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Box 73: Ford, Gerald R. (1973) - News Clippings (1973)

F 1: Ford, Gerald R. (1973).

Topics include vice presidents in the United States. Correspondents include Gerald R. Ford.

F 2: Former Members of Congress (1973).

F 3: Frontiers of Science Foundation of Oklahoma (1973).

Correspondents include Robert S. Kerr, Jr. and the Frontiers of Science Foundation of Oklahoma.

F 4: Governors' Bulletin (1973).

Correspondents include National Governors' Conference (bulletin).

F 5: Hayden, Martyne Woods (1972-1973).

Topics include Choctaw Nation Council House (Tuskahoma, Okla.). Correspondents include Martyne Woods Hayden and Choctaw Nation Historical Society.

F 6-7: Inaugural Arrangements (1973).

Topics include presidential inauguration (1973) in United States.

F 8-12: Industry of Oklahoma (1973).

Topics include aircraft industry in McAlester (Okla.), industrial development projects in McAlester (Okla.), industries in Ardmore (Okla.), industries in Seminole (Okla.), economic conditions in Ardmore (Okla.), and economic conditions in McAlester (Okla.). Correspondents include North American Rockwell Corporation and Kelsey-Hayes Company.

F 13: Intern Programs (1973).

F 14: Japanese American Citizens League (1973).

Topics include H. R. Haldeman and David K. Inouye.

F 15: Johnson, Lyndon B. (1973).

Topics include death and burial of Lyndon Baines Johnson.

F 16-17: Korean Correspondences (1973).

Topics include journeys of Richard Nixon in South Korea, politics and government in South Korea, and politics and government in North Korea. Correspondents include Kyong-sun Chang, Chung Hee Park, and Il Kwon-Chung.

F 18: Langston University (1973).

F 19: Leflore County (1973).

Topics include economic conditions in Leflore County (Okla.).

F 20: Lists (1973).

F 21: McAlester (Okla.) (1973).

Topics include Girl's Club of America, Inc. in McAlester (Okla.).

F 22: McAlester Naval Ammunition Depot (1973).

Topics include dismissal of United States Navy officials and employees and Bomb loading plant.

F 23-34: Miscellaneous, A-Z, Resolutions (1973).

Topics include Alaska. Correspondents include Americans for Children's Relief.

F 35: Murray State College (1973).

Topics include finance in Murray State College (Tishomingo, Okla.).

F 36: Nader, Ralph (1973).

Topics include Ralph Nader.

F 37: News Clippings (1973).

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