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Box 86: Miscellaneous (1975) - Oklahoma: General, A-B (1975)

F 1-7: Miscellaneous (1975).

Topics include refugees in Vietnam.

F 8-9: Moon, Rev. Sun Myung (1975).

Topics include Carl Albert's relationships with women, Sun Myung Moon, Unification Church, and Susan Bergman. Correspondents include Jack Anderson (newspaper clippings).

F 10: Murray State College (1975).

Topics include federal aid to higher education and television in adult education. Correspondents include Murray State College (Tishomingo, Okla.).

F 11: Nader, Ralph (1975).

Topics include F. Edward Herbert, George H. Mahon, Wright Patman, W. R. Poage, and Ralph Nader.

F 12-13: National Governors' Conference (1975).

F 14-19: Newsclippings (1975).

Topics include Carl Albert, David Boren, Gerald R. Ford (also cartoons), James R. Jones (Folder 14), Ted Risenhoover, Paula Unruh (Folder 16; also cartoons), Joe Ben Champion, Pauline B. Girvin (Folder 14), and Cowboy Pink Williams (Folder 15).

F 20: Ninety-fourth Congress (1975).

Topics include United States Congress and the economic conditions of the United States. Correspondents include Wayne L. Hays and Thomas P. Tip O'Neill.

F 21-31: Office Memos and Business (1975).

These folders contain mostly memos and letters to and from Albert's Washington office staff. Topics include Pauline B. Girvin (Folders 22 and 30), Cheryl Burba (Folder 21), William Selvidge (Folder 23), Skip Stephens (Folder 23) and Harbour Whitaker (Folder 24).

F 32: Oil and Gas (1975).

Topics include petroleum products and prices. Correspondents include David Boren, Interstate Oil Compact Commission.

F 33: Oklahoma Agriculture (1975).

Topics include wheat.

F 34: Oklahoma Colleges (1975).

Topics include Central State University (Okla.) administration, and Education Cooperative in Durant (Okla.). Correspondents include Garland Godfrey and Southeastern Oklahoma State University.

F 35: Oklahoma, Dept. of Economic and Community Affairs (1975).

Correspondents include the Oklahoma Division of Economic Opportunity (publication).

F 36: Oklahoma, Dept. of Highways (1975).

Topics include roads in Oklahoma. Correspondents include Oklahoma Dept. of Highways.

F 37: Oklahoma, Dept. of Mines and Mining (1975).

Correspondents include the Oklahoma Dept. of Mines.

F 38: Oklahoma, Dept. of Mental Health (1975).

Correspondents include the Oklahoma Dept. of Mental Health (publication).

F 39: Oklahoma, Dept. of Wildlife Conservation (1975).

Correspondents include Thomas S. Foley and Oklahoma Dept. of Wildlife Conservation.

F 40: Oklahoma Forestry (1975).

F 41: Oklahoma: General, A-B (1975).

Topics include public libraries in Ardmore (Okla.).

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