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Box 92: Democratic National Committee (1976) - Miscellaneous, A-V (1976)

F 1-5: Democratic National Committee (1976).

Topics include Jimmy Carter, Hubert H. Humphrey, platform of the Democratic Party (U.S.), Democratic National Convention (1976: New York, N.Y.),and the presidential election 1976. Correspondents include John E. Barriere, Robert S. Strauss, and the Democratic National Committee (U.S.).

F 6: Democratic Party (1976).

Topics include Democratic Party (U.S.) and atax and expenditure limitations. Correspondents include Joe L. Evins and the Democratic Party (U.S.) National Congressional Committee.

F 7: Democratic State Committee of Oklahoma (1976).

Correspondents include Jimmy Carter (pamphlet), Democratic Party (Okla.), Bob Funston, Democratic Party (Latimer County, Okla.), and David Boren.

F 8: East Central University (1976).

Topics include federal aid to higher education. Correspondents include East Central University.

F 9: Eastern Oklahoma College (1976).

F 10: Evans-Novak Political Report (1976).

F 11: Ewing Fellows (1976).

Topics include legislative interns. Correspondents include Marcus Cohn.

F 12: Ford, President Gerald R. (1976).

Topics include Gerald R. Ford (newspaper clippings).

F 13: Foreign Affairs (1976).

Correspondents include Foreign Affairs Research Institute.

F 14: Governor's Committee on Employment of the Handicapped (1976).

Correspondents include Oklahoma Governor's Committee on Employment of the Handicapped (newsletter).

F 15: Guthrie, Okla. (1976).

Topics include flood control in Guthrie (Okla.).

F 16: Higher Education Alumni Council of Oklahoma (1976).

F 17: House Democratic Caucus Chairmen (1976).

Topics include officials and employees of the House Democratic Caucus (U.S.).

F 18: House, Office of the Chaplin (1976).

Correspondents include Edward G. Latch.

F 19-22: Industry in Oklahoma: Includes Durant and McAlester (1976).

Topics include Lockheed Aircraft Corporation, duty-free importation, electric motors in Durant (Okla.), pipe, steel, and the Sequoyah Industries (Folder 21). Correspondents include Jime E. Lane (Folder 21), Frederick B. Trent, Durant Chamber of Commerce, and the International Components Corporation.

F 23: Interparliamentary Association for Tourism (1976).

F 24: Invitations (1976).

This folder mostly contains invitations to Charlie Ward.

F 25: Kappa Alpha (1976).

F 26: Kendall, Willmoore, 1972 - 1976.

Topics include Willmoore Kendall. Correspondents include Savoie Lottinville, Yvona Kendall Mason, George H. Nash, and the National Endowment for the Humanities.

F 27: Kerr Foundation (1976).

Topics include Oklahoma's appropriations and expenditures. Correspondents include Kerr Foundation.

F 28-29: Korean Correspondence (1976).

Topics include Alan M. Cranston, Donald M. Fraser, human rights in South Korea, American military assistance in South Korea, North Korea, and the United States Armed Forces in Korea. Correspondents include Il Kwon Chung and Hi Choi Young.

F 30: Langston University (1976).

F 31: Lutheran Resources Commission (1976).

F 32: Magna Carta (1976).

Topics include journeys to Great Britain by Carl Albert, Robert Redford, and the motion picture film.

F 33: McAlester Regional Health Center (1974-1976).

Topics include federal aid to hospitals and hospitals design and construction in McAlester (Okla.). Correspondents include Caspar W. Weinberger.

F 34-36: Miscellaneous, A-V (1976).

Topics include Lucy the Goose (button and pamphlet). Correspondents include Hussein, King of Jordan, William R. Tolbert, Smithsonian Institution, and Alva C. Smith.

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