoma State University).Correspondents include Oklahoma State University, Tom Bennett, Jr., and W. E. Jaymes.

F 12-13: Oklahoma State University, Publications (1971).

F 14: Oklahoma State University: Oklahoma State Tech (1971).

F 15: Oklahoma Tax Commission (1971).

F 16: Oklahoma Taxes (1971).

F 17: Oklahoma Water Resources Board (1971).

Topics include water resources development in Oklahoma. Correspondents include the Oklahoma Water Resources Board (publication).

F 18: Oral Roberts University (1971).

Correspondents include Oral Roberts.

F 19: Oratorical Contest (1971).

Topics include public speaking competitions in Oklahoma, and the Carl Albert Oratorical Contest.

F 20: Oxford University, St. Peter's College: Carl Albert Award (1971).

Correspondents include Savoie Lottinville, Julian J. Rothbaum, Paul F. Sharp.

F 21-27: Personal, A-Z (1971).

Topics include Carl Albert family. Correspondents include Lindy Boggs, Susan Boren, Reva Beck Bosone, Angie Debo, Mamie Eisenhower, J. Edgar Hoover, Bob Hope, Lyndon B. Johnson, Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, Irene Rothbaum, Marguerite Steed, and Eleanor Watson.

F 28: Personal: Peabody, Robert L.," The Selection of a Majority Leader, 1970-71" (1971).

Topics include the United States Congress House Majority leader.

F 29: Personal: Questionnaires (1971).

F 30: Personal: Speakership Congratulations (1971).

F 31: Photographs (1971).

F 32: Pornography (1971).

F 33: Poteau Community College (1971).

F 34: Prayer in the Public Schools (1971).

F 35: Press Releases (1971).

Topics include Carl Albert.

F 36-37: Publications: Albert (1971).

Topics include Carl Albert.

F 38-40: Publications: Miscellaneous, A-K (1971).

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