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Box 90: Southern Methodist University (1975) - American Revolution Bicentennial, 1776-1976 (1976)

F 1: Southern Methodist University (1975).

Topics include the Southern Methodist University Administration. Correspondents include Willis M Tate and the Southern Methodist University Board of Trustees.

F 2: Telegrams (1975).

Topics include Vicki Miles-LaGrange, The Wizard of Id: A Musical Comedy Based on the Comic Strip "The Wizard of Id," rural free delivery in Alma (Okla.), strip mining law and legislation and New York (N.Y.).

F 3: Third District Democrat Central Committee (1975).

Topics include the Oklahoma Democratic Party.

F 4: Tributes and Testimonials (1975).

Correspondents include the American Business Women's Association and the Communication Workers of America.

F 5: United Democrats of Congress (1975).

Correspondents include Gillis W. Long.

F 6-9: University of Oklahoma, A-Z (1975).

Topics include University of Oklahoma football (newspaper clippings), head start programs in Oklahoma, and the Easton Archaeological site in LeFlore County, Oklahoma. Correspondents include the Oklahoma Geological Survey and the University of Oklahoma.

F 10: University of Oklahoma, Carl Albert Award (1975).

Correspondents include Julian J. Rothbaum, Paul F. Sharp, and Lisa Ann Farrell.

F 11-12: University of Oklahoma, Health Sciences Center, A-Z (1975).

Topics include medical personnel supply and demand in Oklahoma, and research institutes in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Correspondents include Caspar W. Weinberger and the University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center.

F 13: Vietnam (1975).

Topics include American military assistance in Republic of Vietnam.

F 14: Washington, Booker T. (1975).

F 15-16: White House (1975).

Topics include Olin E. Teague, Vietnam refugees, the United States economic policy, and Gerald R. Ford.

F 17-20: White House Press Releases (1975).

Correspondents include Gerald R. Ford (press releases).

F 21-23: Wilson, Charles Banks (1975).

Topics include William W. Keeler portraits, American mural painting and decoration in Oklahoma City (Okla.), Oklahoma capital and capitol, and Charles Banks Wilson.

F 24-25: Albert, Birthday Greetings, A-Z (1976).

Correspondents include Lawrence F. O'Brien, Anatoliy Fedorovich Dobrynin, James Shen, and Willis M. Tate.

F 26: Albert, Committee and Subcommittee Assignments (1976).

Topics include Carl Albert list of committee assignments.

F 27: Albert Mementos (1976).

Topics include Carl Albert Junior College and Southeastern Oklahoma State University.

F 28: Albert, Opinions (1976).

Topics include political and social views of Carl Albert, Robert F. Drinan, Lyndon B. Johnson, the United States Congress House Speaker, busing for school integration, energy policy gun control, the metric system, and Bug Tussle. Oklahoma.

F 29-33: Albert, Retirement, A-Z (1976).

Topics include Lloyd Noble (folder 31). Correspondents include Andrew J. (Andrew John) Biemiller, Daniel J. Boorstin, E. T. Dunlap, E. Leon Hibbs, William J. Holloway, Robert B. Kamm, George Nigh, Lawrence F. O'Brien, Alice M. Rivlin, and Marcus Cohn.

F 34: American Revolution Bicentennial, 1776-1976 (1976).

Topics include the American Revolution Bicentennial of 1776-1976 in Washington D.C., constitutions in the United States, gifts, safes, Vladimir Bonev, Don Fuqua, and Antonio Ambra.

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