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Box 85: Democratic National Committee (1975) - Miscellaneous (1975)

F 1: Democratic National Committee (1975).

Topics include Los Angeles, California, United States economic conditions, and United States economic policy. Correspondents include Robert S. Strauss, the U.S. Democratic National Committee, and Tom Bradley.

F 2: Democratic Ninety-fourth Congress (1975).

Correspondents include the United States Congress, veto, and the United States economic policy.

F 3: Democratic State Central Committee of Oklahoma (1975).

Correspondents include Cleta Deatherage, the Oklahoma Democratic Party State Central Committee, and the Stephens County Oklahoma Democratic Central Committee.

F 4: Democrats (1975).

Correspondents include the Democratic Congressional Finance Committee (flyers).

F 5: East Central State University (1975).

Topics include cooperative education, federal aid to higher education, and East Central University's Architectural Barrier Removal Information Center. Correspondents include Stanley P. Wagner, Casper W. Weinberger, and East Central University.

F 6: Eastern Oklahoma State College (1975).

Topics include vocational education law and legislation.

F 7: Environmental Concerns (1975).

Topics include the United States Congress House committees and nuclear energy.

F 8: Environmental Study Conference (1975).

Correspondents include the United States Congress House Environmental Study Conference.

F 9: Evans-Novak Political Report (1975).

F 10: Ewing Foundation (1975).

Topics include legislative interns and the Cortez A. M. Ewing Foundation. Correspondents include Marcus Cohn.

F 11: Ford, Gerald R. (1975).

Topics include Gerald R. Ford (newspaper clippings).

F 12: Former Members of Congress (1975).

Correspondents include Former U.S. Members of Congress, Inc. (newsletter).

F 13: Hall, David, 1975 - 1976.

Topics include David Hall (newspaper clippings).

F 14-17: Industry in Oklahoma: Ardmore and McAlester (1975).

Topics include industries in McAlester, Oklahoma. Correspondents include Rockwell International.

F 18: Kappa Alpha (1975).

Topics include Carl Albert. Correspondents include the Kappa Alpha Order.

F 19-20: Korean Correspondence (1975).

Topics include North Korea, South Korean armed forces, South Korean economic conditions, and Vietnam. Correspondents include John M. Murphy (report), Chung Hee Park, Kyung Soon Chang, and Il Kwon Chung.

F 21: Labor (1975).

F 22: Langston University (1975).

Topics include cooperative agriculture research in Oklahoma. Correspondents include David Boren, David Hinds, and the Cooperative States Research Service (report).

F 23: Latin America (1975).

F 24-25: Lists, A-Z (1975).

Topics include the U.S. Community Action Program.

F 26: LBJ Memorial (1975).

Topics include Lyndon B. Johnson.

F 27-28: McAlester Naval Ammunition Depot (1975).

Topics include military weapons and the RDX/HMX production facility. Correspondents include Dewey F Bartlett, Robert L. F. Sikes, and the United States Department of the Army.

F 29-38: Miscellaneous (1975).

Topics include George Bush (folder 37), Wilburn Cartwright (folder 35), the Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture (folder 29), the United Nations Association of Eastern Oklahoma, strip mining, Brazil, Panama Canal, and the Youth Advisory Board Network. Correspondents include James R. Jones (folder 29), the United States Jaycees in Miami, Florida (folder 29), Ruth M. Bunche (folder 29), William James (folder 35), and E. S. Stephens (folder 30).

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