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Box 84: Appreciation, A-Z (1975) - Democratic Leadership, A-Z (1975).

F 1-7: Appreciation, A-Z (1975).

Topics include refugees in Vietnam. Correspondents include Daniel J. Boorstin, Arrell Morgan Gibson, Oral Roberts, Sargent Shriver, Jessie Briscoe, Nguyen Ba Can, George Nigh, and Nguyen Phuong (folder 2).

F 8-12: Architect of the Capitol (Includes Flag Requests) (1975).

Topics include the American Revolution Bicentennial of 1776-1976 in Antlers (Okla.), the American Revolution Bicentennial of 1776-1976 at the McAlester Naval Ammunition Depot in Oklahoma, the American Revolution Bicentennial of 1776-1976 in Poteau (Okla.), Cub Scouts of Cromwell (Okla.), William H. Hightower, and the Speakers Lobby in the United States Capitol in Washington D.C. Correspondents include George M. White and the National Bank of McAlester.

F 13: Bellamy Award (1975).

Correspondents include Huntsville High School in Huntsville, Alabama.

F 14: Bi-Partisan Intern Committee (1975).

Correspondents include the United States Congress Bi-partisan Intern Committee.

F 15: Boren, David (1975-1976).

Topics include gubernatorial inauguration, David Boren divorce, Janna Boren, and Edmund Muskie.

F 16: Bosone, Beva Beck (1975).

Topics include Jack Anderson, Barbara Jordan, the United States House Committee on Ways and Means, United States Congress reform, and Reva Beck Bosone.

F 17: Carl Albert Junior College (1975).

Topics include the Carl Albert Junior College administration and Carl Albert Junior College buildings. Correspondents include Paul W. Inbody, Oral Roberts, Joe E. White, Joe P. Hemphile, and Norman McNabb.

F 18: Churchill, Winston, Tributes (1975).

Topics include Sir Winston Churchill.

F 19: Colbert, Carl Albert (1974-1975).

F 20-26: Colleagues, A-Z (1975).

Folder 20 includes copies of "Dear Colleague" letters sent by Carl Albert. Correspondents include Max Baucus, John A Blatnik, Jack Brooks, William V. Chappell, Robert J. Cornell, Lee Hamilton (folder 20), Michael J. Harrington, John Jarman political activity, Lloyd Meeds, Lucien N. Nedzi, Ted M. Risenhoover, Tom Steed, Inter-parliamentary Union membership (folder 23), United States Congress food service (folder 24), United States Congress Joint Economic Committee membership (folder 20), United States Congress House Select Committee of Intelligence membership (folder 22), Bob Cutter, and the United States Congress House Informal Textile Committee (folder 24). Correspondents include William Alexander, Phillip Burton, Joe L. Evins, Edna F. Kelly, Gillis W. Long, John W. McCormack, John L. McMillan, John M. Murphy, and Robert G. Stephens.

F 27: Colleagues, Birthday Greetings (1975).

This folder contains birthday greetings to Albert from colleagues and others. Correspondents include Goodloe E. Byron, Clarence D. Long, Spark M. Matsunaga, John J. Rhodes, and John W Wydler.

F 28: Colleagues, Condolences (1975).

This folder contains materials on letters of condolence that Albert sent out, primarily to members of Congress, concerning loss of family members. Topics include Earle Cabell. Correspondents include Henry B. Gonzalez.

F 29-31: Colleagues, Gifts and Thank You Letters, A-Z (1975).

Correspondents include George H. Mahon.

F 32: Colleagues, Telegrams (1975).

Topics include Lloyd Bentson, E. De La Garza, Edith Green, H. R. Gross, John C. Kluczynski, Frank J. Lausche, George P. Miller, Peter W. Rodino and John Sparkman.

F 33: Congratulations (1975).

F 34: Congressional Budget Office (1975).

Topics include effect of inflation on employment in the United States, the United States economic conditions, Alice M. Rivlin, and the United States Congressional Budget Office pamphlets.

F 35-36: Congressional Record (1975).

These folders mostly contain items that Albert had put in the Congressional Record. Topics include Joe W. Anderson.

F 37: Democratic Advisory Council of Elected Officials (1975).

Topics include the Democratic Advisory Council of Elected Officials. Correspondents include the U.S. Democratic National Committee (press release).

F 38: Democratic Congressional Committee (1975).

F 39: Democratic Congressional Victory Dinner (1975).

Contained in this folder is the Victory Dinner program, which contains sketches and drawings of various Democratic members of Congress.

F 40-42: Democratic Leadership, A-Z (1975).

Topics include Carl Albert, (folder 40, cartoons), Gerald R. Ford, Oklahoma Democratic Party, the United States Congress, agricultural laws and legislation, employment stabilization law and legislation, housing law and legislation, petroleum products prices law and legislation, political cartoons, strip mining law and legislation and veto.

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