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Box 88: Personal (1975) - Publicity: Newsclippings (1975)

F 1: Personal (1975).

F 2-4: Personal, Birthday, A-Z (1975).

F 5: Personal, Bug Tussle and McAlester High School Reunion (1975).

Topics include Carl Albert friends and associates.

F 6: Photographs (1975).

F 7: Presidential Appointments (1975).

This folder concerns appointments to federal and military agencies. Topics include Thomas S. Kleppe, Richard M. Nixon, United States Court of Military Appeals officials and employees, and United States Federal Aviation Administration officials and employees. Correspondents include Jeremiah Thomas Walsh.

F 8: Presidential Classroom (1975).

Correspondents include the Presidential Classroom for Young Americans.

F 9-14: Presidential Documents, Weekly Compilation of (1975).

F 15: Press File (1975).

This file mostly contains requests that Albert contribute articles to various publications. Topics include United States Congress radio broadcasting of proceedings. Correspondents include Leonard H. Marks.

F 16: Press, Radio and TV Gallery, 1972 - 1975.

Topics include Charles J. Carney and motion pictures and Rick Eury. Correspondents include Charles J. Carney and Philip A. Hart.

F 17: Publications: Annual Reports (1975).

F 18-19: Publications: Corporate, A-Z (1975).

F 20-21: Publications, Magazines and Journals, A-Z (1975).

Correspondents include Gallagher Presidents' Report.

F 22-24: Publications:, Miscellaneous, A-Z (1975).

F 25-31: Publicity: Newsclippings (1975).

Topics include Carl Albert (Folders 27, 29, 31 and cartoons), David Boren, Ed Edmondson, Gerald R. Ford (Folders 25, 31 and cartoons), Gerald R. Ford, Nelson A. Rockefeller (Folder 25 cartoon), United States Congress House Speaker, equal rights amendments, New York (N.Y.) newspapers, and Strom Thurmond (Folder 29).

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