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Box 67: White House: Press Releases, Briefings and Remarks (1971) - Eastern State College (1972).

F 1-5: White House: Press Releases, Briefings and Remarks (1971).

Topics include capitol pages, prayer breakfasts, public welfare, transport worker's strikes and lockouts, United States economic policy, and United States foreign relations. Correspondents include B. Everett Jordan, Richard M. Nixon (press release), and Albert H. Quie.

F 6: White House: Supreme Court Appointments (1971).

Topics include the United States Supreme Court officials and employees selection and appointment. Correspondents include Fred Daugherty.

F 7: Young Democrats (1971).

Correspondents include the Young Democrats.

F 8-9: Albert: Illness, A-Z (1972).

Topics include Carl Albert's health.

F 10: Albert: Speeches and Remarks (1971-1972.)

Topics include grants-in-aid and the United States economic conditions. Correspondents include Carl Albert (speeches and statements).

F 11-13: American Revolution Bicentennial Commission, 1776-1976 (1971 -1972.)

Topics include Cherokee Indians. Correspondents include Julia Butler Hansen, Fred Schwengel, G. William Whitehurst, the American Revolution Bicentennial Commission, and Robert Rose.

F 14-17: Appreciation, A-Z (1972).

F 18: Architect of the Capitol (1972).

Topics include office buildings in Washington (D.C.). Correspondents include George M. White.

F 19-22: Architect of the Capitol: Flag Requests, A-Z (1972).

F 23: Awards (1972).

Topics include the Minute Man of the Year Award (Reserve Officers Association).

F 24: Bellamy Award (1972).

F 25: Bi-Partisan Intern Committee (1972).

Topics include the United States Congress Bi-Partisan Intern Committee.

F 26: Boy Scouts of America (1972).

Correspondents include the Boy Scouts of America.

F 27: Carl Albert Junior College (1972).

Poteau Junior College changed its name to Carl Albert Junior College. Topics include the Carl Albert Junior College buildings and Poteau Junior College. Correspondents include E. T. Dunlap and Bob Lee Kidd.

F 28: Choctaw Council House (1972).

Correspondents include the Oklahoma Historical Society and Choctaw Nation Historical Society.

F 29: Colleagues, A-Z (1972).

Topics include John A Blatnick, John Brademas, Emanuel Celler, Charles H. Griffin, H. R. Gross, Lyndon B. Johnson, Thomas M. Pelly, agricultural credit, executive impoundment of appropriated funds, and H. H. Morris. Correspondents include James Caleb Boggs, Wilburn Cartwright, Bob Eckhard, Ed Edmondson, James R. Jones, Dawson Mathis, John W. McCormack, and Edward J. Patten.

F 30: Colleagues: Autographs and Recommendations (1972).

F 31: Colleagues: Gifts, A-Z (1972).

Topics include Chinese painting.

F 32: Colleagues: Memorials and Condolences, A-Z (1972).

Topics include George W. Collins, James J. Delaney family, Ed Edmondson family, George Nigh family, and William Fitts Ryan.

F 33: Collins, Troy and Bessie (1972).

Correspondents include Bessie Collins and Troy Collins.

F 34-35: Congratulations, Colleagues, A-Z (1972).

Topics include James R. Jones, Clem Rogers McSpadden, the United States Congress Committees, the United States Congress reform, the United States Congress House speaker, and the United States Congress House Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee officials and employees. Correspondents include Glenn M. Anderson, Charles E. Bennett, E. De La Garza, William Jennings Bryan Dorn, Don Edwards, Sam M. Gibbons, Henry B. Gonzalez, William D. Gunter, Richard T. Hanna, Julia Butler Hansen, Wayne L. Hays, Peter N. Kyros, George H. Mahon, James R. Mann, Mike McCormack, William F. Nichols, Wright Patman, J. J. Pickle, Tom Steed, Samuel S. Stratton, Gerry E. Studds, James W. Symington, and Jamie L. Whitten.

F 36: Consumer Reports (1972).

F 37: Democratic - General (1972).

F 38: Democratic Central Committee, 1971 - 1972.

Topics include Ed Edmondson, Edward M. Kennedy, George S. McGovern, the Oklahoma Democratic Party state convention, and political campaigns. Correspondents include Glenn L. English and the Democratic Party of Oklahoma.

F 39: Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (1972).

Topics include George E. Steinbrenner, the United States Congress elections of 1972, and political campaigns. Correspondents include Thomas P. Tip O'Neill and the United States Congress Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee.

F 40-41: Democratic National Committee, A-Z, and Publications (1972).

Topics include Edmund Muskie and the U.S. Democratic National Committee officials and employees. Correspondents include Joseph A. Califano, George S. McGovern, Lawrence F. O'Brien, and the U.S. Democratic National Committee.

F 42: Democratic National Congressional Committee (1972).

Correspondents include the U.S. Democratic Party National Congressional Committee.

F 43: Democratic National Convention (1972).

Topics include John E. Barriere, the Democratic National Convention of 1972 in Miami Beach, Florida, and the 1972 United States presidential election. Correspondents include John M. Murphy and James G. O'Hara.

F 44: Democratic Party (1972).

Topics include George S. McGovern, the U.S. Democratic Party, and the 1972 United States presidential elections.

F 45: East Central State College (1972).

Correspondents include Stanley P. Wagner and East Central State College in Ada Oklahoma.

F 46: Eastern State College (1972).

Correspondents include Eastern Oklahoma State College.

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