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Box 82: Publications: Annual Reports, A-Z (1974) - Southern Methodist University, A-Z (1974).

F 1: Publications: Annual Reports, A-Z, 1974.

F 2: Publications, Conferences, 1974.

Topics include law of the sea. Correspondents include Gilbert Gude

F 3-10: Publications, Miscellaneous, A-Z, 1974.

Topics include elementary education in Oklahoma, secondary education in Oklahoma, industrialization in Oklahoma, and Talimena Scenic Drive in Arkansas and Oklahoma. Correspondents include the Oklahoma Agricultural Experiment Station in Goodwell and the United States Indian Arts and Crafts Board.

F 11-12: Publications, Newsletters and Bulletins, A-Z, 1974.

Correspondents include American Enterprise Institute for Public Policy Research (newsletter).

F 13-15: Publications, Reports, A-Z, 1974.

F 16-22: Publicity (Newspaper, Magazines), 1974.

Topics include political and social view of Carl Albert, Carl Albert portraits, Carl Albert statues, Gerald R. Ford, Richard M. Nixon, the United States Congress reform, and David Albert (folder 17).

F 23: Questionnaires, 1974.

Topics include political and social view of Carl Albert..

F 24-26: Referrals, Miscellaneous, A-Z, 1974.

Topics include Richard M. Nixon.

F 27: Republican National Committee, 1974.

Topics include U.S. Republican National Committee.

F 28-29: Rothbaum, Julian J., 1974.

Topics include Carl Albert personal finance, the University of Oklahoma Board of Regents, plaques and plaquettes of Oxford England, and publicity. Correspondents include Julian J. Rothbaum and Oxford University.

F 30: Sam Rayburn Library, 1974.

Topics include the Sam Rayburn Library.

F 31: Seminole Junior College, 1974.

Topics include Seminole Junior College finance. Correspondents include Seminole Junior College.

F 32-33: Southeastern State College, A-Z, 1974.

Topics include environmental education, German students in the United States, occupational training, safety education, sports teams names, and the United States National Guard. Correspondents include Henry Kissinger, Southeastern State College in Durant (Okla.), and Sherry Tonubee.

F 34-35: Southern Methodist University, A-Z, 1974.

Correspondents include Paul Hardin and the Southern Methodist University Board of Governors.

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