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Box 78: Appreciation, A-Z (1974) - Impeachment (1974)

F 1-6: Appreciation, A-Z (1974).

F 7-9: Architect of the Capitol: Flag Requests, A-Z (1974).

Correspondents include Wayne L. Hays.

F 10: Bellamy Award (1974).

Correspondents include Los Alamos High School (Los Alamos, N.M.).

F 11: Bosone, Reva Beck (1974).

Topics include Wilbur D Mills, Richard M. Nixon pardon, United States Atomic Energy Commission, United State Central Intelligence Agency, and energy policy. Correspondents include Reva Beck Bosone.

F 12: Carl Albert Bust (1974).

Topics include Carl Albert statues, and Fredda Brilliant.

F 13: Carl Albert Junior College (1974).

Topics include depository libraries in Poteau, Oklahoma, and foreign students. Correspondents include Julian J. Rothbaum and the Carl Albert Junior College.

F 14: Central State University (1974).

Correspondents include Central State University in Oklahoma.

F 15-19: Colleagues, A-Z, and Miscellaneous (1974).

Topics include Carl Albert homes and haunts, Earle Cabell, Hugh Carey, Harold Dunbar Cooley, Glenn English, James R. Jones, William Miller, Wilbur D. Mills, Albert H.Quie, public welfare, taxation, and Mary Albert. Correspondents include James A. Burke, William Venroe Chappell, Joe L. Evins, John Glenn, Gilbert Gude, Wayne L. Hays, Hubert H. Humphrey, Spark M. Matsunaga, John W. McCormack, Edmund S. Muskie, William J. Randall, Ted M. Randall, Ted M. Risenhoover, and Tom Steed.

F 20: Colleagues, Gifts and Thank You Letters, A-Z (1974).

Correspondents include Gerald R. Ford.

F 21: Congratulations to Colleagues (1974).

This folder contains drafts of letters Albert sent to members of the House of Representatives congratulating them on winning elections, and it also has the members' responses. Correspondents include Tom Devill, Lindy Boggs, William V. Chappell, Daniel J. Flood, William L. Hungate, William H. Natcher, Claude Pepper, and Joe D. Waggonner.

F 22: Condolences: VIP, 1970.

Topics include Edward K. Gaylord and Johnston Murray.

F 23-24: Congressional Record, Remarks, A-Z (1974).

Topics include Oliver S. Willham, Mary Johnston, and Don McBride.

F 25: Democratic Charter Commission (1974).

Correspondents include Frank Annunzio, Barbara Jordan, James G. O'Hara, and the United States Democratic National Committee.

F 26-28: Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, A-Z (1974).

Topics include the United States Congress elections, campaign funds, Lloyd Bentsen, Frank J. Brasco, Joshua Eilberg, Tom Harkin, John W. McCormack, Richard L. Ottinger, Stanford E. Parris, Wright Patman, J. Edward Roush, Gladys Noon Spellman, Gerry E. Studds, and the U.S. Democratic Party National Congressional Committee.

F 29: Democratic Leadership (1974).

Topics include United States Congress House calendars. Correspondents include James M. Hanley and John W. Jenrette.

F 30-33: Democratic National Committee, A-Z, Lists, and Telethon (1974).

Topics include Gerald R. Ford and the United States economic conditions. Correspondents include Jimmy Carter and the U.S. Democratic National Committee.

F 34: Democratic Party (1974).

F 35: Democratic State Committee of Oklahoma (1974).

Topics include political campaigns in Oklahoma. Correspondents include the U.S. Democratic Party State Central Committee.

F 36: Democrats (1974).

Topics include Gerald R. Ford.

F 37: East Central State University (1974).

Topics include East Central State University in Ada, Oklahoma finance and economic development projects in Oklahoma. Correspondents include East Central State University.

F 38: Eastern Oklahoma State College (1974).

F 39: Economic Issues (1974).

Topics include United States economic conditions. Correspondents include the Gallagher Presidents' Report.

F 40: Electric Utilities (1974).

F 41: Energy Prices and Resources (1974).

Topics include coal and propane.

F 42-43: Foreign Affairs, A-Z (1974).

Correspondents include the Trilateral Commission, (publications).

F 44: Former Members of Congress (1974).

F 45: Hall, Governor David (1974).

Correspondents include David Hall.

F 46: Impeachment (1974).

Topics include Richard M. Nixon.

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