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Box 74: North American Rockwell (1973) - Ozarks Regional Commission (1973)

F 1: North American Rockwell (1973).

Correspondents include North American Rockwell Corporation.

F 2-5: Office, Memos and Business (1973).

These folders contain mostly memos from Charles Ward and other supervisory personnel to Albert's office staff. There are a few memos to and from Albert, and there are staff lists in folders 4-5. Folder 3 contains a list of people who accepted invitations to a Carl Albert breakfast on March 7.

F 6: Oklahoma Archaeological Survey (1973).

Topics include Spiro site (Okla.).

F 7: Oklahoma Colleges (1973).

Topics include finance for universities and colleges in Oklahoma.

F 8: Oklahoma Congressional Districts (1973).

Topics include election districts for the United States Congress in Oklahoma (maps).

F 9: Oklahoma Crime Commission (1973).

Topics include Oklahoma Crime Commission and federal aid to law enforcement agencies.

F 10-11: Oklahoma Democratic State Committee (1973).

Topics include Democratic Party (Okla.) and Young Democrats. Correspondents include Wendell H. Ford and Julian J. Rothbaum.

F 12: Oklahoma, Dept. of Highways (1973).

Topics include roads in Oklahoma. Correspondents include Oklahoma Dept. of Highways.

F 13: Oklahoma, Dept. of Mines (1973).

Correspondents include Oklahoma Dept. of Mines (annual report).

F 14: Oklahoma, Dept. of Wildlife Conservation (1973).

Correspondents include Oklahoma Dept. of Wildlife Conservation (biennial report).

F 15: Oklahoma Economic Development Association (1973).

Topics include economic conditions in Oklahoma. Correspondents include Oklahoma Economic Development Association.

F 16: Oklahoma Education (1973).

F 17: Oklahoma Employment Security Commission (1973).

F 18: Oklahoma Energy Council (1973).

Topics include Oklahoma Energy Advisory Council, gas industry in Oklahoma, and petroleum industry and trade in Oklahoma.

F 19: Oklahoma, Future Farmers of America Association (1973).

Correspondents include Future Farmers of America in Oklahoma (press releases).

F 20: Oklahoma Gas and Electric (1973).

Topics include Oklahoma Gas and Electric Company, electric power-plants in Noble County (Okla.), and electric power-plants in Pawnee County (Okla.).

F 21-27: Oklahoma, General, A-Z (1973).

Topics include Toby Morris, retirees in Oklahoma, rural telephone in Oklahoma, the Vietnamese Conflict (1961-1975), peace, and Allen (Okla.). Correspondents include David Hall.

F 28: Oklahoma Geological Survey (1973).

Topics include remote-sensing images. Correspondents include David Hall.

F 29: Oklahoma: Governor's Office (1973).

Topics include Oklahoma Tax Commission. Correspondents include David Hall.

F 30: Oklahoma History (1973).

Topics include historic preservation in Oklahoma. Correspondents include Oklahoma Heritage Association and the Oklahoma Historical Society.

F 31: Oklahoma Hospital Association (1973).

Topics include hospitals in Oklahoma.

F 32: Oklahoma Medical Research Foundation (1973).

F 33: Oklahoma National Guard (1973).

F 34: Oklahoma, Office of Community Affairs and Planning (1973).

F 35: Oklahoma, Office of Economic Opportunity (OEO) (1973).

Correspondents include Oklahoma Division of Economic Opportunity.

F 36: Oklahoma Oil and Gas (1973).

Topics include diesel fuels, gasoline, and scarcity.

F 37: Oklahoma Prisons (1973).

Topics include Oklahoma State Penitentiary in McAlester and prison riots in Oklahoma.

F 38: Oklahoma Projects (1973).

F 39-40: Oklahoma Public Welfare Commission (1973).

Topics include public welfare of Indians of North America in Oklahoma and public welfare in Oklahoma. Correspondents include Oklahoma Dept. of Public Welfare.

F 41: Oklahoma State Chamber of Commerce (1973).

Correspondents include Oklahoma State Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

F 42: Oklahoma, State Dept. of Health (1973).

F 43: Oklahoma, State Election Board (1973).

F 44: Oklahoma State Legislature (1973).

F 45: Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education (1973).

F 46: Oklahoma State Society of Washington, D.C. (1973).

F 47-49: Oklahoma State University (1973).

Topics include Carl Albert Lecture Series (Oklahoma State University). Correspondents include Oklahoma Agricultural Experiment Station, Oklahoma Cooperative Extension Service, and Oklahoma State University.

F 50: Oklahoma Tax Commission (1973).

F 51: Oklahoma Third District (1973).

F 52: Oklahoma, Tourism and Recreation Dept. (1973).

F 53: Oklahoma Water Resources Board (1973).

Topics include water resources development in Oklahoma. Correspondents include Joe L. Evins and the Oklahoma Water Resources Board.

F 54: Oklahoma Wildlife Conservation Commission (1973).

F 55: Oratorical Contest (1973).

Topics include Glenn T. Elmore, the Carl Albert Oratorical Contest, and the Third District Oratorical Contest.

F 56: Ozarks Regional Commission (1973).

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