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Box 75: Personal, A-Z (1972-1973) - Publications: Research, A-Z (1973)

F 1-9: Personal, A-Z (1972-1973).

Topics include Carl Albert alcohol use, Carl Albert family, Charles D. Carter, death and burial of Lyndon B. Johnson, L. E. Rader, death and burial of Harry S. Truman (program), and New Hebrides. Correspondents include Larry Derryberry, William O. Douglas, Lady Bird Johnson, George Howard Wilson, Stelle L. Carter, Page McMillan Lambert, Ray Lokey, Pepper Martin, David L. Savin, and Cowboy Pink Williams (Newspaper clipping).

F 10: Personal, Collins, Bessie and Troy (1973).

Correspondents include Bessie Collins and Troy Collins.

F 11-13: Personal, Whitten Charge, A-Z (1973).

Topics include Carl Albert alcohol use and Les Whitten.

F 14: Photographs (1973).

F 15: Presidential Classroom (1973).

Correspondents include Presidential Classroom for Young Americans.

F 16: Presidential Election Campaign Fund Advisory Board (1973).

Topics include officials and employees of the Presidential Election Campaign Fund Advisory Board (U.S.). Correspondents include Mike Mansfield, Elmer B. Staats, and the Democratic Party (U.S.).

F 17: Presidential Powers (1973).

Topics include executive impoundment of appropriated funds.

F 18: Press and Media (1973).

Topics include fairness doctrine (broadcasting). Correspondents include Tom Brokaw.

F 19: Publications (1973).

F 20-21: Publications, Annual Reports, A-Z (1973).

Correspondents include Tulsa Urban Renewal Authority (annual report).

F 22-23: Publications, Foundations and Organizations (1973).

F 24-26: Publications, Miscellaneous, A-Z (1973).

Topics include Carl Albert.

F 27-28: Publications, Reports, A-Z (1973).

Correspondents include Evans-Novak Political Report. Washington, D.C.

F 29-30: Publications: Research, A-Z (1973).

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