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Box 83: Southern Methodist University (1974) - Americans for Democratic Action (1975)

F 1: Southern Methodist University (1974).

Correspondents include the Southern Methodist University Board of Trustees.

F 2: Speakership Race (1974).

Topics include Bob Bergland, Barbara Jordan, Peter W. Rodino, Tom Steed, and the United States Congress House Speaker. Correspondents include Frank Annunzio, Charles E. Bennett, Jonathan B. Bingham, Richard W. Bolling, James A. Burke, Phillip Burton, Dan Daniel, E. De La Garza, Felix Edward Herbert, Harold T. Johnson, Romano L. Mazzoli, John J. Moakley, Morgan F. Murphy, Carl D. Perkins, Teno Roncalio, Paul Simon and Morris K. Udall.

F 3-5: Summit Conference on Inflation (1974).

These folders mostly contain correspondence and memos concerning appointments of members of the House of Representatives to attend the conference. Topics include Alan Greenspan, the United States economic policy, the White House Summit Conference on Inflation (1974: Washington, D.C.), John J. McFall, Wilbur D. Mills, Wright Patman, John J. Rhodes, and the U.S. Democratic Steering and Policy Committee.

F 6: Taxation (1974).

F 7-9: Telegrams, A-Z (1974).

Topics include Joseph P. Addabbo, David Boren, health of Betty Ford, Martha Wright Griffiths, David Hall, James M. Hanley, Patricia Hearst, Peter N. Kyros, William Lehman, Thomas E. Morgan, Fortney H. Pete Stark, Lester L. Wolff, disaster relief in Oklahoma, education of Indians of North America in Oklahoma, and David Albert.

F 10: Tributes and Testimonials (1974).

Topics include Robert J. Cornell, Dante B. Fascell, Olive Clark Fisher, and Gerald R. Ford.

F 11: United States Capitol Police Newsletter (1974).

F 12-18: University of Oklahoma: A-Z; Publications; Carl Albert Award; Health Sciences Center; and National Energy Resources Information Center (1974).

Topics include Tom Steed, the United States National Institutes of Heath, the University of Oklahoma Health and Sciences Center libraries, peer review of research grant proposals, railroads and commuting traffic in Oklahoma, student aid, and the proposed University of Oklahoma National Energy Resources Information Center. Correspondents include Julian J. Rothbaum, Paul F. Sharp, Katherine Henton (folder 16), William Upthegrove, the University of Oklahoma Industrial Development Institute, and the University of Oklahoma National Drug Education Center.

F 19-23: Watergate (1974).

Topics include Gerald R. Ford, Richard M. Nixon, United States Congress, petroleum product prices, political cartoons, and United States economic conditions.

F 24-27: White House (1974).

Topics include Richard M. Nixon journeys and Soviet Union, Nelson A. Rockefeller, disaster relief in Oklahoma, American economic assistance, legislators travel in the United States, nuclear energy in Egypt, political cartoons, American technical assistance in Egypt, and wage-price policy. Correspondents include Gerald R. Ford, David Hall, Mike Mansfield, Richard M. Nixon (press release), and Pat Schroeder.

F 28: World Food Congress (1974).

Topics include the World Food Conference of 1974 in Rome, Italy and legislators travel in the United States.

F 29: World Population Commission (1974).

Topics include the United States National Commission for the Observance of World Population Year officials and employees.

F 30: Administrative Assistants' Association of the U.S. House of Representatives (1975).

F 31: Albert, Biographical (1975).

Topics include Carl Albert. Correspondents include Nancy Jensen.

F 32: Albert, Speeches, Statements and Reports (1975).

Topics include Gridiron Club in Washington, D.C., United States foreign relations with China, and Pauline Girvin. Correspondents include Carl Albert (report) and John J. Rhodes.

F 33: Albert, Trips (1975).

Topics include Carl Albert journeys in the Soviet Union. Correspondents include Ching-Kuo Chiang.

F 34-36: American Revolution Bicentennial, 1776-1976: A-Z (1975).

Topics include the Magna Carta and the American Revolution Bicentennial of 1776-1976, in Washington (D.C.). Correspondents include James M. Hanley, Jack Kemp, Joseph M. McDade, John W. Warner, George M. White, and the American Freedom Train Foundation.

F 37-41: American Revolution Bicentennial, 1776-1976: Oklahoma Commission (1975).

Topics include the American Revolution Bicentennial, 1776-1976, in Okmulgee (Okla.), the American Revolution Bicentennial, 1776-1976, in Lindsay (Okla.), the American Revolution Bicentennial, 1776-1976, in Oklahoma, coal mines and mining museums in Coal County (Okla.), flags, Fox Indians, Indians of North America, and Sauk Indians. Correspondents include the Oklahoma American Revolution Bicentennial Authority and the Oklahoma Bicentennial Commission.

F 42: Americans for Democratic Action (1975).

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