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Box 80: Office Memos and Business (1974) - Oklahoma State Society of Washington, D.C. (1974)

F 1-4: Office Memos and Business (1974).

These folders contain mostly memos and letters to and from Albert's Washington office staff. Topics include Richard M. Nixon pardon, death and burial of Serena Cooper, and Sherry Tonubbee. Correspondents include Charles M. Cooper.

F 5: Oil and Gas (1974).

Topics include gasoline supply and Walter Evans.

F 6: Oklahoma Baptist University (1974).

Topics include social life and customs of Indians of North America. Correspondents include Oklahoma Baptist University.

F 7: Oklahoma Colleges: General (1974).

Topics include universities and colleges in Oklahoma.

F 8: Oklahoma, Dept. of Highways (1974).

Topics include the Goodland Indian Orphanage in Goodland (Okla.), bridges in Bache (Okla..), bridges in Bokchito (Okla.), and roads in Oklahoma.

9-10: Oklahoma, Dept. of Public Welfare; Oklahoma, Dept. of Institutions Social and Rehabilitation Services (1974).

Topics include disability evaluation and food stamps in Oklahoma. Correspondents include Lloyd Rader and the United States Congress House Committee on Ways and Means.

F 11: Oklahoma Education, General (1974).

Topics include adult education and Maralene Wesner.

F 12: Oklahoma Employment Security Commission (1974).

Topics include Oklahoma Employment Security Commission officials and employees.

F 13-23: Oklahoma, General, A-Z (1974).

Topics include Jim Thorpe, (folder 16), the Oklahoma National Guard insignia, the Oklahoma Highway Patrol insignia, nutrition for the aged in Boswell (Okla.), school buses in McAlester (Okla.), Seminole Indians museums, telephone in Stonewall (Okla.), Spiro site in Spiro (Okla.), and Dennis Miller (folder 13). Correspondents include Harry J. W. Belvin, Larry Derryberry, and James R. Jones.

F 24: Oklahoma Housing Development Corporation (1974).

Topics include Oklahoma housing and the Oklahoma Housing Development Corporation.

F 25: Oklahoma National Guard (1974).

F 26: Oklahoma Projects (1974).

F 27: Oklahoma Regional Medical Program (1974).

F 28: Oklahoma State Chamber of Commerce (1974).

Correspondents include the Oklahoma State Chamber of Commerce & Industry (newsletter).

F 29: Oklahoma State Dept. of Vocational and Technical Education (1974).

F 30: Oklahoma State Government (1974).

Topics include Oklahoma appropriations and expenditures. Correspondents include David Hall.

F 31: Oklahoma State Insurance Commissioner (1974).

F 32: Oklahoma State Legislature (1974).

F 33-34: Oklahoma State Penitentiary (1974).

Topics include Bobby Battle, the Oklahoma State Penitentiary in McAlester, (Okla.), and prisoners civil rights in McAlester (Okla.).

F 35: Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education (1973-1974).

F 36: Oklahoma State Society of Washington, D.C. (1974).

Topics include Sherry Tonubbee. Correspondents include the Oklahoma State Society of Washington, D.C.

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