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Box 76: Publicity: Newspaper and Television (1973) - University of Oklahoma (1973)

F 1-13: Publicity: Newspaper and Television (1973).

Topics include Carl Bert Albert political activity, Richard M. Nixon political activity, United States Congress leadership, political cartoons, war memorials in Idabel (Okla.), and Carl Albert Appreciation Day (Hugo, Okla.). Correspondents include the National Cable Television Association Convention and Exposition.

F 14: Questionnaires (1973).

Topics include Carl Bert Albert political and social views. Correspondents include Jimmy Carter.

F 15-18: Referrals, A-Z (1973).

Topics include Project Follow Through in Chickasha (Okla.), hospitals staff salaries, etc., and rural hospitals in Okarche (Okla.).

F 19: Republican Conference (1973).

Topics include the House Republican Conference (U.S.).

F 20: Rothbaum, Julian J. (1973).

Correspondents include Julian J. Rothbaum.

F 21-22: Seminole Junior College (1973).

Topics include Seminole Junior College finance and school enrollment in Oklahoma.

F 23-25: Southeastern State College (1973).

Topics include Southeastern State College (Durant, Okla.) Finance, United States Army Reserve Officers' Training Corps in Durant (Okla.), Indians of North America and education (higher), student activities, technology, Lake Texoma (Okla. and Tex.). Correspondents include E. Leon Hibbs.

F 26-29: Southern Methodist University (1973).

Correspondents include Southern Methodist University and the Southern Methodist University Board of Trustees.

F 30: Sun Ray Oil Co. (PEW Foundation) (1973).

Topics include Pew Memorial Trust, charitable uses, trusts and foundations, and the Gallup Poll. Correspondents include Harley O. Staggers and the Sun Oil Company.

F 31: Telegrams (1973).

F 32: Television (1973).

F 33: Tributes and Testimonials (1973).

Topics include E. Y. Berry, James A. Farley, William S. Maillard, Abner J. Mikva, A. Philip Randolph, Robert A. Roe, Leonor K. Sullivan, and Herman E. Talmadge. Correspondents include Clarence J. Brown and John A. Burns.

F 34: United Nations (1973).

Topics include the United Nations and Katanga (Congo). Correspondents include 46 Angry Men.

F 35: University of Oklahoma (1973).

Topics include Indians of North America mental health in Oklahoma and Seminole Indians education. Correspondents include Tom Steed, Casper W. Weinberger, United States Dept. of Health, Education, and Welfare, University of Oklahoma Consultative Center for Equal Educational Opportunity.

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